20 Places To Find The Best Food In Darjeeling!

Places To Find The Best Food In Darjeeling


Gatty’s Cafe

This cafe is known for having a pub-like feel. This is an ideal sort of place to sit back with a drink in hand and some snack while enjoying the amazing view the city has to offer. The cafe also serves comfort food, mostly Continental. You’ll find some of your most favourite dishes here like Ravioli or Falafel. They even have board games available, for customers to play and enjoy during their time. This cafe can be easily located near the TV Tower.


Sonam’s Kitchen

There’s something very homely and cosy about this particular restaurant. Be it the decor or the ambience, you’ll feel right at home. They serve amazing breakfasts here, adorned with sun-dried tomatoes. A drink that you might want to try here is the Ginger Lemon Honey one which is a real gem. They serve different types of food, and you can choose something according to your liking here. You’ll find this as one of your favourite breakfast places soon within your stay.


Tom & Jerry’s

Although, it may seem like a small shop, this one is a great place to enjoy some great finger food. The man who cooks serves you as well. Some of the best dishes here are the chocolate pancakes and the hot chocolate.


Kunga Restaurant

This restaurant is known for serving excellent food from the Tibetan cuisine in Darjeeling. Not only are the dishes tasty, but also all the dishes are priced reasonably. The food they serve is fresh, and the restaurant stays open till their stocks get over. Try the Momos and Thukpa here.



Keventer’s is a name attached with Darjeeling, for all of those who have visited this place. It is quite an important part of the city’s heritage and one of the most popular places in the city. In fact, you’ll find it very difficult to get a table here during evenings if you are visiting Darjeeling during the peak season of holidays. The ground floor has a bakery, while the upper floor operates as a cafe with a terrace seating as well as an indoor seating. This cafe is indeed easy to locate as it falls right on the way to the Mall, and you’ll find the entrance flocked with tourists waiting to enter the cafe. This cafe is so popular that parts of the movie Barfi were shot here. Other than the infamous hot chocolate which is absolutely divine, the breakfast items are quite famous here. Go for the Chicken Salami and Meat Loaf, Baked Beans, and Pork Sausages.



Another old landmark, which is just as popular as the earlier one is Glenary’s. This restaurant is located a little ahead of Keventer’s on your way towards the Mall. It is a 100-year-old establishment which has been feeding and pleasing customers since the colonial days. The restaurant is quite spacious and is almost always full. The ground floor is a bakery cum cafe whereas the upper floor is a restaurant. Some of their best are the Sizzlers and the Chinese preparations.


Hotel Lunar

This is a pure vegetarian restaurant that is located right on the Gandhi road, adjacent to the taxi stand. The restaurant is part of a building where all the three floors host three different restaurants. They have a lot many options in North Indian, Chinese and South Indian food here. The restaurant not only provides great vegetarian food but also a pleasant ambiance along with a great view.


Boney’s Snack Bar

This is one of the best places to end your fast food craving in the city. They serve amazing finger food like sandwiches and burgers, which are just as tasty as they look. You’ll find this located right in front of the clock tower, which makes it easy to locate.


The Junction

This is a proper multi cuisine restaurant which will suffice your needs of various varieties of dishes for a huge group of people. The menu is quite detailed and they serve some amazing food as well.


Hasty Tasty

This operates as sort of a self-service restaurant as is popular amongst tourists for serving the best of vegetarian thalis.


The Orchid Dining Room

This restaurant is just as fancy as unique as the flower, from where it gets it names from. Other than the classy and lavish interiors, the food here is also quite extravagant and delicious. It might be a little expensive but every buck spent here is worth it.


Cinnamon Restaurant

Every dining experience is just marvellous here, for the excellence in the food they serve here.


Joey’s Pub

People come here for the old world charm and so should you! The ambiance will make you feel like you have time travelled and that everything has slowed down for you.


The Park Restaurant

The Park Restaurant is another old restaurant in the city that is indeed quite famous. This restaurant located opposite the SBI building is known for serving amazing Thai delicacies in the cities. But other than the obvious, they also serve North Indian and Chinese dishes also. The restaurant also offers a great range of a private dining space as well as a great view.



Shangri-La falls to your right as you progress to the Mall from Glenary’s. This restaurant is part of a two storied building which is a heritage property. Other than the great interiors with arches and wooden establishments, the view over here is one of the best. Find the best of Chinese, Tandoor and Seafood items here. Plus, they also have a well-stocked bar.


Nawangs Restaurant

A small restaurant with hospitable staff and comfort food! What more do we need? They might not have a lot of options here, but the Momos and Thukpas are indeed flavourful enough for you to return after your first visit.


Penang Restaurant

This restaurant has been running since 1972 and is known for serving great Asian food. Be it the Momos or the Thukpa, everything is brilliant and exquisite in taste. One of their specials is the Pork Styled Ribs.


Nanglo Cafe

This is a great place for breakfast as you enjoy the amazing view.


Dekevas Restaurant

This restaurant serves great Tibetan food, making this place worthy of a visit.


Foodsteps Cafe

Be it the thali or the Western breakfast, the food is scrumptious and will definitely make you a fan of this restaurant.