20 Most Loved Mughlai Dishes In India!

Most Loved Mughlai Dishes In India!


Mughlai Paratha

The Keema filled Egg Parathas are our favourites. The famous Mughlai Parathas are tasty, delicious and heavy. It is best served with a side of cooked Potato Curry, diced Onions and Cucumber in Lemon and Salt. The Keema can be a Chicken or a Mutton filling, according to your choice. This is a loved snack in West Bengal.



Haleem is the non-vegetarian version of Khichdi. It is a dish prepared from a combination of elements like Wheat, Barley and Meat. The meat used can be Keema, or Mutton or Chicken. Along with these components, Lentils and Spices are also added. This dish is cooked on a flame for a long time up to eight hours, in order to blend the flavours.


Kachri Keema

Kachri Keema is a popular Mughlai dish which uses Keema Mutton. It is a unique preparation of Keema, which will surely impress your guests. The Keema is cooked with a lot of ingredients including Papaya, and coconut as a must addition.



There is no escaping the bounds of this dish, wherever you go. In India, this is the one dish that you will find all over the country. Although now this dish has evolved to become a part of many cuisines. Originally it is a part of the Mughlai cuisine and entered India through the Mughals itself. It was conceived as a royal dish and only served to the Royal family.


Keema Matar

This is the preparation of mutton keema with green peas and is a classic Mughlai dish.


Murg Mussalaam

This is a common Chicken dish that you will find in restaurants. But the taste is totally unique and indeed very royal. This is owing to the fact that the dish is cooked in rich and spicy flavours true to the Mughlai cuisine.


Murg Kali Mirch

This is a special preparation of Chicken with Black Pepper. The dish is cooked to perfection to ensure that the Pepper adds taste to the dish, and not heat.


Nargisi Kofta

This is a special type of kofta which is prepared with Lamb Meat and Egg. The Koftas are prepared first and then a curry is made. This is an amazing dish to showcase Mughlai flavours and impress all your guests.


Reshmi Kebab

The juicy Kebabs that we often order in a restaurant, which happens to be one of our most favourite appetisers is actually a Mughlai speciality. The creamy Kebabs are first marinated and then doused in cream and Mughlai masalas, and then cooked in a tandoor.


Murg Pasanda

Another familiar restaurant dish is the Murg Pasanda. It is cooked in a bundle of original spices which results in the unique taste of the dish. This dish comes packed with a number of flavours suited to our taste buds.


Mutton Rezala

What is better than the combination of Mutton Rezala and Lachha Paratha? Probably nothing. This combination is a wonderful choice if you are looking to jump into a pool of Mughlai flavoured dishes.


Mutton Rogan Josh

This is one of the best Mutton Dishes, ever made. The dish is a Mutton preparation where the juicy Mutton pieces are cooked in spices and a semi-gravy. It can be served with Roti or Paratha.


Boti Kebab

One of the most common Kebabs is the Boti Kebab. You’ll find this dish commonly at Punjabi weddings. Boti Kebabs are easy to make and are quite excellent in flavour as well.


Navratan Korma

Don’t think we forgot the vegetarians. This very favourite vegetarian dish, we mostly end up ordering at restaurants is an actually a Mughlai speciality. The dish is one where vegetables of many varieties are diced together and a curry is prepared with it. Usually, Cashew nut paste is added to enrich the dish. The dish gets its name from the use of nine vegetables.


Kofta Shorba

This is a dish where a Kofta is cooked in a broth. Shorba usually refers to any desi soup, we know of. So, this particular soup like broth is made from Koftas. This is a great dish for those cold winter nights, and brings a freshness to your palette.


Shahi Tukra

This is a special sweet, which is quite popular in India. But the dish originally has Mughlai roots. To make this, pieces of bread are fried crisp in ghee. Then these are coated with Rabri, which is usually made with condensed Milk and Cottage Cheese. You can add Saffron, Cardamom and Cinnamon to enhance the taste. The sweet has now many varieties in the country. It is best served chilled.


Anjeer Halwa

Anjeer Halwa is a type of halwa which uses the Anjeer Badam. The uniqueness of this dish lies in the use of the Anjeer. The Halwa is incredibly tasty and a great dessert to be served after an elaborate and eloquent meal.


Sheer Khurma

This dish is a Vermicelli preparation, made especially during festivals like Eid. It is the ultimate dessert meant for celebrations, without which festivities are incomplete. To make this dish, the Vermicelli is first fried in butter, to which milk is added. It is then slow cooked leading to thickening of milk. As it thickens, the Khurma, otherwise known as the dates are added along with more dry fruits. This incredibly tasty Dessert is quite easy to make.


Shahi Kaju Aloo

This is a remarkable dish where small Baby Potatoes are cooked in Mughlai masala. Cashew Nuts or Kaju is another integral part of this dish. A cashew paste is added to make the gravy for this, along with chunks of roasted cashews. Just like other Mughlai dishes, this recipe also requires a lot of nuts.


Murg Noorjehani

Just as the name suggests, there is a lot of history entangled with this dish itself. The recipe involves first marinating the chunks of chicken well in a mix of curd and ground Mughlai spices. Then this marinated chicken is cooked further with Milk, Almond paste and Saffron. Being a Mughlai dish, the ingredients are similar to most Mughlai dish.