Top 20 Dishes To Try This New Year

Top 20 Dishes To Try This New Year


Seared Tofu Banh Mi Sandwiches

These Tofu Sandwiches are your best option for this New Year.  The taste of these Sandwiches is amazing. The recipe of the Sandwich is very easy. The filing in the Sandwiches is very yummy. Its scrumptious taste is all you need to taste this New Year. Rock your New Year party with Seared Tofu Banh Mi Sandwiches.



Rugda is a Jharkhand-based dish but it’s very famous in every region of India. It’s peppery and spicy taste is just amazing. The best part of this food is the addition of Aloo tikkies in chole. Ragda is a very yummy, mouth-watering dish to have. Rugda is well garnished with chopped onions, and coriander leaves along with the namkeen which gives it a totally different crispy touch. This dish is simply amazing with its extraordinary taste. You must try it this New Year.


Cashew Rice

Cashew has a special quality. It enhances the taste of the dish in which it is added. The Cashew Rice is wonderful to have this New Year. Your party menu is incomplete without this scrumptious dish.


Achari Paneer

This yummy and amazing dish all you need to have in festive season. Achari Paneer is one among all the amazing Paneers having a different touch of Achari taste; Spicy and peppery taste. This dish has the scrumptious taste. You are definitely going to have the heavenly feeling after tasting Achaari Paneer. The tadka is very special in this Paneer.  Just imagine soft Paneer with Naan.


Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

This cheesy and creamy dish is just amazing in taste. This dish is the best option for cheese lovers. Just imagine soft Broccoli covered with loads of cheese. Broccoli Quinoa Casserole is hundred percent a mouth watering dish. This dish goes amazingly well with vegetable fried rice.


Egg Masala

Deep fried eggs dipped in tangy Gravy. Its distinct flavour is all you need to have to get the awesome feeling ever. Egg Masala is always garnished with finely chopped coriander. This is a very yummy dish. This dish goes well with Naan.  Here you have two choices; the best choice is to fry the eggs, and other is to just add non-fried eggs. No doubt, both have very good taste.


Bbq Cauliflower And Chickpea Tacos

No doubt, everyone loves Tacos, and this Cauliflower and Chickpea Taco are best among all the Tacos. The creamy lime slaw gives it an amazing taste and wonderful touch as well. Tacos look yummy and are yummy in taste. They are the best choice to have in the New Year party.


Baigan Bharta

Yummy Baingan  Bharta is just an amazing dish. Roasted brinjal added to spicy tomato gravy and garnished with chopped onion and coriander is all you need to have. Don’t miss this dish if you are a food lover just like me.


Spiced Sweet Potato and peanut Puree

Spiced Sweet Potato-and-Peanut Puree is a kind of soup. You can have it as a starter. Crunchy pieces of bread dipped in the spicy soup are all you need to taste in this New Year. The best part which you are going to find in this soup is that it is garnished with peanuts. The peanuts and bread enhance the beauty and taste of the soup. Just taste it once and get the heavenly feeling.


Aloo Mutter Korma

Aloo Mutter Korma is different from our general Aloo Matar Sabzi as it has Punjabi touch in it. Peppery taste, spicy as well.  Aloo Mutter Korma goes well with jeera rice. You can have it with Naan also. Here also you have two choices; one makes it dry; other is made it with Gravy. Both taste well.


Broccoli Cheese Soup

Soups have their own speciality and their own category. Some people like to have them as a starter and some like to have it as an evening snack. Broccoli Cheese Soup is different from all other soups as it comes under the category of the main course. I know it’s hard to believe, it’s little bit strange, but it’s true. The taste of this Soup is no doubt amazing as it’s loaded with Cheese. The garnishing part of this soup is also very interesting as it’s garnished with chopped coriander mixed with garlic powder.


Bharwa Lauki

Boiled bottle gourd filled with a flavourful, soft paneer stuffing, and topped with yummy tangy Tomato gravy.


Chilli Paneer

We all know the amazing and extraordinary quality of Paneer. And this dish of Paneer is even more extraordinary than other paneer dishes. Capsicum which is added to this Paneer gives it a special touch. Chilli paneer has mouth-watering quality.


Rainbow Vegetarian Pad Thai With Chopped Peanuts And Basil Leaves

Everyone finds noodles tasty. And this Rainbow Vegetarian Pad Thai is the best Noodle in the world. Its taste is just yummy. A lot of sauce is added in this Noodle. A lot of Veggies is added in this Noodle. Rainbow Vegetarian Pad Thai is easy to make; its recipe is very easy, and it gets ready in no time. One must have it.


Mushroom Curry

Amazing dish made with cute small mushrooms. Fried mushrooms dipped in tangy gravy. Mushroom Curry is well garnished with coriander leaves. This dish has the luscious taste. You can make it spicy and peppery as per your taste. Just increase the amount of green chilli in your paste if you want to make it spicier and in case if you want to make it more peppery just add a few more tomatoes and little bit lemon juice.


Grilled White House Pizza

“Pizza”, this word is enough to tell anyone that the taste is amazing. The speciality of this pizza is that its base is well grilled before the addition of crispy deep fried veggies. Pizza is always garnished with mozzarella but here we are garnishing it with fried veggies along with the mozzarella cheese.


Aloo Gobhi Pulao

Aloo Gobhi Pulao is one of the famous Pulaos of Punjab. Fried cauliflower are added to fried rice and mixed well and served with gravy dish. This Pulao has an amazing taste. You can add the cauliflower in two ways as per your choice. One is to add the deep fried cauliflower, and other is to add the boiled cauliflower. Go for it.


Gatte Ki Sabzi

Jaipuri Gatte ki Sabzi.. a delicious, special and mouth-watering dish. Whether you are Rajasthani or not you are definitely going to love this dish. This dish is especially for spice lovers. The Batte which are special in this Sabzi are prepared with besan. Just imagine delicious Besan Pakoras loaded with yummy gravy with ghee loaded chapattis. You are going to have a Heavenly taste after eating this delicious Sabzi.


Pasta With Sautéed Peppers, Zucchini, And Smoked Mozzarella

The best thing about this Pasta is that its recipe is quite easy and its taste is very yummy. Mozzarella Cheese is the best cheese, so just imagine the taste of smoked Mozzarella. This scrumptious Pasta is garnished with basil leaves and Pepper powder.


Jaipuri Aloo Pyaaz Ki Sabzi

Potatoes and onions are deep fried in ghee which gives them an ultimate taste and then soaked in butter and spicy tomato gravy which enhances its taste. The flavours of this Sabzi are incredibly amazing. Just imagine crispy fried potatoes with tasty fried onions along with tango flavour. After having this Sabzi, you are definitely going to be crazy for its taste. If you are spice-lover then go for this yummy Sabzi this New Year.