20 Rice Paper Rolls To Try 


Rice Paper rolls are in trend currently. People place any cooked food into rice paper and turn it into rolls. Basically, you can use simply any food you want. They eat it with a variety of sauces. Basically, Rice Paper comes from Vietnam. They invented Rice Paper while making noodles and Pho. Today, rice paper is present in every house. People eat them as crackers too. Also, you can make Rice Paper chips or tortillas. There are much more varieties to eat rice paper. Find which one best suit you. Rice paper rolls or spring rolls came from Vietnam too. They go by the name of Goi Cuon in Vietnam. Let’s see which are the top 20 rice paper rolls.

1. Goi Cuon

Goi Cuon is a traditional Vietnamese dish. No doubt it is first in the top 20 Rice Paper Rolls. It has pork, prawn, veggie salad, and a bun on the rice paper. It is one of the healthy rice papers rolls you can try. It goes well with Vietnamese dipping sauce. It has fish sauce, lime juice, chili, and sugar.

2. Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls

Rainbow rolls are trendy these days. They have a variety of vegetables. Precisely, they have avocado, carrot, purple cabbage, coriander, and more. Mostly, they are vegan. Plus, they go well with peanut dipping sauce. Do give it a try while it is in trend. Do let us know what you feel about it.

3. Beef Quinoa Rolls

This Beef roll is a healthy option. You can make it for breakfast or your kid’s lunch. Beef Quinoa rolls have Beef, quinoa, peppers, mint, coriander, and anything else you want to add. It goes well with tamarind dipping sauce. You can even try pairing it with the Vietnamese dipping sauce.

4. Shredded Chicken Rolls

Lazy mornings require a lazy solution. Shredded Chicken rolls got you covered. Also, you can wrap some leftover chicken or pork in Vietnamese rice paper. You can add some veggies to it. Furthermore, it pairs well with chili sauce once and more. That will give you a good morning kick.

5. Sashimi Rolls

Sashimi rolls are a Vietnamese Japanese fusion. They have Vietnamese Rice paper and Japanese Sashimi. That’s a double treat for people who haven’t tried both before. Hence, we include them in the top 20 rice paper rolls. They go well with Miso Soup.

6. Tuna Rolls

Tuna rolls are the modified version of rainbow rolls. They have the same ingredients as rainbow rolls. Also, Tuna is a special ingredient there. This combination tastes good. It is a healthy way to start your day. Also, many people include it in their kid’s tiffin box.

7. Sesame Avocado Roll

You might have seen this sesame roll in many restaurants. Basically, it is famous as California rolls around the world. Its traditional name for California roll is California Maki or Uramaki. Precisely, it has avocado, sesame seeds, siracha, mayo, pickled ginger, cucumber, and more. It is a great, healthy dose for many Americans.

8. Sweet Potato Roll

Did you know sweet potato, quinoa, and kale make a good spring roll? Yes, it does. This roll stands in the most-tried rolls in Vietnam. They have come to town recently and taste very good. It is a unique winter roll. It has potato, kale, quinoa, toasted sesame, Chinese five spices, and veggies. Also, some people add tofu to it.

9. Honey Siracha Chicken Spring Roll

Honey Siracha Chicken is an exception to the world of spring rolls. They use the slow cooker process for cooking chicken. This technique of cooking makes the chicken super juicy and tasty. Furthermore, this chicken roll has carrots, siracha, honey, garlic, and parsley. These ingredients make the roll worth trying.

10. Tofu And Green Tea Noodles Roll

The roll has a cucumber slice over the rice paper roll. Also, they have firm tofu, green tea noodles, mint leaves, and ginger underneath the cucumber slice. It is a health pack roll. Furthermore, it looks beautiful as compared to the other rolls. That makes it more want to eat.

11. Rice Paper Dumpling

The Rice paper dumpling is one step further than the rice paper spring roll. It has similar ingredients as spring rolls. Furthermore, it has a deep-fried coating of semolina or other flours. This coating makes it more delicious to eat. You can eat it with tomato sauce, siracha, chili sauce, or soy sauce. It makes a good side dish to heavy meals.

12. Chinese Spring Rolls

Chinese Spring Rolls wins the debate about the invention of spring rolls. Spring roll came from Vietnam. Furthermore, the Chinese modified it to make them the Chinese spring rolls. The Chinese people fry these rolls after wrapping them.

13. Bo Bia

Bo Bia is the fusion of Chinese and Vietnamese rolls. They have the typical Vietnamese ingredients from the Vietnamese spring roll and the Chinese minced pork. Plus, it has dried shrimp instead of fresh shrimp. Bo Bia goes well with Hoisin Sauce.

14. Netted Spring Rolls

Netted spring roll is a beautiful-looking spring roll. It has a special ingredient which goes by the name of bamboo shoot. It has shrimp, chicken, carrots, shallot, eggs, Chinese cabbage, and more. Also, it is a famous spring roll nowadays. It goes well as a side dish to pineapple fried rice. Hence, we include it in the top 20 rolls.

15. Gluten-Free Spring Rolls

We have people around the world who love to eat gluten-free food. Hence, we have gluten-free rolls too. They bake Gluten-free spring rolls. Also, they can have almost anything you like. We have shrimp rolls, chicken rolls, pork rolls, and more. Do give it a try.

16. Lumpia Spring Roll

Lumpia Shanghai spring roll is a Filipino spring roll. It has minced pork, water chestnuts, egg, brown sugar, white onion, and more. It is a perfect combo for all the people curious to try something light and something new. Lumpia Spring roll goes well as a side dish. Furthermore, you can eat it with garlic sauce.

17. Chocolate Banana Spring Roll

Now we come to the desert section of the article. Chocolate Banana Spring roll has chocolate and banana. Furthermore, it has a crispy cover. People add juicy choco syrup as a topping to this chocolate roll. They add sprinkles and other decorative items to make it more beautiful.

18. Cake Spring Roll

The cake spring roll was an invention in the world of spring rolls. It has soft flavored cake and sweet crème in between. Also, some people add juicy vanilla syrup to it. It is a great combo to have after dinner. Plus, you can add a vanilla ice cream scoop to it.

19. Fruit Spring Rolls

Fruit spring rolls must go on number one on the list. They have a variety of fruits and lots of tastes. Plus, they look fantastic and cute. You can add pineapple, cherry, strawberries, bananas, peach, mango, apple, lemon, and more. Just add some sugar syrup on its top. Henceforth, your favorite dessert is ready.

20. Sweet Nuts Rolls

Lastly, we have sweet nuts rolls. They have many nuts, fruits Caramel, and other sweets. Mostly, they bake these spring rolls. Plus, they have a crunch inside the rolls. You can eat it with crème and Caramel.