Top 20 Vegan Replacements Of Protein


Protein is an essential nutrient present in our body. Every cell in our body has Protein. Likewise, we should be taking a certain amount of Protein daily. It is a helpful element in the growth and development of our body. Protein initiated your healthy in your mother’s womb it helped in the growth of your hands and legs and caused you puberty. It continues to be an essential part of your life. However, recently trending Vegan concepts have put people to confusion. They think that the only way to Protein consumption is through non-Vegan foods. Hence, we bring the top 20 Vegan replacements of Protein.

1. Quinoa

Quinoa must have been on your top list from the start of your Vegan transformation. Did you know it is a good source of Protein too? It is Vegan, tasty, and healthy to consume when you are not taking other Protein diets. One cup of Quinoa provides eight grams of Protein.

2. Peanuts

Yes, Peanuts. The one that you will get on your way to the office. Peanuts are a cheap and easy way to fulfill the daily Protein gap. You can carry them almost anywhere and everywhere. They are tasty and healthy. Also, they go well with jaggery and sugar crystals.

3. Almonds

You might start enjoying the soaked Almond your mom gives you every morning. Almonds are good for memory. We have been memorizing this from our birth. However, Almonds are an effective Protein supplier. One ounce of Almond provides six grams of Protein.

4. Soybean

I hope you are not from a family where Soyabean is no good. Some families have this perception. Hence, they miss one of the richest sources of Protein too. Soybean provides you with thirty-one grams of Protein in every cup. This food item is indeed a natural and Vegan way to consume Protein.

5. Chickpea

Do you enjoy Chole Bhature too? It is worth many more smiles and satisfaction. Hence, Chickpea stands next in the top 20 Vegan replacements of Protein. It has the right taste, texture, and right amount of Protein. Every hundred grams of Protein gives nineteen grams of Protein and a lot of happiness.

6. Broccoli

I never liked the shape and size of Broccoli. Its taste is just ridiculous. However, the Protein content it has is unbeatable. You can eat the boiled Broccoli on your way to the office. Also, you can try making Broccoli stir fry as a tasty option.

7. Tofu

Tofu is famous worldwide as a younger brother to Paneer. It has the right taste and texture to be your Vegan replacement to the same. It has the elasticity of cottage cheese. Furthermore, you can replace any and every cottage cheese dish with Tofu.

8. Edamame

Edamame is kids to the mature Soybean. They are sweet to taste. Practically, I call the modern Peanuts. They are convenient to transport anywhere and everywhere you go. You can include them in your lunch box and your salad dressing for a sweet treat.

9. Peanut Butter

Spreading Peanut Butter is next to spreading happiness. It is easy, smooth, and sweet. Majorly it goes with every type of bread you can think. It has the excellent stomach-filling quality and health benefits too. A hundred grams of Peanut Butter provides twenty-five grams of Peanut Butter. That’s a good amount if you are twenty-five kg.

10. Potato

Potato is an essential part of the diet. It has a good amount of Protein. However, while eating Potatoes, be mindful enough to consume them in a healthy way. Consuming it in an unhealthy way might have adverse health effects. Furthermore, it can cause obesity and other diseases.

11. Buckwheat

You might have heard this name yet. Buckwheat is a type of pseudocereal. Also, Buckwheat flour is present in pancakes, bread, and noodles. Majorly, it contributes to the making of noodles. It is an excellent food component for heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and other conditions.

12. Green Peas

You might have heard the name Pea Protein. It plays an essential role in Peanut Butter. Basically, Pea Protein comes from green Peas. You can consume peas in other dishes. Also, they go very well with many food items. Furthermore, one hundred grams of Pea gives you five grams of Protein.

13. Spirulina

Spirulina is another vegetable supplement. Basically, Spirulina is similar to Broccoli. It goes great in smoothies and salads. It is a good medicine for pain, inflammation, and normalizing other brain functions. It is a good source of Protein too. A hundred grams of Spirulina contains fifty-seven grams of Protein. Hence, we include it in the top 20 Vegan replacements for Protein.

14. Artichokes

Artichokes are one of the most unliked vegetables. However, not everything comes at ease. Artichokes taste good when put on pizza and pasta. They make good Lasagne. Also, they are better in simple sauté dishes. You can have them once a week to complete the Protein gap.

15. Seitan

Seitan is a meat replacement for all Vegans. It is not much popular. However, we are here to provide you with the related information. Seitan comes from wheat gluten. It has a high gluten present. Hence, people will gluten intolerance do not consume it.

16. Soy Milk

If you are an everyday milk drinker, switching to something else might be a little stressful. However, we have a better option than milk. You will find an ample amount of Protein in soy milk. Plus, it is sweeter than other milk. It is mild and creamy to taste too.

17. Nutritional Yeast

Yeast is typically a non-healthy food ingredient. However, there is a variety of Nutritional yeast. A sprinkle of Nutritional yeast provides you with two grams of Protein. You can use it as a garnish for your food. It does not have much taste. Hence, it will go well with any food giving you the nutrition you want.

18. Beans

That’s an excellent option to go. While cooking Beans for Protein do not boil them to an extent for their nutritional value to fly away. Beans are available everywhere. Fortunately, they are cheap. They can go with any dish. Also, you can make the main course meal out of it. Hence, we have Beans on the list.

19. Brussel Sprouts

Mostly, vegetables are not that rich in Proteins. They provide you with other nutrients for sure. However, one cup of Brussel Sprouts contains four grams of Protein straight. You can make many dishes from Brussel sprout. You can stir-fry them, put them in chicken, or prepare a healthy salad.

20. Chia Seeds

Lastly, we have Chia Seeds. No doubt they are in trend in the twenty-first century. Chia Seeds refresh you and provide you with a good amount of Protein. However, make sure you consume Protein in a limited amount. Excessive consumption can lead to health conditions.