20 Superfood For Senior Citizens

20 Superfood For Senior Citizens

When you get old it’s hard for people to do their work properly, and it is extremely necessary to eat the right food. So above is the list of food every senior citizen should eat.

1.Dark Leafy Greens

Greeny vegetables like spinach, kale, and dandelion are essential to every senior citizen’s diet as it helps in blood clotting and decreases bone fragility. In every food, there should be greens to gain Vitamin K.


2.Green Tea

Green Tea not only reduces our weight but also boosts our metabolism. Green Tea is full of vitamins and if you are suffering from constipation then a few cups of green tea will help.



Blueberries are full of antioxidants that help us to fight heart diseases. They are delicious to eat and can be topped off with any food.



It has Omega-3 which helps us to reduce our blood fat which in turn keeps lowers our risk for heart disease. If we bake our salmon at 425 degrees, it tastes good and keeps us healthy.


5.Orange Juice With Calcium

One glass of orange juice with calcium contains all the sufficient ingredients that a glass of milk has. The calcium ensures us to keep our bone health and the orange provides us with fiber and Vitamin D.


6.Whole Grains

Whole grains keep our digestion in check and protect our bodies from various diseases. The best whole grains to give to senior citizens are oatmeal, brown rice, etc.



They are one of the best food that has the highest antioxidants. Senior citizens should eat red beans as it has higher protein, vitamins, calcium, and black beans which are good for old age people.



Strawberries are dense in nutrient and lower in carbs which makes them a perfect food to maintain our blood sugar level. They also aid in cancer and supports mental health disorders due to their anti-inflammatory effects. They are rich in Calcium, Vitamin C, K, making them a useful food for elderly.



Lycopene is found in tomatoes which is a great antioxidant and helps us the risk of gut cancer. Red and juicy tomatoes are great for the health of senior citizens.



It is a powerful fruit that reduces our cholesterol levels and helps to fight heart diseases. It is a powerful fruit that is high in oxidants and keeps your body healthy.


11.Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are an edible food that can be eaten as an appetizer or as a side dish. They are good for our digestion and easy to digest.



Apples are highly soluble in fiber and are a great fruit for digestion, also lowering our cholesterol. It also helps old people to keep their immune systems intact, and it is certified by doctors that everyone should eat apples daily, as an Apple a day, keeps a doctor away.



Asparagus has a high level of Vitamin A that keeps our immune system safe and keeps our eyes healthy. This food has everything that should be given to old people, as it also keeps our cholesterol in check.



Broccoli is high in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants that benefit our immune system and keeps our bones and tissues healthy.


15.Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is very good for our hearts and immune system. It could decrease our blood pressure which reduces our chances of heart disease.



Seafood like tuna, cod, and trout are full of protein, which is much needed by old people to maintain their muscles. If we eat seafood 2-3 times a week reduces our chances of chronic diseases.


17.Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese stimulates our muscle protein as it has calcium and Vitamin D. When we become old, our bone density starts to decrease, and calcium and Vitamin D helps our bone health.



When we get old, our acid stomach starts to decrease and that contains Vitamin B12, which is important for our body, and cornflakes ensure that the acid doesn’t decrease and is maintained in our stomach.



As we start to age we tend to move further towards heart diseases, and bananas that are rich in potassium keep our body from heart diseases.



Eggs are an easily digestible food with high range of protein and are important for synthesis of muscles. They are an ideal food to include in the diet of older people due to high quality of protein.