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Authentic North Indian Dish In Bangalore

Authentic North Indian Dish In Bangalore

If there's one thing that pops into your mind when someone goes "North India", it's food. From Punjab's Makki Ki Roti and Sarso Ka Saag to Rajasthan's Daal Baati Churma, we, as North Indians,...

Top 20 Indian Restaurants In Bangalore

1.SamarkandServes one of the best Indian food that is available in the city, Samarkand is a worthwhile place to visit and will never leave you disappointed. The ambiance of the place will make you...
Top 20 Dishes To Make With Sattu

Top 20 Dishes To Make With Sattu

Sattu is a flour made from cereals and pulses. Basically filled in as a sharbat by road merchants at the pinnacle of summer, sattu, commonly made of cooked Bengal gram, has a close moment...
20 Easy Non-Baked Foods For Valentine Day Special

20 Easy No-Bake Valentine Day Treats

On the day of love, let's make our dear ones feel special. Not only for your better halves, but you can also make wonderful treats for your friends and family. Don't feel like switching...
20 Dishes Made Out of Pumpkin

20 Dishes Made Out of Pumpkin

1.Pumpkin muffinsSavor these muffins made out of pumpkins. In a bowl whisk together ginger, nutmeg, flour, cinnamon, baking powder, cloves, and salt. Add eggs only after the mixture including butter and sugar turns fluffy....
Top 20 Easy Recipes With Biscuits

Top 20 Easy Recipes With Biscuits

Biscuit – The most common food of our daily life. They have fibre and nutrition content. We can have biscuits at any time to beat the hunger. Are you tired of making stuff which...
Top Street Food for Chennai Teens

Top 20 Street Food for Chennai Teens

1. Pani Poori“Pani Puri “ is the name where ‘Pani’ refers to water and ‘ Puri’ is a fried crispy ball. It is the most respectable food among all other street food items  and...

Top 20 Dishes You Can Make Using Wheat

1. Wheat Flour DosaWheat enhances the taste of every dish in which it is added. This Wheat Flour Dosa Hyderabad style is very yummy in taste. It can be prepared by two methods; the...
Sadar, Nagpur

Top 20 Delicious Dishes You Can Have In Sadar, Nagpur

1. Cheese Kofta Curry At Uttar Dakshin By NaivedhyamAddress of Restaurant: Mount Road extension, Sadar, Nagpur, MaharashtraCheese Kofta Curry is  a delicious and tangy curry with small dumplings (these small dumplings are known as...

Top 20 Desserts To Have In Saket

1 Chocolate Iced Glazed DoughnutThe taste of chocolate is simply amazing, we all love having it. The taste of chocolate iced glazed doughnut is simply amazing. Doughnuts are always tasty, and this doughnut is...