A Peek In the Plate Of 29 Indian States


1.Hyderabadi Biryani: Pride Of Andhra Pradesh

Biryani is a multi-linguistic dish which can savor the taste bud of every kind. It is like a split-personality of a rice dish existing in multiple forms, each having a distinctive trait of its own. Out of the Biryani World, Hyderabadi Biryani always finds the way to the ultimate throne. It is rendered with local spices & love, and defines the thin line between delicious and extra delicious. Trailing across the state of Andhra Pradesh, scooping on this dish is as easy as breathing the air, but go to Hyderabad for the authentic experience.


2.Vada Pav: A Desi Look To A Burger In Maharashtra

Indians are born with a twisted skill of cooking, and they perceive every flavor the way they want it. A burger is a classic western dish loaded with the essence of various flavors, and yet it fails to match up with the Indian version of it called the Vada Pav. Spicy potato mash patty with toothsome chutneys, all sandwiched between butter toasted buns is what Vada Pav is. To be a legitimate Marathi Manush one needs to nibble onto this dish for sure. vada pav-a-desi-look-to-a-burger-in-maharashtra

3.Khandvi: Richness Of Gujarat

Gujarat has been the most Gratis of all the states as it has given us a Billionaire and a Prime Minister. However, the most wonderful of all is the gift of tasty dishes that the state has originated. Khandvi is one of the dish snatched out from the list of thousands and proves its worth with its incredible taste. A simple snack made out of Gram Flour, it tastes much more sophisticated than it looks.

khandvi-richness-of-gujarat4. Kadhi: A Yellow Delight Of Haryana

The hardcore heart of Haryanvi’s melts with the aroma of this curry dish. The home-made spice mix elevates the taste of Kadhi; Curd, and Gram Flour based dish. Addition of pakodas makes it more appetizing to the hungry stomach.


5.Rogan Josh: Jammu & Kashmir In A Plate

The picturesque view of snow-capped mountains and cold lakes in Kashmir is well complemented with a plate full of Rogan Josh which is the authentic Kashmiri style Lamb. The spicy, juicy lamb will imprint the soul and the stomach with a sigh of satisfaction.


6.Baigan Chop And Thekua: Reflection Of Jharkhand And Its Culture

Jharkhand is primarily known as a native state of Indian cricket star M.S. Dhoni but there is more to thank for to this state, and one of that is this sweet and simple dish.


7.Bisibele Bhath: Brand Ambassador Of Karnataka’s Taste

The land with the beauty of Arabian sea and pines, Karnataka stays put even in the race of delicious cuisines, and Bisibele bhath is a showstopper among all those.


8.Poha: The Twisted Story Of Rice In Madhya Pradesh

Poha is flattened rice which is very light for the stomach. It reaches the level of perfection when the flavors of Madhya Pradesh embraces it.


9.Soibum Eromba: A Non-Vegetarian Greet Of Manipur

Manipur is rich in culture and the richness is competently carpeted in the food and cuisines presenting Manipur across the globe. Soibum Eromba is a meat dish with a side of vegetables served with spicy and sour gravy.


10.Jadoh With Rice: Gratification Of Meghalaya

Meghalaya and peace go hand in hand. The majestic view of Monasteries and lakes pleases the eyes but what satiates the starving belly is the cuisines of Meghalaya. Jadoh and rice is a tasty serving which glitters the eye with satisfaction upon reaching the palate.


11.Fermented Bamboo Shoots Dish: Nagaland’s Exposition

It may sound a little peculiar thing to eat but once eaten, the palate will starve for more and more. This Naga cuisine requires time and hard work to prepare as the process of fermentation takes time. The young bamboo shoots are used for cooking this delicious meal with juicy gravy and other vegetables.


12.Chenna Poda: Heart Of Odisha

A sweet dish made of cheese is what Chenna Poda is. It is a simple spin on the existence of cheese known as chenna by literally roasting it and the results are remarkably delicious.


13.Makke Di Roti With Sarson Ka Saag: A Plate Full Of Punjabi Vibe

Even though Punjab is utterly backtracked to Butter chicken most of the times, this vegetarian dish never fails to seize “wow” from the mouth of the eater.


14.Dal Bati And Churma: A Royalty Of Rajasthan

The land of crowned heads is a famous tourist destination not just because it beholds colossal and exquisite palaces but also because of the tasty food it has to serve. Dal Bati Churma is very simple but is packed with intricate flavors of this arid land.


15.Momos: Dumplings Of Sikkim

This dish needs no introduction since it has been the evening snack for most of us for like years now. It is like a bag ready to take anything in it be it a vegetarian mix or non-vegetarian mix and results are always tasty. Served with a spicy chutney of red chili and mayonnaise, it always wins the battle of snacks.


16.Dosa: A Nugget Of Tamil Nadu

Generally blessed for the intelligent personalities it brings into this world, Tamil Nadu also deserves applause for bringing Dosa on to our plate. This rice and lentils based dish is healthy and tasty at the same time. It has a plethora of variations, and all of them are unequivocally scrumptious.


17.Mui Borok: Tripura’s Winsome Dish

Tripura is a heaven for meat lovers as non-vegetarian food is chiefly prepared and eaten in this state. Mui Borok is a traditional cuisine prepared with a fermented fish called Berma. The very best part of this dish is that it is cooked in no oil which makes it cross the unhealthy borderline and sit with pride in the area of healthy foods.


18.Fish And Rice: Symbol Of Bengal’s Food Lovers

Bengalis are world famous for the immense love they have for their plate of rice and fish. Bhapa fish is one the most common type of fish which is eaten on an almost daily basis in Bengal. Apart from serving the spicy palate, Bengalis have a large range of dessert and Rasgulla is the most prominent of all.


19.Chicken Biryani And Kebabs: A Party Plate For Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is vast in area, culture, and religion. It is stacked with dishes which can relish the gustatory cells of both veggie lovers as well the meat lovers. It is hard to choose any single artwork from the kitchens of Uttar Pradesh but the famous Lucknowi food tops anyways.


20.Kafuli: A Garhwali Treat Of Uttarakhand

The hills and coniferous trees are the treats to the eyes, and Kafuli is a treat to the stomach. It is extremely healthy because the parent ingredients of this dish are Spinach and fenugreek leaves. It is a soul-soothing experience to eat this dish in the morning with beautiful trees and mountains clicking in the eyes.


21.Bai: A Non-vegetarian Gift From Mizoram

This North-Eastern state has some exceptionally unique and tasty dishes to showcase and Bai is one of those. It is prepared using vegetables and Pork along with sauce, and other spices.


22.Puttu And Kadala Curry: A dish From The Land Of Spices, Kerala

Kerala has been the center of attraction for food lovers since decades. It has some brilliant vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes that can be found nowhere in the world. This dish is from that long list and justifies what Kerala is known for, spices.


23.Dham: A Traditional Serving In Himachal Pradesh

This simple dish is cooked using Kidney beans, and other lentils in the bed of various spices. The sidekicks of this dish are Jaggery and tamarind sauce., and they work best in lifting the taste value of the dish.


24.A Seafood Thali: A Goan Way Of Celebrating Life

Goa is the ultimate destination for every wanderer who loves blue water and a large seafood buffet. There is a lot to pile in a plate of Goan seafood.


25.Muthai: Chhattisgarh’s Delicacy

It is a common breakfast dish in Chhattisgarh which takes minimal time to prepare, but its taste lasts for a pretty long time. It is made of rice and herbs, all steamed well to retain the base flavors.


26.Litti Chokha: A Synonym To Bihari’s

It is as famous as Qutub Minar is in India because Bihari’s never fail to show how much they love their staple food wherever and whenever they feel like to. It is tasty to the palate of every state be it Bihar or any other.


27.Gooror Payas: Dessert Of Assam

Assamese food is commonly known as the base food for non-vegetarians but desserts have no discrimination grounds. Gooror Payas is made of rice, curd, and sweet-sweet jaggery.


 28.Pika Pila: A Sour Cuisine Of Arunachal Pradesh

It is not a dish typically but a food item which the natives of Arunachal Pradesh never forgets to have while eating. It is a pickle made using bamboo shoots, pork fat, and chili.


29.Sarva Pindi: Telangana Style Pancake

A pancake with maple syrup is a classic breakfast choice for many in the western part of the world, and its health benefits are countless as well. Sarva Pindi is also a pancake but with Indian flavors which makes it more appetizing to the desi soul.