Top 20 Gujarati Dishes That Has Left All Dhoklas, Fafdas and Khakras Behind


1.Sabudana ni Khichadi

We grew up seeing our seniors fasting whole day and gobble only this dish comprised of potatoes and sabudana. Khichdi is definitive solace nourishment for everybody. All things considered, sabudana ni khichdi is your solace nourishment with a contort and a decent one at that! Sabudana, potatoes and peanuts rule the flavour and they taste supernatural together! Chilly curd and fiery sabudana khichadi improves the world a place to live in.



A solid road nourishment that is yummy and momma endorsed! Khichu it is! Trust it or not, khichu is the least demanding thing to make, as simple as maggi! Whatever you do is, heat up some water, include jeera, stew ginger glue and when it bubbles, add flour to it and whip everything rapidly. Steaming hot khichu finished with methiya masala and oil is paradise for sure.



No supper is an “entire dinner” unless you have some “farsan” (an exquisite dish) with it! Chakri is interesting. Made by gram flour and a few flavours pumped from a machine, chakri is pan fried till brilliant dark colored. As youngsters, we were so intrigued by this specific farsan since it was formed like a sparkler that whatever we did was gaze at it lastly surrenders since it tasted so yummy that we needed to eat it. No big surprise that everybody cherishes chakri.


4.Ravana Ladoo

Every individual from the family would remain in line, simply sitting tight for their swing to have these delightful ladoos. An undisputed top choice as school lunch, ravana ladoo makes you recollect how you bartered with your mom to give you a chance to have only one more ladoo.


5.Bharela Bhinda

Bhindi is green and in fact, green stuff shouldn’t be exceptionally delicious. In any case, it appears like Gujarati moms have willingly volunteered demonstrate that bhindi can be a standout amongst the most astonishing, great deeply dishes that at any point existed. Opening the bhindi a little and stuff the masala comprised of gram flour and different flavours in it. Bharela bhinda has dependably been our mom’s method for apologizing. A yelling match or a decent beating was trailed by your most loved bharela bhinda and aamras.


6.Dahi Tikhari

A kathiyawadi claim to fame, dahitikhari is a blessing from heaven for everybody who adores hot sustenance. It is only dahi (curd) sautéed with garlic and red nippy powder. Cool winter evenings resemble beasts sneaking inside your storage room unless somebody gives you sizzling nourishment and what preferred sustenance over rotlo (level bread) and dahitikhari? It is the thing that makes winter so unique.


7.Lilva Kachori

Dumplings comprised of green peas and presented with tart imli chutney! Each Gujarati family adores these lilva kachoris which are so sodden and yummy that one would doubtlessly consume their tongues attempting to eat them as quick and at the earliest opportunity! They generally help me to remember high-tea and tart tamarind chutney!


8.Dudh Pauva

The photo which is painted when somebody says DudhPauva is that of family chuckling, a full moon night, a patio and a bowl of dudhpauva. This dish is comprised of pauva (leveled rice) cooked in drain and sugar added to it. A man couldn’t request a superior setting. As children, we adored eating on the porch and having dudhpauva under the moonlight.



Nothing can beat this dish, particularly for a youthful Gujarati individual with a restricted spending plan for nourishment. Toast the buns, include stuffing comprised of potatoes and masala, include some chutney and finish it off with broiled peanuts. Seeing the dabeli wala putting oil or margarine on the tawa, simmering the dabeli in every one of those yummy chutneys lastly including peanuts, sev and garlic chutney on best! Gracious, sweet ruler! The main road sustenance that approaches this one is the Bombay vadapav.



Patra is confounding it has such a variety of layers. You take alvi leaves, blend some gram flour mixture in another bowl and utilizing your hands, apply the batter on one surface, roll the leaves into a barrel and steam them. When we were kids a large portion of us would wander around with their moms while she made these “rolls,” pondering what it is that goes along with them. All things considered, patra stays each Gujarati’s most loved dish since it comes in such a large number of various styles – dahi (curd) walapatra, fricasseed patra, vagharela (sautéed flavors) patra, bafelapatra! Yum, all yum!



An exceptional sort of stuffed roti comprised of sweet, delightful puran comprising of chana dal (the widely adored, pass on!) Remember how you consumed your tongue attempting to eat the hot, hot and sweet puran (stuffing)? Keep in mind how your mother chastened you for taking rotis from your dad’s plate? Nobody is ever prepared to give away their bit of Puranpoli, no, never.



Only bhakri can supplant bhakri. Yes, every one of us have made countenances at bhakri once in our lives, yet recollect the time when you needed to leave your dwellings? You missed home sustenance so much that lone the bhakri made by your mom would illuminate your inconveniences! There is nothing remarkable about bhakri, yet it is vital.



Dal was dependably the disdained thing on your plate, isn’t that so? Jaggerydal is your conventional dal with a turn – it is sweet (because of jaggery!) The day our moms disclosed to us that they would make gudwalidaal, all we at any point did was to dream about it! Keep in mind the fragrance of ghee, tamarind and gud that invited you home from school? This daal will dependably be exceptional, regardless.



There can never be sufficient dishes arranged utilizing mangoes. In any case, fajeto is one that is essentially compelling. The first occasion when somebody clarified the idea of fajeto, that it is a nothing but curd based kadhi comprised of mango curry; you scowled, isn’t that so? Everything vanished the second you tasted it. Goodness, how delighted would it be if mango season never gets over.


15.Methi na thepla

Methi has a place with the revolting stuff, as karela and neem. The ideal answer for hunger strings and our fits of rage, methi na thepla is the answer for everything! Be it a tragedy or only a terrible day, they are the cure to everything! Gracious, and you never stop at one thepla. Thepla with cheddar spread is especially near what paradise feels like.


16.Dal Dhokli

Those gracious days when the minor idea of getting up and living was a vocation. Everything around you discouraged you don’t and anything seemed well and good. Made by including “Dhokli” (Cut bits of gram flour and wheat flour) to the customary dal and peanuts, Dal dhokli is an astonishing dish to have on quickly, truly. It is the chicken soup each veggie lover Gujarati has. It will dependably remain unique for us.



Sukhadi or GolPapdi

It was the counter act  to all our sweet longings. It was dependably a famous most loved with schoolmates and partners alike! A basic sweet dish with an insight of sentimentality is the thing that golpapdi is.



Gujarat cherishes Uttarayan and gets ready for the celebration for very nearly a month ahead of time. At first look, you’d expect it to be like any blended vegetable yet hold up till you take the principal chomp in the wake of flying kites for quite a long time. It has every one of the vegetables in addition to muthiya (browned balls made out of methi and a blend of various flours) and it is cooked in different styles.



Handvo is each Gujarati family’s go-to farsan. A flapjack like dish comprised of gram flour and cooked till it ends up plainly fresh, Handvo tastes best with chai! Keep in mind how your companions felt that hotcakes dependably should be sweet? Indeed, you got everybody snared to handvo, isn’t that right?



This is even more a grandmother dish than whatever other. We generally spent adolescence days, particularly summer excursions, at our grandparents’ place and they thusly, constantly ensured that something sweet was served. This sweet was the highlight of our get-away. Suji, dry organic products, sugar, ghee, and drain meet up to make this stunning dish! The ideal sweet for each event.