Top 20 Bakeries In Lucknow

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Walnut Bakery

Location: Hazratganj

The Walnut Bakery is a German bakery that delivers cakes all over India. They also have an assortment of chocolates and snacks. Refreshments include Italian cuisine and Subs. It also has a small area that sells international food. Their Apple Pie and Dutch Truffle Cake are beyond delicious, and coconut cookies fly off the shelves.


Mr. Brown

Location: Aliganj, Hazratganj, and Gomti Nagar

Mr. Brown is a very popular destination and is often found crowded. It carries a range of items which even includes exotic sweets like Baklava. They offer many types of freshly baked bread, and the Sub sandwich here is delectable.


 JJ Bakers

Location: Seven branches across Lucknow.

One of the oldest baker in Lucknow, JJ Bakers has a variety of tasty muffins and pastries. They are affordable yet have not made any compromise regarding the taste. The blueberry cheesecakes and red velvet muffins are crowd pullers. Also to look out for are their fresh and flavorsome cookies. The red velvet muffin here is an all-time favorite.


La Reine

Location: Hazratganj and Gomti Nagar

This bakery doubles as a food joint. The square pizza seems to be a favorite here while fluffy doughnuts are also in excessive demand. The burgers are tasty and are in great portions. The chicken puffs too are flaky and juicy.



Location: Hazratganj, Indira Nagar, and Gomti Nagar

Pat-A-Cake has the best fruit cake in town. The bull’s eye pastry with vanilla ice cream is a show stealer. They also create masterful customized cakes as per customer’s preferences. The Lemon Cheesecake is also one of their delightful creations.


Brijwasi Bakery

Location: Aashiana and Gomti Nagar

Brijwasi Bakery has a plethora of food items, and one of their lip-smacking dishes is mushroom stuff. They have fresh puddings and even a variety of savory namkeens. Their coconut puff is flaky, nutty and sweet.


The Cherry Tree Bakery

Location: Nirala Nagar and Hazratganj

The Cherry Tree Bakery has a large number of biscuits, and they even offer gelato. Their chocolate based desserts are loaded with chocolate and delicious. Their Blueberry cheesecake is fresh, creamy and full of tart and it is highly in demand. They also make stunning fondant cakes.


Buttercup Bungalow

Location: Sadar Bazaar

Buttercup Bungalow’s colorful creation, the rainbow cake is a crowd pleaser. It has a lovely décor, and it offers a range of items that you can purchase and sit there for hours. The staff is warm and friendly. The Hot Chocolate and red velvet cookies are also worth mentioning.



Good Bakery

Location: Nishatganj

Good Bakery stocks up on a variety of imported food products and is well-known for the sale of their freshly baked bread. It is a multi-level bakery with grand displays for their products. It is a very economical bakery and offers an enormous range of other snacks. Their cookies are a massive hit with the public. The heart shaped pancakes are a treat for the eyes and for the stomach too.


Yellow Bakery

Location: Gomti Nagar

The Yellow Bakery is very famous for its patties and momos. The staff there makes you feel at home and is very friendly. They also have assorted candies and other snacks. Their cakes are chocolaty and moist.


Sweet Luscious

Location: Aashiana, Chowk, and Mahanagar

Sweet luscious is a French Bakery. It has cakes so fresh that they will melt in your mouth. They also offer cake and flowers combo. Their cookies are crispy, and their mocktails and pasta have a never-ending list of regulars.


Garden Bakery

Location: Alambagh

The Garden Bakery manages to have all eggless products on their menu. They offer fresh fondant cakes. They have a garden themed ambiance, and the place looks posh and lovely. They have a beautiful cafe adjoined to their bakery, and they serve freshly prepared products.


A-One Bakery

Location: Aashiana, Gomti Nagar, and Aliganj

A-One Bakery is a German Bakery and has a variety of items to offer. Their chocolates are creamy, dark and have an amazing texture. They use quality products to make world-class products and one of their major attractions are their doughnuts. The Baklava here is largely in demand.


Shivaaz Sweets and Bakery

Location: Indira Nagar and Gomti Nagar

They have fresh cakes, and Butterscotch cake is a show stealer. The products are all affordable, and they offer a great variety of rusks and cookies. They even have a display where the visitors can watch the baker frost, pipe and decorate cakes.


Silver Spoon

Location: Aishbagh

Silver Spoon is a massive bakery that even has an area set aside for birthday celebrations. They offer special arrangements for parties organized on their grounds. They also have a Gaming Zone to engage all visitors of different ages. They have started Home Delivery as well.


The Bakery – Aashiana

Location: Aashiana

The Bakery has an impressive list of goods available such as Danish pastries, Baked Cheesecake, Chocolate log cakes and wheat flour products. Their main attraction is the Almond Tiramisu and Custard with raisins.


Little Bunny Baker’s Hub

Location: Gomti Nagar

Little Bunny is a good place to grab a quick bite. Their Triple decker pizza is loaded with cheese and crunchy vegetables while the bread just melts in your mouth. Their Paneer Puffs are also unique and fresh. The cakes here are freshly baked, and the cream is soft and fluffy.


180 ChocoXpress

Location: Gomti Nagar

180 ChocoXpress is an affordable place that has fresh and delicious products. Their Oreo cake and walnut pie are a must-have. Their French heart cookies are light and crispy.


Apollo Bakery

Location: Hazratganj

Apollo is a small bakery with a large stature. The chocolate coated cream rolls are a hit especially amongst the school going children in the vicinity.


Burma Bakery

Location: Hazratganj

Burma is one of the oldest bakeries and is in the heart of Lucknow. They are well-known for their variety of freshly baked biscuits, and it is crowded with regular shoppers. The pineapple flavored biscuits and coconut cookies are legendary, and the cake –rusk is a unique food item.