Top 20 Best Appetisers Before A Heart-Warming Dinner


Appetizers play a role in our daily diet. Appetizers are the food items or drinks present before the actual meal. We eat it to make ourselves hungrier. There are more than 1000 appetizers around the world. Only a few of these appetizers are present in India. However, you can find the recipes for the remaining ones on Youtube. You can make your version of these dishes. Hence, let’s see the top 20 best appetizers before a heartwarming dinner. I hope you will be hungrier by the end of the article.


The list of appetizers would never start with anything else other than Pakora. There is a variety of Pakora in the world. Recently, people are creating an “Ice-cream Pakora” No matter how much coolness it gives to your ears, the idea of this Pakora still sounds weird. Another name for Pakora is Fritters.


2.Cheese Balls

Cheese balls originate from New England. The origin of Cheese Balls dates back to the 18th century. They are one of the best appetizers to have before your dinner. They provide lots of proteins and calcium and empty your stomach to fit the meal.

Cheese balls

3.Garlic Dips

Garlic dips come from the idea of Onion dips. The recipe is similar to that of Onion dips. Just swipe the Onions with Garlic. It is a Spicy, tangy appetizer. You can eat it with tomato sauce. They are easy-to-make appetizers. Hence, they take 3rd position on the list.

Garlic Dips

4.Gobi 65

You must be familiar with Manchurian, 65, Crispy, etc. They are some of the appetizers widely known these days. They are spicy, tasty, and one of the commonly present foods at parties. One cannot imagine a fair without 65. There is Gobi 65, Chicken 65, Egg 65, and Prawn 65.

Gobi 65

5.Idli Fry

No doubt Indians are giving their food a different twist every day. They make Idli Manchurian too.! However, Idli fry is a little decent idea. You can make them by stir-frying Idli in a few named Indian spices, and it is ready to serve. You can serve them before the heavy Idli meal.

Idli Fry

6.Tomato Soup

There is at least one person in the family who needs to have soup before eating a meal. They are the soup addicts of the family. Well, I am one of those. A good Manchow soup before a non veg dinner is necessary. Similarly, A good Tomato soup adds taste to the veg dinner.


7.Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are one of the healthiest appetizers. They are easy to make, simple, and delicious in their form. They can have a piece of meat or veggies combined. You can have them with simple fish sauce or other spicy sauces. It is an excellent appetizer.

Spring Rolls


We all know how great puffs are. They come in the top 20 appetizers before dinner because of their taste and puffiness. One can make them only from flour or veggies and other spices. Generally, they have tomato sauce as a side dish. You can eat them with mayonnaise too.


9.Chicken Wings

While discussing the non-vegetarian point of the top 20 Appetizers, we can talk about Chicken wings. They are spicy and healthy too. They have a lot of protein in them. Plus, considering the spices, you can get other nutrients and minerals.



I am sure you must have had a lot of Cutlets in your tiffin box. They are children’s favorite. They come in different varieties and are very tasty. Also, for mommy, they are easy to make and healthy for your children. One can put veggies that children don’t eat in a cutlet and serve them.



Do you like pasta, spaghetti before your meal? Then you will surely love to eat meatballs before the actual meal. It is an Italian tradition to serve small meatballs before the main course. This dish can give you more idea of the meal, its taste and make you hungrier.


12.Devilled Eggs

You must be familiar with this concept. Devilled Eggs are very much in trend these days. They are tasty and good-looking creatures. You can make them too. Just use some hard-boiled eggs and use your creativity. Your guest will appreciate the idea of Devilled Eggs.

Devilled Eggs

13.Pizza Rolls

Pizza Rolls are small bite-sized Pizza. They taste just as same as Pizza. But they are easier to eat. Plus, they do not fill your tummy the way Pizza does. You can make them at home and enjoy them just before your dinner. They can be veg or nonveg. For me, they are the best appetizers.

Pizza Rolls


Falafel is another trendy dish. They are mostly veg. However, some food scientists are making a non-veg version of this too. Falafel has veggies and bread to roll. They are spicy as per need. Mostly, the dish is famous in the Gulf countries. Also, people in some parts of Europe eat it.



You will love Scallops if you are eating them for a long time. They are a type of fish mostly present in Western cuisine. You can fry, bake, or add them to soups. They taste better in every dish. Plus, as an appetizer, you can try bacon-wrapped scallops.



Tikka is another name for Kebab. They are mostly smoked and barbequed. They have a unique smoky and spicy flavor. You can make Tikka from Paneer, Chicken, Potato, and other veggies. Some people even make prawn tikka. It might sound weird. But it is that delicious too.


17.Chana Chat

You will find this on the street. Finding Chana Chat on the dining table is surprising and mouth-watering too. It is a spicy, tasty, and healthy appetizer to start your meal with. Along with Chana Chat, one can have Papdi Chat, shev puri, and other street delights in small quantities.



Chili is an authentic Indo-Chinese dish. It usually has chicken or panner. One can make Cauliflower chili too. These days people make bread chili too. It is just a craze to combine every food item with the Indo-Chinese way of cooking. Furthermore, we will soon have Maggie Chili too.


19.Masala Papad

Masala Papad is my favorite appetizer. It has the crunchiness of Papad and the goodness of masala chat. They have tomato, onion, and coriander on the top. You will find Masala Papad in every restaurant you go to.



It is an after-meal dessert. But nothing comes in between when you are hungry. Pastry has another variety in the world of food. It is a light, sweet, tasty, and delicious appetizer after or before your meal. Here, we end the top 20 best appetizers. See you soon with new dishes to discuss.