Top 20 Best Lunch Box Dishes

Top 20 Best Lunch Box Dishes

The name lunch box takes back us to the memories of our school or college days, where some of our friends take our lunch box and finish our lunch before we even see what we have brought to school that day, where we share each one’s food with love and happiness, which made us spend more memories during our lunch break. Now, even the office goers carry the lunchbox to their working place. Here follow the 20 best lunch box dishes for all categories of people from school going children to office going people.

1.Bread Omelette

It can be made easily within minutes and it is also the healthy dish for all kinds of population. Beat the egg, required amount of salt, add some chat masala to add an extra flavor to the dish. Pour the mixture on the bread and toast both sides and the most energetic start of the day is ready.



Pasta is predominantly known by all children, if you keep this in your child’s lunch box, no doubt that he will eat all and you don’t need to worry about their health. If vegetables are added, required amount of chat masala, children love to eat and it is also a nutritive dish for children.


3.Tomato Rice

It can be initially made into some kind of tomato chutney, adding all types of masala powder and then cooked rice can be added to the mix. Together with onion and curd will make a best combo for Tomato rice.


4.Keerai Rice

Keerai in English means spinach. Generally, spinach are good for health and are rich in protein, iron, vitamins and minerals. They are also good for hair, skin and bone health. It can be either cooked into a chutney like or it can be made into sambar like and can be mixed with cooked rice, packed for a nutritive lunch for all people.


5.Carrot Rice

Carrots are good for eyes and are rich in vitamin A. At times, children must be given some healthy lunch along with their routine schedule. Carrots are sliced into very thin pieces, made into mix and then boiled rice is added to it. The carrot rice deliver a delicious taste for children to take a break from their routine lunch schedule.


6.Stuffed Chapathi

Chapathi has become a natural food as it is easily preparative and the gravy to this dish has so many options to be tasted. Here the Chapathi is being made and the stuff is either vegetables, paneer, or egg, grinded mutton, chicken, and they are being toasted both sides. There can be no gravy needed because the stuff itself gives a pleasant taste to the dish.


7.Curd Rice

Curd Rice remains the best for ages as it is the lunch which can be readily cooked. One should be very conscious about the curd, though it can be easily prepared, we should check for the consistency of the curd. It is an efficiently preparable lunch. It can be decorated with fruits, so that children gets attracted to the dish


8.Egg Rice

Eggs are highly rich in proteins, vitamin and minerals. Eggs are made into scramble like, onion, vegetables, if needed masala powder to it, it results in a complete lunch for everyone.


9.Tamarind Rice

Tamarind rice is kind a regular dish which can be cooked easily. It can be prepared the previous day night and can be eaten the next day afternoon, if you are on a one day trip.


10.Coconut Rice

Usually,when coconut oil is used for cooking,when tried gives a different taste. Coconut is scraped into small pieces and it is cooked into a mix. Following this,boiled rice is added into the mix and it is stirred well. Coconuts are good for health as they are rich in fibre, iron, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.


11.Lemon Rice

Lemon Rice is also an easily preparative dish, lemon juice is extracted and made into a mix, then boiled rice is added to the mix and it is stirred well until it is mixed properly. Potato fry along with lemon rice is an unbeatable combo.


12.Veg Pulav

This is a dish which can give children a break from their routine lunch. It is also a nutritive lunch since so many vegetables are added and it is made spicy, so that children love to eat it without any difficulty.


13.Sambar Rice

The typical sambar is made adding any kind of vegetable to the sambhar. Followed by this rice is added to it, mixed well and packed into the lunch box. Sambar rice with appalam is a best combo for everyone to have a try on it.


14.Chapati Roll

Chapati roll is a dish which can be made effortlessly, chapati is made and the stuff inside either can be greens or egg, chicken, mutton. It is rolled neatly as if the vegetables are placed inside.


15.Mint Rice

Mint is being chopped and made into a fine paste, then it is being mixed with the rice for a healthy lunch. It serves as a best nutritive and tasty lunch and dinner for all kinds of people at home. Now, it can be easily prepared in minutes as the instant mix is available in markets.


16.Curry leaves Rice

We know the importance of green leaves as it is available everywhere and also play a significant role in our human diet. The curry leaves are finely chopped and either made into a powder or into a mix. Boiled rice is mixed with the curry leaves mix and stirred well. Curry leave are good for hair growth.


17.Mango Rice

Mango is a seasonal fruit which is available during the months of April and May. Mango is being scraped into fine pieces and made into a mix. Then, cooked rice is added it, mixing well resulting in a delicious lunch.


18.Chapathi Gravy

If you are on a busy day, make sure you do chapathi. The gravy might be as simple frying onion and tomato with little amount of chilli powder is an impressive lunch of the day.


19.Bread Jam

Bread jam is the dish which can be efficiently prepared by everyone. If your child is sick, this can be served as their lunch, where they can have it at least bread and jam rather being in empty stomach.


20.Fried Rice

It can be prepared for giving children and working people a break from their routine lunch. Boiled rice, egg, vegetables and required amount of salt will obviously end in a satisfying lunch for everyone who tries it.