Top 20 Cozy Cafes Of Indore For A Rainy Day

Top 20 Cozy Cafes Of Indore For A Rainy Day

Indore is rightly called “the food capital” of India. The food culture of Indore is proof of the fascination for street food, luxurious restaurants, themed cafes with exclusive interiors, and several International cuisines to cater to your taste buds. There are a good number of emerging restaurants topping the booming cafe scene of the city. The culinary heritage of the city carries a rich influence from the food cultures of the neighboring states. The residents of the city are extremely passionate about food. The innovation infused in the diverse variety of dishes exemplifies the blend of love and pride. If you wish to tantalize your taste buds on a rainy day with your group of friends or your special ones, these cafes and restaurants will not disappoint you at all. Here are the top 20 cafes in Indore that are perfect for a rainy day retreat:

1.Chai Kaapi

Chai Kaapi is mainly known for its street food and fast food items. The cozy ambiance is ideal for your rainy-day retreat. From savory quick bites to combos and mini meals, from assorted tea varieties to samosas, Chai Kaapi has many options to cater to your rainy-day cravings.

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A Choco Latte, Chocolate Avalanche, Kit Kat Shake, Sizzlers, Thin Crust Pizza, Coffee, or Continental Snacks would be an absolute delight on a rainy evening. This restaurant is known for its subtle ambiance and diverse menu.

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3.Mitti Cafè

This eatery has many vegetarian, keto, gluten-free, and vegan options. Its work-friendly setup has free Wi-Fi, with facilities for sitting and reading. Fresh ingredients are used to cook the dishes. It has some tempting dishes for a rainy afternoon, like wraps, pav bhaji, crispy corn, juices, chai, and hot chocolate.

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4.The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room has several variants of brewing hot coffee and some exclusive tea variants, like detox tea, English breakfast, and Jasmine tea. The frozen coffee and hot chocolate are also quite delicious and available at pocket-friendly prices. The Choctails would be delighted to satiate your food-enthusiastic soul on a rainy day.

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5.Café Terazza

The beautiful view, outdoor seating with a spectacular view, and the comfortable ambiance make it a must-visit cafe. You will relish the crispy chicken, honey chili potatoes, lasagna, pasta, Alfredo pasta, and nachos. Rainy days call in for fried and spicy expeditions. Their elaborate menu has many options to give you a fulfilling snacking experience.

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6.Mr. Beans

Whether you are craving some Mocachino or Irish coffee or some simple Detox Juice, Tiramisu, Spaghetti, Kit Kat Shake, Iced Tea, or Hot Chocolate, this cafe is a must-visit place. They have several refreshing beverages, apart from the diverse food menu. From fat breads and toasties to nutritious salads, from delicious entrees to creamy pasta, from the meat feasts to the desserts, this restaurant has every possible option to treat you on a rainy weekend.

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7.Indian Coffee House

This well-known name is a perfect place for Filter Coffee and delicious Omelettes.

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8.Tea And Shakes

This humble place is good for its exotic teas and mouth-watering sandwiches.

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9.Cafe Brew Stories

The budget-friendly preparations include different varieties of fast food and street food options. Their shakes and beverages are also delicious.

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10.Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day is known for its delectable coffee and snack options. Their Cafe Americano and filter coffee are the best sellers, and their menu has many vegan options.

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11.Krispy Bites

This humble restaurant has delivery options also. The service and the quality of food are commendable. They have delicious momos, rolls, Chinese delicacies, North Indian dishes, and street food on the menu.

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12.Cafe Chapter One

This cafe has a bookshelf and facilities for sitting and read. It’s perfect for you to enjoy some quiet me-time on a rainy day. Their unique attractions are Hazelnut Frappe, Lasagna, Tea, and Pizzas.

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13.The Copper Kettle

It is a soothing place ideal for date evenings. The overall aesthetic appeal makes this restaurant Instagrammable. The menu has several cuisines from across the world.

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14.Tea Diaries Cafe

This cafe has a small, cozy seating. The food is savory and is available at budget-friendly prices.

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15.Tea Post

Enjoy the tea varieties and Maggi on a rainy or cloudy evening with your friends and family. Tea Post is the perfect place to spend a lazy, rainy evening.

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16.Tafree Café Terrace

The coffee and quick bites of this cafe are popular.

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17.The Habit Coffee Lounge

This cafe has purely vegetarian dishes along with some savory snacking options. It is chiefly known for its shakes, sandwiches, and fast food. Among the other snacks available here, the peri-peri fries, the pizza pockets, and the cheese nachos are a must-try.

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18.Cafe YOLO

The Coffee, Sandwiches, Beverages, North Indian food, Chinese cuisines, Pizza, Pasta, and fast food options available here will certainly give you a satiating experience.

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19.Eyry Café

The comfortable setting, with facilities for outdoor seating and a co-working space, makes it an ideal place to enjoy your meal amidst a peaceful environment. The cafe has several Italian and Mexican cuisines, desserts, refreshing beverages, and fast food options.

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20.Nakhrali Dhani

Nakhrali Dhani Resort is an excellent choice for a weekend getaway with your family and loved ones. This resort offers free Wi-Fi to the guests, and the rooms have good amenities to enhance your experience. The resort has many facilities to entertain you. You can spend a perfect weekend with your loved ones, witnessing folk dance, and puppet shows, and enjoying the sports activities. This resort has a Rajasthani theme. It is maintained well. The authentic Rajasthani cuisine on the outskirts makes your stay at this resort an enjoyable experience.

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