Top 20 Famous Dishes of Aggarwal Canteen



Flavor Pani Puri

The only canteen which serves the flavor Pani Puri. The pani is made in different ways like of different flavors. The famous street food is given the tadka of flavor. Many flavors are available like curry, meetha, jeera, adrak, lessen, etc. The pani puri is already tasty, and this is the twist added up on it. The flavored pani puri is loved by the students residing there in the campus of Banasthali.


Hot Garlic Cheese Pasta

The classy dish with a classy name. The Chinese sophisticated dish is Hot Garlic Cheese Pasta. The trendy dish of Banasthali is getting popular day by day. The dish is made up of the ingredients like raw pasta, ginger garlic paste, cheese and cream. The dish is baked in the micro wave and served hot.



The Veg Manchurian is very common and popular item. The Manchurian is the combination of taste and health because the Manchurian balls are made up of the different veggies. The balls are deep fried and dipped in the Chinese sauces. Then it is served hot with the fresh salad.


Chole Bature

Chole Bathure is the Indian Cuisine dish which is made up of two things that is chole and bature. Bature is Indian bread (made using maida) which is deep fried in the olive oil. The chole is made in the gravy, and it is served with the salad and lemon. The dish is the speciality of the Aggarwal canteen.


Veg Kothe

Veg. Kothe is the popular dish in Banasthali. The ball which is known as kothe is made up of the veggies and then the balls are dipped in the special gravy. The dish is very healthy and loved by the girls.



Momos is the Chinese dish which is very popular in India and so in Banasthali. The dish is steamed in the special sancha. The dish is served hot with two types of chutney; one is red which is purely made up of red chillies and the another one is white sauce which is a bit sweet to balance the taste of the dish.



The another dear dish which is very popular of this canteen. The dish is Chinese dish which is made up of the ingredients like some veggie that are cabbage, cauliflower, onion, capsicum and Chinese sauces. The dish is made specially in this canteen.



The Burger is the dish which is very popular in the Banasthali. Every where the cheese Burger is popular but in the Aggarwal canteen the simple veg. burger is very famous. That is why girls love the veg. burger of this canteen.


Onion Pizza

Now a days the pizza is becoming popular. The youth these days love this type of food. The special onion pizza is made up of the ingredients like the pizza base, some veggies and lots of onion around. The dish is loved by the onion lovers. Then it is baked and served hot with the tomato ketch-up.


Capsicum Pizza

The Capsicum lovers love the dish. The pizza is normally prepared  but the difference is that, in this pizza lots of capsicum is added to give it a unique flavor.


Paneer Tikka

Paneer means the cottage cheese is the sophisticated dish. And all the dishes made up of Paneer is liked by most of the people. The paneer tikka is one of them. The dish is made up of the sticks or the tooth picks. The ingredients which are used in the item are Paneer, capsicum, onion and tomatoes. Special masalas are added to it to make it tastier. The dish is served hot after deep frying it with the ketch-up.



Patties is the famous street food which is becoming popular day by day. It is the type of dish which is made up of the maida and then it is baked with different stuffing. The patties are available in two or three different fillings that are Chinese patties, Palak Paneer patties, Chilli Paneer patties, Aloo patties.


Chola Kulcha

Chola Kulcha is the dish which is very common in Banasthali’s canteen. The dish is made up of two things that are chole ki sabzi with gravy, and the another thing is kulche which is an Indian bread made up of maida. The kulcha is made or brought readymade and served with the slice of butter up on it.


Veg. Biryani

The Veg. Biryani is a type of pulao which is made up with the special Basmati rice. The dish also consists of the seasonable veggies. The vegetables are done crispy and crunchy. The veg. biryani is made with the special garam masala which is very popular in India. Then, the biryani is served with the different types of chutney or achar or the papad.


Ice Cream

Ice Cream is the favorite thing that girls can eat. The dish or the item is loved by all. Ice cream is served chilled in a plate, and the different flavor of scoops are served with the garnishing of dry fruit. The ice cream is very tempting and everyone wants to eat it.


Hakka Noodles

The Hakka Noodles is the another Chinese dish which is very popular in the Banasthali. The dish is special because in this the noodles are made crispy and crunchy. Then the sauces are added to it. Then it is served hot with the different types of ketch-up.


Paneer Dosa

Dosa is very common dish which is originated from South India. The Aggarwal canteen serves the simple Dosa with a twist, and the twist is that the filling is done by Paneer. The creamy and the cheese Paneer is filled in to make it tempting.


Puri Achar

The Puri Achar is the dish which reminds us of our home. The dish is made only by the this canteen to make the students feel that they are at home. The dish is made instantly, and puri is made up of the wheat flour, and it is served with the achar.


Chocolate Shake

The awesome chocolate shake is made up by Aggarwal canteen. The shake is made of the ingredients like chocolate ice cream, cocoa powder and milk. All the ingredients are mixed and served with the ice cubes. The special chocolate shake is served by this canteen.



Pastries in the type of different cakes which are available in the small pieces. The Aggarwal canteen is very popular for the pastries. The pastries are available in many flavors like strawberry, pineapple, vanilla, butterscotch, etc. The pastries are served chilled. The pastries are very delicious and mouth watering.