Top 20 Dishes Famous In Bundelkhand


1. Indoori Namkeen

Different types of Namkeen are famous in Bundelkhand. And the Indoori Namkeen is the mixture of all the Namkeen. All the Namkeen which is made up of many different and also includes nuts or peanuts into it. The different Namkeen are mixed and special Namkeen is prepared which is famous by the name of Indoori Namkeen.




As we know that the Kachori s very popular in India and it is originated from Bundelkhand. The special big Kachori is served like Kachori Chaat which is made up of potato and pulses. The Kachori is presented in the way that no one can resist eating it. The Kachori is done crispy by adding Eno or Baking Powder in it.



Bhute Ka Khees

The famous Madhya Pradesh dish which is popular in Bundelkhand is Bhutte Ka Khees. The Bhutte Ka Khees is prepared by the Bhute which is Corn. The main course sabzi is prepared with the corn by adding many desi flavors and served in breakfast. The Bhutte Ka Khees dish also contain lots of protein and minerals.




The heart of Bundelkhand is Poha. The favorite nashtha means breakfast is poha with the combination of jalebi. The poha is made on the steam so that it can be spongy and soft. The poha is available 24/7 in Bundelkanad. And the early 4 A.M. morning venders are always ready with their poha stalls.



Dal Bafle

Dal Bafle is full flashed thali which is served in Bundelkhand. Dal is normal tadka dal and the bafle is like ball and some masala stuffed in it. The dish is somewhat like dal batti. The bafle is stuffed with lots of desi ghee and gives the taste of pure Bundelkhand flavor.




The Jalebi is the sweetest desert which is very much popular in Bundelkhand. The jalebi is available on every occasion whether it is Shaadi or birthday party. You find jalebi everywhere. The jalebi is loved by all children as well as adult.




Kurma is the sabji which is like mix vegetables. All the seasonable vegetables are added in one dish to make it colorful. The dish is made by the special way in Bundelkhand. The dish is served with both chawal or roti according to the texture.




The Shrikhand is another dessert which is eaten all over India, but made in Bundelkhand in large amount. The Shrikhand is prepared by yogurt and sugar. The new way of making Shrikhand is to add different fruit pulp into it to give it a beautiful texture. The pulp’s which are generally added are mango, strawberry, etc. Then the Shrikhand is served chilled.



Kopra Pak

This is another dessert which is very popular in Bundelkhand. The Kopra Pak is the dessert which is also known as nariyal barfi. The barfi is made up of fresh coconut, mava, milk and sugar. The dish is bit tricky and very tasty.




Another dessert which is known as the pride of Bundelkhand. The Malpua is made up of the ingredients like maida, sugar and kesar. The malpuas are generally prepared in the festive season. The dish is served at both like room temperature or hot with the garnishing of dry fruits.



Dal Fry Laddu

Laddu is the dessert which is the heart of all Indians. The Dry Fruit Laddu is the dish made in winters because dry fruits provide warmth to the body. The dish is made up of the ingredients like gur, dry fruits, etc. Then the laddu is made and served at room temperature. The laddu can be preserved for many days in air tight container.


12. Gaund Ke Laddu

Gaund Ke Laddu is basically made for the ladies who are pregnant. But the laddu’s are eaten by all. The main ingredient of the laddu is gaund which is available in the market easily. The laddu is usually prepared at the time of winter season. And laddu can be preserved also.



Palak Saag

The Palak Saag is the main course dish which is very popular in Bundelkhand. The dish is served with roti or jeera chawal. The sabzi is made with the main ingredient which is palak and the chana dal is added into it. The palak saag is also the winter’s dish and palak is very important element for the human body. That is why this palak saag is tasty as well as healthy.




Gajak again is a sweet dish which is served in the festive season in Bundelkhand. The dish is available in the market easily at the time of festivals. The gajak is just like sweet snack which is loved by all. The gajak is generally served to the guests who arrives suddenly. The high amount of gur is added in the dish to make it crispy.



Aloo Bhaji

The main course dish which is served with puri or butter roti. Generally in other states the aloo bhaji is spicy and masaledar. But the aloo bhaji in Bundelkhand is different. Some amount of sugar is added to the bhaji to give it a unique flavor. Then the bhaji is served hot.



Mirchi Ka Salan

Mirchi Ka Salan is the type of curry in which the full Mirchi is used to cook. The dish is served with roti as well as jeera rice. The main ingredient of the dish is big Mirchi which is not that much theeki. Then the gravy is made with that stuff. This dish can be eaten in all weathers the person likes theekha or not.



Malai Kofta

The main course dish which is sarva gud sampana. The texture, the taste and the color of the dish is perfect for making the day good. The kofta is prepared by the mashed potato and the paneer and dry fruits are stuffed into it and then deep fried. The gravy of onion is made and the balls are dipped into it. The dish is served with the garnishing of malai that is cream to give it creamy texture.



Bundi Raita

Bundi Raita is a side dish which is served with lunch mostly. The bundi is made or can be brought from the market. And the texture of the curd is done thin and red chilli powder and salt is added in the curd. Then the proper amount of bundi is added and served chilled.



Veg. Kebab

When we talk about Kabab we think it is a Non- Vegetarian dish. But in Bundelkhand the veg. Kababs are prepared by chana dal and potato. Then proper shape is given to the material which is prepared to make it. Then they are deep-fried and served hot in the winter season. It gives the feeling of heaven.




Kheer is a famous dessert of India and in Bundelkhand it is made in many different ways like the main ingredients of the kheer is of different types. Sometimes the main ingredient is chawal, sabudana, chana, etc. The dish is prepared on the day of festivals or any occasions.