20 Varieties Of Rice Dishes You Will Be Tempted To Try

20 Varieties Of Rice Dishes You Will Be Tempted To Try


Sindhi Biryani

Originating from the Sindh province in Pakistan, this exceptional meat and rice dish is the best for your pet puja. It is spicier as compared to normal biryani. It is one of the most highly consumed dishes in both Pakistan and India. Divided by borders, united by food!


Matar Pulao

Pulao comes from the word Pilaf which refers to a famous rice dish in the Middle East. This simple dish is made with rice and peas, and can be eaten by itself or as a side dish with a chicken gravy, or even barbeque!



Fried Rice

Fried Rice is a dish that comes all the way from China and has made its place in the hearts of so many Indians that it has now become a common street food here as well. It is a simple dish in which rice is first steamed and then stir fried in a wok. This dish can experiment with using other ingredients like meat, vegetables, etc. This dish works perfectly well all by itself.


Singaporean Rice

This unique Rice Dish is a winner among adults as well as children. It not only includes Rice but includes pasta as well! And is topped with a delicious chicken gravy to leave your taste buds tingling.



Khichdi or Khichri is a famous dish among all Indian households. It is a simple dish involving rice and lentils and can be cooked on various consistencies. It is also one of the first solid foods that babies are made to eat in India. You could also call it satisfaction in a bowl!



Tehri or Tahri is a simple rice dish that is yellow in colour and originates from the Awadhi cuisine. A combination of spices mixed with plain rice gives it a yellow colour and the spicy taste. In North India, this dish is often topped with potatoes.


Thayer Sadam

Thayer Sadam is a popular dish that originates from Tamil Nadu and is commonly known as Curd Rice.  Since Rice is the staple diet food in South India, this dish is highly loved there.



Too much savoury? Here is something different for a change – a sweet rice dish! This exquisite rice pudding originates from the Indian subcontinent and contains cardamom and various dry fruits for that special flavour. It is also known as phirni and is made at many functions and occasions to celebrate joy and happiness!


Kashmiri Chicken Pulao

This aromatic Chicken Pulao bursting with Kashmiri spices is one of the most divine delicacies one could devour. Tender Chicken, cooked Rice and a dollop of desi ghee- and you are good to go!


Jeera Rice

Zeera Rice or Jeera Rice works perfectly well as an everyday Rice dish. It is fairly popular in North India and is a simple, delicate combination of Rice and Cumin Seeds cooked together. It works as a side dish perfectly with everything, be it a meat gravy, vegetables or even lentils!


Veg Pulao

This whole-hearted, healthy one pot dish is as healthy as it is simple to make. This mildly flavoured rice mixed with any assortment of vegetables you like is one of the most nutritious meals out there and works perfectly well for fussy eaters!


Hawaiian Wiki Rice

“Wiki” in Hawaiian translates to fast and that is the best description for this dish because that is how fast you can make it- in just 25 minutes! It is like the international equivalent of the Veg Pulao- Rice with a lot of hearty vegetables!



This is a famous Rice dish that originates from the Middle East and the name literally translates to “upside down” because it is served in that manner. It includes Rice, Meat and fried Vegetables that are cooked in a pot.


Layered Rice

This colourful and appealing Rice dish is highly satisfying. A base of Rice and vegetables is topped with a layer of meat gravy which in turn is topped by a layer of potatoes.


Spinach Pulao

Green is clean! This recipe is the perfect example of that. Spinach and Rice cooked together are the perfect whole meal to kill your hunger and cravings.


Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani as you can tell from the name originated from a province called Telangana in Hyderabad. Basmati rice, chicken, yoghurt and spices are required to cook up this delicacy. Garnishing is done using fried onions and coriander. This Biryani is different from other Biryanis as it is quite well known for its spicy flavours that will tingle your taste buds.


Fish & Rice

What good is food talk if some seafood isn’t involved? This Fish and boiled Rice are a simple yet luxurious meal. You can always spice up things by alternating between fried Fish and Fish gravy and also by using different herbs and spices to marinate/cook your Fish in!



This Rice dish originated from Northern Italy and is one of the most famous and commonly eaten rice dishes there. It is basically just Rice being cooked in broth derived from meat or vegetables. The Rice is cooked to a creamy consistency. It is an appetiser or a first-course dish that is often served before the main course. Mushrooms, Chicken, etc can be added to this dish to intensify the flavour.


Bean & Rice Salad

Kidney beans, black beans, corn, onion, green pepper, jalapeno peppers and Brown Rice all tossed together in a big bowl topped with some lemon juice just sounds so appetizing my mouth is already watering! This scrumptious and nutritious salad will make you forget all the junk food you love!



Chicken & Rice Soup

One of the most healthy and nutritious meals in the food world, this Soup can be eaten as an appetiser, as well as the main course because it is filled to the brim with the yummy goodness of an amazing combination – shredded Chicken, steamed Vegetables and Rice! This also works really well as a comfort food for the days when you feel sick.