20 Mouth Watering Dishes of Fun and Flolic Canteen of Banasthali

20 Mouth Watering Dishes of Fun and Flolic Canteen of Banasthali


Fried Rice

Fried Rice is a type of veg. biryani which is very popular of Fun and Flolic canteen. This is one of the special dishes which they make. The dish is made up of the ingredients like paneer, onion, tomatoes, and many more seasonal veggies. The dish is generally served with chilli paneer or chilli mushroom.


Chilly Dry Paneer

In Banasthali at every canteen the chilli paneer is famous, but at Fun and Flolic the Dry Chilli Paneer is more famous. It does not contain any type of gravy or wet masalas. It is dried while cooking. It is made up of the ingredients like cottage cheese, onion, capsicum and some more veggies. The dish is very popular among the students.



Chilly Mushroom

Chilly Mushroom is also a famed recipe of this canteen. It is again a Chinese dish which is very popular in India so in Banasthali. The dish is made up of the same ingredients like the chilli paneer. Only the difference is that instead of paneer here the mushroom is coated with the corn flour and deep fried. Then it is mixed with the veggies and served hot with fried rice.


Masala Dosa

The Masala Dosa is the very special dish of this canteen. The dish is served in a special way. The size of the dosa is very big. It is full family pack dosa. The dish is eaten by five people, and in one dosa they all can eat tummy full. The dish is served hot with sambhar and two types of chutney; one is red which is made up of gaazar and the other one is white which is made up of the coconut and coconut milk.


Special Thali

Special Thali is a trendy dish of this canteen. In Banasthali, the thali is only served by the Fun and Flolic canteen. The thali is made up of the dishes like paneer ki sabzi, aloo ki sabzi, two parathas and dahi. The dish also consists of the salad. The thali is very tasty and affordable for the students. It is generally eaten at lunch time.


Mini Meal

Mini Meal is another type of thali. When a person is not that mush hungry, then he/she must try the mini meal of this canteen. The mini meal consists of one sabzi, dahi, salad and two parathas. The sabzi is the costumer’s choice. The canteen provides the two choices one is the paneer ki sabzi, and the another one is aloo ki sabzi.


Mixed Ice Cream

The newly added dish in the menu of Fun and Flolic canteen. The dish is Mixed Ice Cream. The sasti sundar and yummy ice creams are available at the canteen. The most popular ice cream among all is the mixed ice cream. It is made up of different types or the different flavors of ice cream scoops. Then it is served with the saunf and cherries. The ice cream is affordable by the students. The dish is also known as Ice Cream Galaxy.


Pani Puri

The most legendary Pani Puri we can say. The most sold item of this particular canteen is Pani Puri. Girls love pani puri but the pani puri of F n F canteen is made in such a way that the girls are mad at it. The person is familiar with all the students and also know the taste there. The last pani puri, is made sukhi which is loved by all. It is given without water only it is served with khatee meethi chutney.


Khasta Chaat

The another dish of the Fun and Flolic stole is Khasta Chaat. The special stall of chaat which is popularly known as chaat centre of Banasthali serves awesome khasta chaat.


Aloo Tikki

The Fun and Flolic canteen is famous for the chat-pat dishes. The chat of this canteen is famous in the whole Banasthali. The aloo tikki is made very special. The speciality of the canteen is aloo tikki. It is made up of the aloo bun and different type of chutneys. Then it is served hot with sev namkeen.


Cheese Burger

Cheese Burger is the famous junk food which is loved by the youth these days. The food is instant and liked by all. The cheese burger is made up of the ingredients like veggies, cheese and the burger bun. The cheese burger of Fun and Flolic canteen is so awesome.


Cheese Sandwich

The Cheese is the thing which is dear to all. The cheese lovers are there here and everywhere so the situation is same in Banasthali. The cheese sandwiches are dear to all. It is made up of the ingredients like the bread, some crunchy veggies and the creamy cheese. Then the sandwich is grilled in the oven and served hot with the ketch-up.


Hakka Noodles

Another famous Chinese dish is Hakka Noodles which is served by the canteen Fun and Flolic. The noodles are not made up with the tej and thikha masala. The important thing is that the noodles are done crispy with low fat masala that is why it is liked by all.


Cheese Maggie

Cheese is loved by all in the whole world. And the Maggie is also liked by all. If the combination of two comes in one then the dish becomes really hit. Maggie is made up with all the same ingredients and the twist of cheese is given to it to make it more tempting. The sprinkled cheese invites the costumers.


Cheese Masala Dosa

Cheese Masala Dosa is a simple dosa which is made normally but the twist with the stuffing is that it includes cheese which makes the dosa very yummy. The melted cheese also melts in your mouth. The dish is really mouth-watering.


Falahari Dosa

Falahari Dosa is the special recipe which is available at the Fun and Flolic canteen. The special dosa is made up of the special flour which is eaten on the days of fast. The dosa is really tasty and awesome. The girls on there fasting days eat this dosa and feel like they are at their home.


Aloo Paratha

Every one love Aloo Paratha so do the girls of Banasthali do. The aloo paratha is very sort and yummy of the F and F canteen. The dish is served hot with the dahi and achar. The paratha is all about the stuffed aloo. The masaledaar aloo is made and stuffed in the paratha.


Mix Paratha

The Mix Paratha of the F and F canteen is very good. It reminds us of the mummy ke hath ka khaana. The dish is very yummy and it is served hot with the dahi and the mix achar. The stuffing of the mix paratha is made up of the mix veggies like aloo, paneer, onion, etc. The paratha is very healthy as well.


Kathi Roll

The Kathi Roll of this canteen is the only dish which is eaten between the college breaks by the students. The dish is instant and affordable. The dish is made up of the maida roll and the stuffing is of chilli paneer The dish is of Rs. 50 and eaten by all in Banasthali. The order is given instantly.

20. Meetha Paan

It is also the new dish of this canteen. The meetha paan is very popular in India so in Banasthali the small India where there are the students of each and every state love to eat paan after their dinner. The paan is available in many flavors like chocolate, strawberry, etc. while hanging out with friends the students love to eat it.