Top 20 Festive Foods In Telangana


1. Sakinalu

The Sakinalu is a tasty festive snack, specially prepared during sakranti festival. It is a mouth-watering snack made of rice flour and   deep fried in oil. It is mainly prepared in the region of northern Telangana. It is a regional food of Telangana. There are two types of sakinalu one is plain sakinalum ade without chili paste and second one is karam sakinalu which is made with red chili paste.


2. Bobatlu

Bobatlu is a regional sweet in Telangana prepared especially on ugadi festival along with ugadi pachadi. It is made of Chana dal, sugar or jaggery, cardamom powder and water. It would be a treat for the sweet lovers. It is also called puran poli in Maharashtra.


3. Undarala payasam

Undarala paisam is unique sweet specially prepared on vinayaaka chaturdhi. It is said that it is a favorite sweet of Ganesh, so it is prepared on vinayaka chaturdhi. It is made of rice flour and Chana dal. It is also called thippi kudumulu.

undarala payasm

4. Haleem

Haleem is snack food specially prepared during the Ramzan month. It is a delicious festive food in Hyderabad. It is a special staple food famous throughout the world in the holy month of Ramzan. It is dish made of wheat, barley, meat, lentils and spices.


5. Tamarind rice

Tamarind rice is a festive food all over south India. It is prepared on every festival. This is a traditional south Indian Tamil dish. It is made of rice, spices and tamarind when the taste of tamarind blends with spices it gives a refreshing flavor. It is also called  chintapandu pullihara in Telangana.


6. Pumpkin kheer

It is a north Indian desert specially prepared on Navratri festival. It is not only delicious but also nutritious. It is also called kaddhu ka kheer. The main ingredients are sugar, pumpkin and dry fruits. It is prepared during Ramzan season.


7. Kobbara saddi (coconut rice)

It is a simple, delicious and festival food prepared during bathukama festival. It is made of coconut and rice. The method is very simple, it is not only tasty but also nutritious in value.


8. Double ka meeta

Double ka meetha is a famous desert in Telangana, it is prepared during Ramzan season. It is made by bread, milk, spices, including saffron and cardamom. The roots of this dish came from Mughlai cuisine. It is a festive food for Muslims in Hyderabad.


9. Sheer kurma

Sheera kurma is breakfast desert which is prepared by Muslims on Eid day. It is famous festive food in Hyderabad. It is served in the morning for everyone. It is made off milk, sugar and dry fruits. It will be delight for the  sweet lovers.


10. Chakar Pongali

It is also called as sweet pongali. It is prepared during Navratri festival. It is offered to god as naivedyam. It is a famous dish in south India. It is prepared on special occasions. It is made of rice, moong dal and jaggery.


11. Talakaya curry

Bonalu is a regional festival, on that day where the goat would be cut and every part distributed among the families and curries are made out of that each part, the curry made out of head is talakaya curry. Talakaya curry is spicy curry, which is most important dish on bonalu.


12. Gulab jamun

It is a famous dessert in India prepared during Diwali festival. It is made of milk powder, sugar and deep fried in the oil. On Diwali different types of sweets are prepared and offered to the laxmi devi and after that distributed among the families.


13. Ariselu

Ariselu is a traditional festive food in Telangana prepared during sakranti. Ariselu is a famous south Indian sweet which prepared on festivals. Ariselu looks like round thick layer which topped with sesame seeds. It is also called as Nethi ariselu. It is made of jaggery, rice and sesame seeds.


14. Poornam Boorelu

It is a delicious sweet prepared during varalaxmi vratham and navratri in Telangana. It is also called sukhiyan, suyam and suziyan in of other states of south. It is made off jiggery and dal. In most of festive sweets jaggery is main ingredient. It is offered to god as naivedyam .


15. Maleeda

It is a mouthwatering dessert prepared during bathukama. It is delicious and very simple to prepare. It is famous in Telangana, especially on bathukama festival. It is made out of wheat flour, jaggery and elaichi. The flavor of elaichi changes the taste of the sweet completely, when the whole ingredients are grinded.


16. Karjam

It is a delicious and tasty curry prepared during bonalu festival. Bonalu is a regional festival of Telangana, on that day chicken would be cut and offered to god, and the curry which is prepared with chicken liver is karjam. It is prepared not only on festivals but also for weddings also.


17. Boti

Boti is a festive food of Telangana, which is prepared during Bonalu festival. It is a spicy curry made of goat. It is famous dish in Telangana. During bonalu the goat would be cut and offered to god and after that goat is distributed among the families. The curry made of goat intestines is Boti curry.


18. Nuvula laddu

It is a delicious sweet prepared during sakranti festival. sakranti festival is auspicious  for Andhra people, on sakranti most of food items are prepared by sesame seeds. Nuvula ladu is made of jaggery and sesame seeds. It is not only tasty but also nutritious in value.


19. Dhadhojanam

Dhadhojanam is a spicy curd rice especially prepared on Bathukama festival. It is very simple to prepare and also delicious. It is made of spices, rice and curd. This spicy curd rice is a famous festive food in telangana and Andhra.


20. Murukulu

It is a traditional and tasty snack in telangana prepared during sakranti festival. murkulu, janthikalu and sakinalu are the festive foods in Telangana. It is made of rice flours, gram flour. It is a deep fried item especially made on festivals.