Top 20 Food For Smooth Period Days


Periods might sound like an easygoing word. However, it is not as normal as you imagine. They can give you the most dreadful times of your life. They can be a little shaming too. Nevertheless, we are moving into an open world. The generation today is fortunate enough to have talked about periods openly. People do not hesitate to talk about periods and consider them as a regular human system. That’s a real good news to know. Furthermore, some girls might fall low in the knowledge of periods. They might be a little confused at the beginning. Henceforth, this article will stand helpful for such girls. We are discussing the top 20 foods for smooth periods.

1. Water

Water should be number one in the top 20 foods for smooth periods.  Basically, Water provides a lot of energy and hydration to the body. The weakness because of constant blood loss is fillable because of Water. Keeping the body hydrated with a good amount and Clean Water is a big responsibility for people.

2. Ginger

Muscle pain during periods is regular. If you face the problem of muscle pain, start consuming Ginger. You can take it either raw or with tea and other drinks. Ginger has unique inflammatory properties that help to soothe muscle pain during periods.

3. Dark Chocolate

No doubt you must be eating a lot of chocolate during periods. During periods people crave something sweet. Dark chocolate can be a rather good and healthy option. It has soothing and relaxing properties. Dark chocolate can help you calm down during your periods.

4. Quinoa

Quinoa is a stomach-filling breakfast. It will help you fill your stomach in a healthy way and provide comfort during periods. For working ladies, Quinoa is a great option to start the day. Quinoa is a tasty and healthy food item to keep you up for a busy day.

5. Yogurt

Yogurt is a secret bacteria killer during periods. Many ladies consume flavored Yogurt at night during periods. It fills their stomach, provides a refreshment, relaxes, and refreshes them. Yogurt helps maintain the bacterial balance in the Vagina.

6. Spinach

Green leafy vegetables are good for smooth periods. They have a lot of fiber and other nutrients that help you deal with the pain during the period. There are chances that you don’t like to eat regular boiled or other spinach dishes. Hence, you can pamper yourself with some great and tasty spinach dishes during your periods.

7. Fish

Fish should be present in the top 20 foods for smooth periods. Fish has Omega 3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, our bodies cannot make this acid. During periods we require it to withstand the weakness. Hence, include a lot of Fish in your diet during periods.

8. Nuts

Many ladies eat peanuts with Jaggery during periods. Try to include other Nuts in this diet plan. Nuts have iron which will help you reduce muscle pain naturally. Henceforth, you don’t have to take painkillers for it.

9. Millets

Traditional, elderly people served girls Millet during their periods. These servings ensured a smooth period without much pain. They provide girls with the required iron and other nutrients. Millets fill their stomach without having any side effects. Millets are good food during periods.

10. Milk And Milk Products

Do you eat lots of ice cream during periods? Start eating more of it. Ice cream and other milk products will fulfill the calcium gap during periods. Calcium helps with reducing pain and brings energy the whole day. Milk products like Paneer, cheese, Milkshakes, and ice creams are good period food.

11. Jaggery

Eating sweets during periods is essential. Try replacing the regular chocolate with Jaggery. Jaggery has rich iron content. Iron will ensure smooth blood and oxygen transportation throughout the body. Hence, start including Jaggery in your period foods list.

12. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are becoming popular these days. Fitness freaks and regular routine people add Chia seeds to their diets. Everyone is adding Chia seeds to their water bottles. It is the best nourishing food item. Also, it is entirely natural and has no side effects. Also, during periods it will energize you to face the day.

13. Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is good to consume during periods. Taking Turmeric milk with make you stronger. It has an excellent antioxidant property that deals with many harmful bacteria. Furthermore, it keeps you away from any cold, cough, and other viral infections during periods.

14. Potatoes

High-fiber foods are good during periods. Many ladies face the problem of constipation during periods. Potatoes will help them overcome this problem. They ensure smooth stool passage and clean the digestive system. Hence, we include Potatoes in the top 20 foods for smooth periods.

15. Lentils

Do you crave something hot and cooling during your periods? Lentil soup has your back. Lentils soup is a good suggestion during heavy periods. It is easy to make and eat. It has many more nutrients to ensure a smooth period. Furthermore, it is a comfort food for periods in winter.

16. Fruits

Collectively, you can eat apples, mangoes, oranges, bananas, lemons, raspberries, and a few other fruits during periods. They will keep you healthy, energetic, and hydrated throughout the day. Also, they will provide you with calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins. You will require all of it during periods.

17. Chicken

Chicken is good food for every occasion. Eat chicken extensively during periods. Some girls crave super spicy chicken during periods. It will affect their health. However, eating chicken in less quantity can be beneficial in many ways. Do give it a try.

18. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea reduces menstrual pain. It reduces nausea, Diarrhoea, and other viral infections. Basically, Peppermint tea acts as a protective shield during periods. It has a good taste and unique flavor. Also, it is an excellent replacement for your regular milk tea.

19. Wine

Many ladies quit alcohol during their periods. Well, we have got good news for you’ll. Drinking Wine during periods will not have much adverse effect. Wine makes you feel relaxed and on top of the world. It will provide you the energy and refreshment during periods.

20. Beer

Similar to Wine you can take Beer during periods. However, you cannot exceed a limit in the consumption of alcohol during periods. Exceeding the limit might affect your health adversely. Furthermore, make sure to take a healthy and timely diet during periods. Do not consume painkillers. Instead, find a way to boost your immunity naturally.