Top 20 Foods For Adolescence


Puberty is a life-changing time in the life of people. Our body experiences many physical changes during this time. Plus, we have an occurrence of body hair, periods, testicular growth, mental changes, and many other changes in life. They have to go through these changes without complaining much. Nevertheless, some introverted teens prefer not to acknowledge these changes. They keep quiet and take everything. However, we can always provide the required care via food. We have got an article discussing the top 20 foods good for adolescents. There might be some food that your child may not like. But health overtakes many factors of life.

1. Fruits

Google suggests having at least five servings of fruits during adolescence. It provides the required protein, vitamins, calcium, and other nutrients. Naturally grown fruits make a good contribution towards health. Hence, teens should include at least one fruit in their regular diets.

2. Milk And Dairy Products

Milk is a rich source of calcium. It has good taste. You can convert it to Paneer, curd, shakes, ice creams, and more. During puberty, Milk provides the required protein to the body. Hence, we include it in the top 20 good foods for adolescents.

3. Cereals

Teens hesitate to eat the food in the house. They either eat out and fill their stomach. However, only a mother can make a good bowl of Cereal. It is an essential constituent of teen foods. It is a tasty and healthy option to start your day with.

4. Fish

Fish and chips are in favor of many teens. Consuming a high quantity of Fish during teenage is a good habit. Fish and chips might have contaminated oil. However, you can always replace it with home-cooked Fish. It is cleaner and will fill you with nutrition.

5. Leafy Vegetables

Leafy Vegetables are a mood spoiler to many people. Even some adults don’t prefer to eat them. Convincing teenage to eat them is nearly impossible. But Leafy Vegetables will provide you with the fiber for your muscle growth. It will help with the muscle pain happening during periods.

6. Potatoes

Potatoes fries are the favorite of many adolescents. I call it an unhealthy way to consume Potatoes. Instead, you can eat Potato Sabzi, Cutlets, and other homemade Potato dishes. Search for a Dish on Youtube and start creating an impact on people.

7. Rice

Many people in their teenage skip meals. This skipping results in a decrease in their Rice intake. They do not take the amount of Rice they should be taking. Our body requires much more carbs during the growth phase. Hence, restart your Rice intake from today and continue it forever. Do include it in your top 20 foods good for adolescents.

8. Meat

Peer pressure is a dangerous thing. In some parts, it is growing. Some people are away from it.  Teenage is a mental stage that is capable of making own decisions. Hence, switching to being Vegan suddenly can be harmful. Add a good amount of meat to your meals.

9. Grains

Grains are vital for filling the stomach. But, many teens don’t eat Chapati. They prefer Rotis and Parathas. However, eating all-purpose flour every day is not a good idea. It can have many side effects on an individual. Hence, switch from Rotis to Chapatis as fast as you can. This switching will help you have a healthy adolescence.

10. Almonds

Almonds are great for memory, weight management, and eyes. Yes, Almonds are great for the eyes. The increased screen timing of teens damages their eyes. Hence, start giving them water-soaked Almonds. Those will help them heal and soothe their eyes. They help out with burning eyes. Hence we include it in the top 20 foods good for adolescents.

11. Corn

Everybody loves Corn. It has a lot of vitamin A and antioxidants in it. Also, it is a pleasure to provide food items. Plus, you can eat raw sweet Corn for great taste. It is sweet, slightly chewy, and delicious. You can even try boiled and fried Corn. Do not forget to put some lemon and red chili powder on it.

12. Frozen Dinners

Frozen Dinner is the best option during your exams. It is better not to eat heavily during exams. Children should avoid snacks, chips, coffee, lollies, etc. They should not consume heavy food. Here Frozen Dinners play a lead role. They will digest and provide an exact health benefit.

13. Salads

Salads can be boring for many people. However, for many people, it is no less than a blessing. Yes, I am many people. You can make a colorful, sweet, salty, and delicious Salad for your one. Please, do not add much oil to the Salad. That might result in a weight increase.

14. Banana

Banana is an excellent replacement for all energy drinks. Those drinks might have side effects. However, eating Banana will fill you up with nutrition. It is a snack to have during playing. We add it to the top 20 foods good for adolescents, as it is a really good fruit to consume.

15. Pasta

Now there is something your child will love to eat. Pasta helps in the overall growth and development of a child. You can make them at home instead of bringing ready-made ones. Also, homemade Paste will have your touch and feel. It will help your child in their growing times.

16. Lean Meat

We have seen earlier how Lean Meat is good for adolescents. Similarly, Lean Meat is good for the same. Lean Meats are beef, lamb, pork, veal, and more. They help with the overall growth during their adolescence. Furthermore, children who start eating this meat beforehand have more benefits.

17. Eggs

Consuming one Egg per day assures you many health benefits. The Egg has protein for the body, keratin for hair, and other nutrition for other body parts. You can give one hard-boiled Egg to your teenage partner. They can carry and eat it accordingly.

18. Oatmeal

Hormonal changes are unavoidable during adolescence. To balance the frequent mood changes, anxieties, depression, and another stressful feelings, you can give your child a bowl of Oatmeal. Hence, you can serve them Oatmeal every alternate day of the week. This breakfast will help their growth and hormonal balance.

19. Lemon Juice

By some chance, if your child got into alcohol addiction during his twenties, Lemon Juice is your answer. Lemon, Garlic Juice helps clean the alcoholic contents in the stomach. It is a good idea to drink it for refreshment. Furthermore, you can add Kale to their diet to help them quit an addiction.

20. Seeds

Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds produce miracles. Seeds come last in the top 20 foods good for adolescents. They are available snacks you can put in their pockets. With that, do pat your teenage whenever they pick up themselves. Help them grow to the fullest extent.