Top 20 Foods Rich In Vitamin C

Top 20 Foods Rich In Vitamin C

Hope, you are taking Vitamin C supplements these days. Vitamin C and hyaluronic Acid are in trend these days. People need Vitamin C to have great skin and deal with other skin problems. Plus, Vitamin C will help you have good immunity too. It is an excellent element to supply to your body daily. However, the food we take does not necessarily fulfill the Vitamin C requirement of our body. Research shows that one should eat eighteen lemons per day to provide the required amount of Vitamin C to the body. Hence, people start consuming Vitamin C supplements. You can even get Vitamin C from a few food items. Today we will discuss the top 20 Foods rich in Vitamin C.


Firstly, we can begin with all the fruits and natural foods that will give you lots of Vitamin C. Papaya give around 16 mg of Vitamin C per serving. Plus, it is available fruit in all seasons. You can eat papaya for good digestion, better bones, and strong memory.

Papaya Isolated on White Background


You will see Kiwi in the rainy and winter season is a lot. It can give you around 90mg of Vitamin C per 100 grams of serving. It is a very refreshing fruit. You can make many dishes using Kiwi. It acts as an oxidizing agent and immunity-boosting agent.

Sliced Kiwi fruit with ice cubes


When life gives you lemons, take Vitamin C from it. One Lemon has forty-six mg of Vitamin C. Plus, lemon is an excellent option for colds, parasites, Cancer, and soar throat. Now you can take as much lemon juice as you want. Give the reason for Vitamin C.

lime and lemon


I believe that oranges somewhere belong to the Lemon family. One hundred grams of Oranges can give you fifty-six mg of Vitamin C. Plus, it has a lot of folate, Potassium, and carotenoids. They can protect you against any heart disease and Cancer.



Guava is becoming an extinct fruit. I don’t find them as much in the markets anymore. A hundred grams of Guava can give up to two hundred and twenty-eight mg of Vitamin C. It is the best way to have Vitamin C in the top 20 foods rich in Vitamin C.

Yellow and Green Guava Together isolated.


Next, we come to Veggies. Cauliflower is an excellent Veggie. One gets up to fifty mg of Vitamin C per hundred grams of Cauliflower. Likewise, it will help with many other diseases too. It prevents cellular damage, promotes iron absorption, and lowers cholesterols.

Full frame of Green fresh cauliflower background


Tomato contributes to fifteen percent of the Vitamin C requirement of your body. Every hundred grams of Tomato contains thirteen mg of Vitamin C. Plus we know tomato is a healthy food. They help prevent Cardio Vascular diseases and Cancer.

Red Tomatoes and slice on white background

8.Brussels Sprout

Brussels Sprout is a trendy veggie these days. It accounts for eighty-five mg of Vitamin C per hundred grams. These mini cabbages are great for any fancy dish you are making. Plus, they give good protection against the risk of Breast cancer, prostate cancer, and CKD.

Close up of cauliflower plant.


Not sure you will love to eat it. But Broccoli has a good amount of Vitamin C to offer to the body. A hundred grams of Broccoli gives around ninety mg of Vitamin C. It also has calcium, magnesium, Potassium, and other nutrients. Henceforth, it is famous for its Anti-inflammatory and Anti-cancer properties.


10.Bell Peppers

The amount of Vitamin C bell pepper varies from color to color. Green bell peppers give up to two hundred and fifty mg of Vitamin C. Whereas, red bell pepper gives a hundred mg of Vitamin C. Bell peppers are famous for their anti-diabetic properties too.

Three bowls with chili peppers of different colors


Next on the list is Acerola. You must have heard about it from here and there. It has the highest count of Vitamin C on the planet Earth. Acerola cherry provides up to fifty-six mg of Vitamin C. With that, it has other nutrients to keep your body on track.



SpinachPP makes us stronger. This food is something we have seen from childhood in the cartoon Popeye. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C. It accounts for twenty-eight mg of Vitamin C per hundred grams. Furthermore, it contains other dietary fibers, Potassium, and calcium for better health.

Baby spinach leaves on white background.


Pineapple is one of the Citrus tropical fruits. It has a good amount of Potassium. Furthermore, it can contribute to the daily Vitamin C requirement of the body too. A hundred grams of pineapple contains around fifty mg of Vitamin C. Hence, it is the best option for your daily Vitamin C needs.

A perfectly ripe pineapple photographed on white background


Now, we come to the spice section of the article. When we talk about cloves, they contribute a lot to the formation and building of the body. Cloves are famous for their anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, a hundred grams of Cloves gives around eighty grams of Vitamin C. It is just worth having spice.

clove in spoon isolated on a white background


Cantaloupes have Vitamins, Minerals, and Potassium. They have a great taste and refresh the body after consumption. They have anti-inflammatory properties too. Furthermore, a hundred grams of Cantaloupe contains around thirty grams of Vitamin C. It is worth adding to the top 20 foods rich in Vitamin C list.

Fresh fruit musk melon are very sweet


You must know Apricots are great for the skin. You can have dry apricots in shakes, fruit salad, desserts, and smoothies. They contribute twenty percent to the daily requirement of Vitamin C. They provide around ten mg of Vitamin C per hundred grams. Hence, you can have an apricot daily.



You must not love to eat a lot of peas. But they are good at providing Vitamin C. A hundred grams of Peas provides fifty mg of Vitamin C. Plus, it has nutrients to reduce depression, high cholesterol, and risk of Cancer. So, think twice before you deny eating peas.

Falling green peas isolated on white background with clipping path

18.Chinese Cabbage

Do you know the health benefits of Eating Kimchi? Chinese cabbage in Kimchi is a storehouse of many essential nutrients. A hundred grams of Chinese Cabbage contains forty-six mg of Vitamin C. Plus it has Vitamin A, K, Calcium, and Phosphate. It is an excellent including to your daily diet.

Back lit and fresh bok choy leaves isolated on a white background


Kale is a superfood. Kale has around one hundred and twenty-six mg of Vitamin C per hundred grams. It has a good amount of Potassium and other dietary fiber. Compared to Spinach, Kale can give you more nutrition. Hence, start consuming it.

Beautiful green plants after rain


Why use Parsley just for garnishing? It has got one of the highest numbers of nutrients in it. A hundred grams of Parsley contains one hundred and fifty mg of Vitamin C. Plus, it’s popular for its anti-inflammatory and other nutritional benefits. Hence, you can more Parsley next time in your diet.

"Left to Right: Cilantro, Italian Parsley, Plain Leaf (Flat) Parsley on White."