Top 20 Meals For One-Year Old Kids


At this age, you can introduce solid foods to your child, and plentiful options are open for you to feed them. You just need to make sure that all adequate nutrients are present in your child’s daily diet and you are good to go. Make sure you don’t go way out of the eating pattern of the family to feed your baby. Below we will be enlisting the various food options that you can give:

1. Muffin tin meals

Serve the dishes in muffin tins. This method will help your child to have a variety and the appropriate portion size as well. You can give sandwich slices, whole fruits, veggies, muffins, and curd which are vital for growth and development. Muffin tin lunch will be interesting as well as healthy for your baby. Don’t forget to introduce new dishes quite often; else it will be boring.


2. Chocolate-covered banana treats

You can even use frozen bananas for this delicious combo. Cut bananas into bite-sized portions and dip it in chocolate sauce or Nutella for making it more delectable. These small tricks that make food look good and delicious are vital so that your child eats healthy food as well. Bananas will give potassium and fiber to kids and chocolate will bait them into eating it.

chocolate banan

3. Spinach nuggets

All kids crinkle their nose on hearing the name of green vegetables. So you need to be smart enough and incorporate healthy greens into their favorite dishes without  catching their notice. Spinach nuggets are healthy as well as tasty for your child and can be given without any hesitation.


4. Fish sticks

Fish sticks/fingers are everyone’s favorite. Kids enjoy it with ketchup or different types of dips. These are mostly processed foods and made with white fish with some batter or bread as a coating.

fish sticks4

5. Sweet potato, lentils, and rice balls

Mash the sweet potato, and mix with it cooked brown lentils and brown or white rice. You can add tomato puree or beetroot juice to it and coat the balls with breadcrumbs. You may save it for later by freezing as well. Something new and healthy that your toddler will surely enjoy.


6. Pita bread/toast/crackers with hummus

The dip is made with chickpeas and can go with anything be it pita bread, crackers or toast. The best part is you can make and store the hummus dip and use it whenever you want. Extremely delicious and effortless snack to munch on for your kiddos.


7. Seven dwarf chicken pasta soup

It’s all about fairy-tales and colours. If the food looks interesting and has a fascinating name as well, then you have nothing to worry about. Your child will eat it no matter what. You may add veggies and flavours to make it healthier and  watch the magic happen.


8. Milk/yogurt popsicles blended with fruits

If your child doesn’t like milk, don’t worry. Popsicles will come to your rescue. They are simple, nutritious and delicious at the same time and you can make different varieties. Blend milk or yogurt with fruits (and even nuts) and turn them into healthy popsicles. Kids never say no to ice-creams.


9. Apple pancakes with maple syrup

These yummy pancakes are healthy, filling and easy to make as well. You can add nutritious flavours and fruits to it to make it more beneficial your child. You can add things that kids generally won’t eat alone like apple, banana, and many others.


10. Banana bread

This is healthy and tasty at the same time. Banana bread can be eaten in place of cake as well. This bread is made by using mashed banana. Kids will surely love this one.

banana bread

11. Mini omelets with a toast

It’s all about funky presentations and interesting concepts when dealing with children. And food is no exception to this rule. Even though this is the simplest meal ever, your child is going to gulp it down all at once just by looking at the cute little bread bears with omelet blankets.


12. Baby pasta

Do make sure that your child is not allergic to gluten before serving pasta. Full of carbohydrates, pasta is beneficial for energy production. Many varieties of pasta undergo enriching with vitamins and minerals. Boil it properly for 6-10 minutes before feeding your child. Make yummy combinations for your children to enjoy and gobble down.

babay pasta

13 Milkshakes

For kids  that aren’t fond of milk and fruits, here’s the chance to make the combo interesting. Make delicious smoothies and shakes for your child to relish. It makes both the parent and child equally happy as proper nutrients are going in their bodies with great taste as well. Some combinations can be a strawberry banana milkshake, watermelon milkshake, vanilla funfetti milkshake and more.

milk shakes

14. Fried cauliflower rice

Simple and filling at the same time, this is a meal which is quite nutritious for your baby. As cauliflower is used in most of the recipes these days, try this out and make sure to add enticing flavours like garlic, pepper, and egg in it as well.

fried cauli

15. Mushroom ravioli

Sometimes a change is necessary, and it’s for the better. Rice is a source of protein, vitamin D, potassium.  Mushroom is very healthy for your child as it is a source of antioxidants and provide a lot of energy. Try making something new like a dish of delicious ravioli out of these with some cheese in it.


16. Dal or lentils with chopped tomatoes, rice or chapatti

It is impossible to suffice without this meal especially in India. A basic man’s need, be it children or adult. Can’t do without it.


17. Tomato and spinach soup

You can lure kids to eat spinach by telling them about the great deeds done by Popeye the sailor man (fictional character) just by eating spinach. Make soup out of fresh tomatoes and spinach and help them finish it whole. Highly nutritious and healthy for their growing body.

tomato soup

18. Mini veggie burgers

The advantages of this are that you can incorporate an endless amount of vegetables to your kid’s meal. Home-made burgers are not considered to be junk food. Make mini ones as they look more cute and palatable.

mii veggies

19. Zucchini fries

This appetizer is all you need to feed your child. Bake the fries/fritters instead of deep frying. Zucchini is good for the eyes and is packed with vitamin C as well. Healthy and tasty is what every child wants.


20. Oat porridge

Power-packed with vitamins and minerals, this energy-giving food for breakfast helps your child remain active throughout the day. You can add brown sugar, milk, fruits, even veggies to make it taste better.