Top 20 Milk Dishes Famous In India


1Badam Kheer:


The rich Badam Kheer is made up of lots and lots of badam. The badam is soaked overnight in the milk and in the next morning it is peeled and crushed. The n it is mixed in the milk and get boils. It can be served hot as well as at the room temperatue. The badam Kheer’s texture is not like other kheer’s it is thick and somewhat like halwa. Then the garnishing is done through the different types of dry fruit.



Basundi is a sweet dish which is made and eaten in India very much. It is made up of the ingredients like milk, Cesar and sugar. It is very easy to make. What you have to do is that boil milk and reduce it to its half by boiling it. Then add Cesar and mix it properly and stir it for half an hour. Then add dry fruits to it and serve hot.

3Chocolate Barfi:


The every once facourite Barfi made up of chocolate. The Chocolate Barfi is made up of the ingredients like chocolate, khooya, sugar syrup, chocolate powder and milk. The recipe is very simple and easy. It is freeze and then it is served. It contains huge amount of chocolate that is why it is loved by the kids.

4Gulkand Milk Shake:


Gulkand Shake is a very unique shake made in India. Gulkand is made of the rose petals and sugar. The gulkand is easily available in the market. The gulkand is mixed with milk and one scoop of ice cream of strawberry or vanilla flavour and grinded well. It is served cold with the garnishing of rose petal or Gulkand. It is also known as shahi shake. In most weddings it is kept to impress guests.

5Milk Halwa:


The recipe of Milk Halwa is as simple as the recipe of Chaas. It gets prepared in 10 minutes. The milk halwa is also served in the form of prashad. It contains lots of dry fruits and sugar. The khooya adds a great taste to it and make it more interesting and happening. It is served hot as well at the room temperature. It is garnished with the lots of dry fruits over it.



The sweet dish Kheer is famous all over in India. The flavour cardamom is sprinkled to make it more and more happening. The texture is very light and can be drink at any time. It is served in both the ways that is hot and cold. The kheer is generally made at the time of pooja. The kheer is served with lots of dry fruits in it.

7Masala Chaas:


Masala Chaas is the masala butter milk which is so refreshing that everybody should drink it in summer. The ingredients which are used are curd, water and Indian spices. The curd is blended and water is mixed with it. The special affect of pudina add more and more flavours to it. It is generally serves after the lunch. After drinking it the person fell sleepy.

8Milk Kulfi:


The milk kulfi everyone favourite. It is made up of the ingredients like milk, khoya, dry fruits and milk powder. The mixture is freeze in the fridge and it is served in dessert. The main motive of milk kulfi is to cool your mind and heart. The desi ice creams works in the time when there is no one with you. You can enjoy it in summers as well as winters.



Rabdi is a creamy sweet dish made in India. It is eaten with the combination of jalebi and imarti. The easy fata fat recipe is made up of the ingredients milk and sugar. The milk is boiled with the sugar till it gets creamy. And the creamy milk is mixed with dry fruits and Cesar to make it more interesting flavour and freeze in the fridge. Than it is served with the garnishing of mixed dry fruits.

10Milk Bread:


The desert Milk Bread is popular in the state Madhya Pradesh. The dish is made up of the ingredients like milk, cream and bread. The Brown or the White bread is soaked in the milk for few hours and when the milk gets less the sugar syrup is poured on it. Then it is kept in the refrigerator to get freeze. It is served chilled with the garnishing of pista.

11Banana Shake:


The Banana Shake is the heavy shake made up of milk. The milk recipe which is as healthy to eat. The recipe which you are supposed to get fat and the proper celestrol in the body. It includes the ingredients like the fruit banana, milk and simple flavour ice cream. The three ingredients are mixed together and freeze. Than the chilled Banana Shakes served with the sliced banana.

12Sabudana Kheer:


The sweet dish Sabdana Kheer is made up of the ingredient like sabudana and, milk. The sweet dish which is mostly served in navratri orf other Indian festivals as prashad is Sabudana Kheer. The kheer is made normal like the other kheers. The sabudana is soaked overnight and next morning it is boiled with milk and served hot with the garnishing of dry fruit and Cesar.



Lassi is well known Panjabi milk recipe It is sweet as well as salty. The lassi contains the ingredients like yoghurt, milk, sugar and dry fruit. It is served cold and chilled in the patiala glass. The lassi is also available in different flavours like rose, mango, Cesar etc. In Punjab everyday they drink lassi as a refreshment drink. The drink is good for health and gives energy in routine.

14Special Kheer:


Special Kheer is the famous sweet dish of all the time. The  favourite sweet dish served after dinner is Shahi Kheer. It is the combo of all like sabudana, rice etc. It includes large amount of dry fruit in it. The milk is boiled so much that the texture become thick. The Kheer is served as both cold and hot with the garnishing of dry fruits and Cesar.

15Kaju Barfi:


Kaju barfi is also known as kaju katli in other parts of the country. It is made up of Kaju which is a dry fruit and it is soaked overnight in the milk. The famous Kaju Katli is served in all the festivals like Holi, Diwali and all the Indian festivals. The kaju Barfi contains less sugar that is why it is not much unhealthy for diabetic.

16Anjeer Smoothie:


Anjeer is a dry fruit which is very rich in minerals and proteins. It soaks overnight in water and in next morning it is crushed in the milk and stirred for few minutes. Then it is served cold. Anjeer is the dry fruit which is costly because it is rare and also very good for the health. It increases the eye sight. So drink the Anjeer Smoothie and be fit and healthy.

17Coconut Smoothie:


Coconut Smoothie is the milk recipe famous and originated from South side of India. The coconut smoothie includes the ingredients like the crushes or blended coconut and the milk. Both the things are mixed properly. The texture remains thick only. It is like heavy Milkshake. It is freeze in refrigerator and served cold with the sprinkled coconut over it.

18Milk Cake:


The simple and sweet milk cake is very tasty product of the milk. Milk is the main ingredient of any type of cake but the simple milk cake do not contains any artificial flavours and colours. It is only made up of the milk, meda and sugar. The milk cake is generally made at home. Before sometime means 2-3 years the milk cake was only the cake which was preferred by all. It is soft and punchy. It can be baked or cooked on the stove and served at the room temperature with the icing upon it.

19Coffee Vanilla Milk Shake:


Coffee Vanilla Milk Shake is a shake which no one can resist especially the coffee lover. The shake has the speciality that is the mixture of coffee and vanilla both. The shake is made up of coffee powder, vanilla ice cream and milk. It is very easy and simple shake to make. It somewhat tastes like the cold coffee but the texture is more thick. It is served cold with the extra sprinkled coffee powder.

20Mishti Doi:


Mishti Doi is the Bengali desert made up of milk, yogurt and sugar. All the three ingredients are mixed together and boiled to the extent. The sugar should be more so that it taste like more sweet, the taste of yoghurt should not overcome the taste of sugar. It is served cold as well as hot in the Khulad. The taste comes only when it is served in Khulad. It is very famous milk recipe at the street of Bengal. It is as sweet as the people residing there..