Top 20 Street Food To Try In Borivali, Mumbai

Top 20 Street Food To Try In Borivali Mumbai
Top 20 Street Food To Try In Borivali Mumbai

Borivali is a place situated in North Mumbai. It is well known for its National Park but along with that, it is a paradise for street food lovers. Here’s a list of 20 street food to try in Borivali, Mumbai:

1. Triple-Layer Sandwich

Bipin triple-layer sandwich is official the biggest sandwich in Mumbai. It contains pineapples, olives, baby corn, raw mango and a whole lot of raw vegetables with cheese and mayonnaise. It has a tangy, sweet-spicy taste because of its multiple layers. One bite is so huge that it will fill you up.

Triple Layer Sandwich

2. Pizza Dosa

This dosa is from Foodie Bites at Borivali West. They serve an amazing variety of dosas. Pizza dosa is topped with sauces, colourful veggies, lots of cheese and mayonnaise and some seasonings on a crispy base of dosa. It has a tangy and creamy taste.

Pizza Dosa

3. Dabeli 

Harbole Dabeli is your go-to place if you want to eat some yummy dabelis. It is prepared in a unique way by adding pomegranates, grapes and apples to give your snack a crunchy punch.


4. Malai Gola

This is the most epic gola place situated in Borivali. It contains various types of flavoured syrups along with a dollop of rabdi, mawa, dry fruits, cream and chocolate. Shreeji Malai gola has many other options of gola to dig in.

Malai Gola

5. Black Pav Bhaji

This is not your regular pav bhaji place. Maa Anjani serves various forms of pav bhajis from Kolhapuri to Italian style. Black pav bhaji is made in its unique way using several spices, veggies and lots of butter. They serve it with masala pav.

Black Pav Bhaji

6. Pani Puri 

Pani Puri is everybody’s favorite street food. Maa Anjani is also known for its 4 flavours Pani puri. They are available in garlic, raw mango, guava and regular flavours.

Pani Puri 2

7. Cheese Schezwan Sev Puri

Our normal sev puri with a modern twist! These puris are topped with onions and capsicum, olives, paneer and house sauce. Later they are set on fire with the help of a blowtorch and top with tons of cheese. Shreeji’s fusion kitchen is a place to have some unique fusion dishes.

Cheese Schezwan Sev Puri

8. Cheese Lasaniya Pav

This amazing combination of garlic along with onions and masala peanuts is cooked on a Tawa with lots of butter and a slice of cheese. This mixture is served in a pav. Another yummy snack from Har Bhole dabeli.

Cheese Lasaniya Pav

9. Spring Blossom Juice

This drink is a refreshing blend of watermelon, gulkand, and vanilla ice cream. Bunty Juice Centre is known for its fresh juices and quick bites.

Spring Blossom Juice

10. Gulab Ice Pan

Ghantawala Paan Mandir serves some delicious paan for years. It is a tiny yet iconic place. They offer a special ice paan which is huge and includes several types of ingredients, including frozen rose ice.

Gulab Ice Pan

11. Cheese Burst Wadapav

Hungry JD’s in Borivali gives a unique twist to Mumbai’s wadapav. It is made of beans, jalapenos, chipotle and tons of cheese. You have to try this quirky dish!

Cheese Burst Wadapav

12. Veg Kebab Cheese Sandwich

Dharma Sandwich serves fusion sandwiches in Borivali. This kebab cheese sandwich contains pieces of kebab, veggies, cheese and chutney. This sandwich is a perfect evening snack.

Veg Kebab Cheese Sandwich

13. Dabang Frankie

This Frankie at GVC, contains paneer, noodles, Manchurian topped with mayo, schezwan sauce and cheese. Too many items, right? No wonder why they call it the Dabang Frankie.

Dabang Frankie

14. Misal Pav

The house of the missal is famous for its authentic missals. They serve a wide range of missals from different regions like Mumbai, Pune Kolhapur, Malvan. Their fusion Missals and Maharashtrian beverages are a must-try.

Misal Pav

15. Dhokla

Murlidhar Sweets and Farsan is known for its namkeen snacks. They serve dhoklas like paneer dhokla, pizza dhokla, dabeli dhokla, tiranga dhokla and what not!


16. Jalebi- Fafda

Maduram sweets and farsan is another place that serves delicious Gujrati snacks and farsan. The jalebis and fafda are made freshly every day.

Jalebi Fafda

17. Kothimbirwadi And Sabudana Wada

Kothimbhirwadi is a type of Maharashtrian pakora prepared with gram flour and lots of coriander. Sabudana Wada is a mixture of sabudana, peanuts, potato and chillies which is deep-fried in piping hot oil. Tambe’s Pallinath is an authentic Maharashtrian place that serves these dishes.

Kothimbirwadi and Sabudana Wada

18. Malabar Curry With Appam

Banana leaf offers some amazing south Indian cuisine you can’t miss out on. Their Malabar Curry with Appam and Mulgai Idli is recommended.

Malabar Curry with Appam

19. Triple Schezwan Fried Rice

This rice is stir-fried in veggies and sauces and served with gravy. Chopsticks restaurant is known for its Desi Chinese. Do try their Manchow soup.

Triple Schezwan Fried Rice

20. Pani Puri Ice Cream

End your day at a quirky ice cream parlour that serves different varieties of ice creams and sorbets. The famous pani puri has a blend of different spices to create a chatpata sorbet and is garnished with crushed puris. Do visit Apsara ice creams.

Pani Puri Ice cream
Pani Puri Ice cream