Top 20 Sweets for Diwali


Diwali the festival of lights. It is celebrated throughout the India with a joy of enthusiasm. The festival is not celebrated with crackers but also sweets.The sweets are distributed to relatives , friends and family members.

1 Gulkand Peda

By viewing the sweet, food lovers get temptations in mouth. The sweet is prepared using almonds, rose extract, pista, koya and cardamom.


2 Moong Dal Halwa

The essence  of moongdal roasted in ghee and dripped with sugar water is one of the traditional sweet followed in south and north India for Diwali.


3 Kalakand

The shape of this sweet is like a cake .It makes the tummy yummy of food lover.


4 Sandesh

Sandesh is a North Indian paneer sweet flavoured with saffron and pistas. Chilled Sandesh tastes just great!


5 Basundi

The boiled milk turns into the form of milkmaid and chilled and served with grounded pistas and dry fruits. In south India the sweet on Diwali day is showed Prasad to Lakshmi devi .


6 Gajar Halwa

This is the sweet which makes the audience remember lifelong. The Gajar is extracted from the fried sweet carrots.


7 Rasgulla

This sweet is prepared from the curdled milk and is shaped spherical and soaked in sugar water.


8 Gulab Jamun

The deep fried maida balls and soaked in sugar water makes mouth watery.


9 Kaju Katli

The essence of grounded kaju and coated with the silver layer on top makes the festival more enlightened.


10 Mohanthal

This sweet is prepared by gram flour and is famous in the areas of Rajasthan, Gujarat during Diwali.


11 Patishapata

The traditional Bengali sweet stuffed with rice flour, maida and served with coconut.


12 Mysore Paak

Original Indian desert originated from the name Mysore palace. The required ingredients are gram flour, ghee.


13 Rava Kheer

The ingredients such as dry fruits, semolina, milkmaid makes the mouth tempting.


14 Shahi Tukda

This ingredient is prepared by slices of fried bread and garnished with sweet milk and coconut powder.


15 Goan Nevri

Another name for Goan Nevri in the regions of south India is Kajjikaya. It is prepared using maida and grated coconut powder.


16 Coconut Balls

The finely grounded coco powder and fried on a luke warm fire and gentle spread the crisps of sugar across the coconut powder and shaped into balls.


17 Chum Chum

The theory of sponge can be applicable to sweet Chum Chum .The squeezed liquid sugar water comes out of the sweet when you eat the sweet. The upper layer is coated with cream extracted from the milk.


18 Sweet Poori

In one one region it has different name such as Baksha, Bobbatu,Sarvalu. Thereceipe has ingredients of maida, sugar water.


19 Besan Laddu

The sweet has required amounts of soft fried besan and added milk to shape the laddu.


20 Badam Halwa

Badam is good in rich proteins supplement to our body. Some people might tend not to eat badam but if you give them halwa deliciously they will eat and gain more proteins and knowledge.