Top 20 Ways To Cut And Serve Watermelon


Watermelon is the perfect fruit to have during the Summer season. It cools down our body and is also a way to staying hydrated. This fruit has quite a few benefits that cannot be looked over. This fruit helps in the prevention of many possible health and body issues that can happen to us. You can cut and serve this fruit in many ways possible.

1. Sliced Watermelon

Sliced watermelon is probably one of the easiest ways of cutting and serving them. Though this is easy, it can be done with little effort and has fast if you are feeling hungry. No need to work hard in serving these. They also work as a quick fix for desserts when you have not prepared any or a snack for guests who come over.


2. Spaced Out Slices Of Watermelon

If you feel that serving sliced watermelons is annoying, then try the stylish version of it. Spaced out Slices, is a fascinating way of serving watermelon to people. A huge slice of watermelon in which the pulp alone is spaced out evenly such a way that it looks elegant and different at the same time. It will look similar to mountains that children draw; the pieces will be in the opposite direction to each other. You cannot do this in a rush. Otherwise, it will get ruined and will not look presentable.


3. Watermelon Slicer

People who find it hard to cut vegetables or fruits get a slicer which is customized to reduce a particular fruit or vegetable. To get apple slices, we use an apple cutter similarly watermelon also has a slicer. It is the easiest of all the methods to serve the watermelon and requires no hand dirtying or any messy business of the sort. All you need to do is cut off both the ends of a watermelon and push the cutter down on the watermelon. And voila you have watermelon slices ready to serve.


4. Strips In A Bowl

You can serve melons like this during lunch or dinner party, or whenever your friend’s come over. First cut the watermelon in half and then remove the skin of it. After you finish this, slice the pulp horizontally and vertically without disrupting the original dome shape. Place a blow that correctly fits the watermelon, and you should place it upside down. And voila, strips of watermelon in a bowl is ready to eat. You need to have a knife which can cut the rind off as it is hard and this can get a bit messy when you are trying to slice the pulp.


5. Watermelon Shark

The moment when you decide to eat healthily and make others also do the same, this way of presenting the watermelon is unique and creative. You just need to pick a huge watermelon and cut it in shape of a shark. Not a full shark but like the one coming out of water in the jaws movie. After cutting the shark, fill it on with different fresh fruits, or if you are craving insane amounts of the sugar rush, you can fill it with candies too. But it is not recommended at all.


6. Watermelon Keg

In general, the Keg is synonymous.  A creative way to serve watermelon juice to guests at a summer party or for children. Take a huge melon and slice the top and bottom off nicely, after that scoop the watermelon pulp out till a little at the bottom is still left and make it into juice and pour it back inside. At the lower part of the watermelon fix a tap that will let the watermelon juice to come out smoothly. Though this process might sound tedious, it is simple to make and delicious to drink. Well known amongst kids because of the unique shape and style.watermelon-keg

7. Watermelon Grill

Watermelon Grill is exactly as the name sounds grilling the watermelon on a grill. Many restaurants do this in India and are delicious contrary to how it looks.  You can also call it as watermelon steak because it resembles the steak regarding texture and color. While doing this the water in the melon gets evaporated, and the pulp will resemble that of a fillet. You have to cook the watermelon till it gets a brown hue. You can also use it as a substitute in cooking for vegetarians.


8.Watermelon Jello

This particular way of serving watermelon will make you famous among your friends. Like the name suggests this way of serving watermelon. It’s very simple to make. It consists watermelon, gelatin, red Jell-O. Cut the huge melon in half horizontally. After that scoop out the pulp present but leave at least two inches of the watermelon sticking to the rind. Mix the gelatin which is unflavored with the jello-o using hot water Pour the mixture into the watermelon and let it cool down for a maximum of four hours. Remove it from the fridge and cut it into pieces and serve.


9. Watermelon Sorbet

Watermelon sorbet is easy to make and based on your taste you can add the sweetness. All you have to is scoop out the watermelon and blend it till it is in a paste format. If you want to add sweetness to it, you can add milkmaid or sugar before mixing. After that pour the mixture into a tray and freeze it in the freezer. You have to remove it after freezing and serve it to your guests.


10. Balsamic Watermelon Chicken Salad

This chicken salad has balsamic vinegar and watermelon in it. You may wonder what the taste might be like for this salad. Worry not, as the taste is something you will never forget. All you need are boneless chicken breasts, watermelon cubes, balsamic vinegar, greens, cheese, and crushed almonds. Grill the chicken till it is brown on both sides and cut it into cubes. Simmer the balsamic vinegar till it becomes a syrup. Layer the chicken pieces with the watermelon, nuts, cheese, and a little bit of balsamic syrup. Touch it up with a little bit of olive oil to add more flavor to the salad.


11. Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelon smoothie is very easy to make without using any messy methods of cutting them. Take a huge watermelon and make a medium sized hole on top. Insert a wish inside it so that the pulp gets mashed up correctly. Afer doing this make a small cut on the side, this cut will allow the paste now in the form of a smoothie that you can pour into glasses. You can show off your skills in front of your guests or family.


12. Watermelon Pizza

One of the best ways to fool your family on April Fools day. Invite your friends and relatives over for a pizza party and serve them watermelon pizza. The only hard part about this is the cutting of the watermelon into a thick disk.Add crumbled cheese, coconut, mint leaves and various fruits of our choice. Cut the watermelon into a triangle shape and serve it.


13. Watermelon Popsicles

The best way to beat the summer heat is to eat popsicles. what better way than eating watermelon popsicles which have a different taste. For this popsicle, you will use watermelon, tomatoes, and jalapenos. You have to blend the melons with the tomatoes till it becomes smooth. Add the peppers which are thinly cut into the blended mixture and refrigerate it for some time. After that, remove it and pour the mixture into popsicle molds and freeze it for a long time. Then serve.


14. Watermelon Hedgehog

Hedgehog is cute little animals with spikes all over their body to protect themselves. We can also serve the watermelon like that. What you need to is, take an enormous watermelon and cut off a chunk of it on one side and scoop out the pulp inside it. Make small spikes like things on the rind of the watermelon and add fruits into it. Fruits should have toothpicks on them to give the Spike feel to the hedgehog. Add eyes and nose to the watermelon using toothpicks.


15. Watermelon Sticks

This method of serving of watermelons is doable only after you have practice. We can serve the watermelon like sticks if you have guests coming over and you are in a rush. Cut the watermelon is half and place on half on the flat side. You have to cut the watermelon horizontally and vertically. This way you will have many square looking pieces. Make it look presentable by cleaning away the water and serve. It might be a bit hard initially because the skin of the watermelon is hard and you cannot cut it quickly.


16. Watermelon Fruit Bowl

Since the watermelon is quite big in size, we can also use it as a bowl. Slice the watermelon in half horizontally and use one-half of it. In the one-half scoop out the pulp and leave a thin layer of the paste that is close to the rind. Fill in this watermelon bowl with freshly cut fruits in any shape you want to and serve it to the guests who come over. For better presentation, you can place them in an orderly fashion instead of a mix.


17. Watermelon Cake

This type of cake is popular in countries of North America, you can find this cake during the independence day celebrations of these countries. This cake is very easy to make because all you need is watermelon, whipped cream, and some fruits for garnish. Take a large watermelon and cut off the top and bottom portions of it. Remove the rind of the remaining watermelon and cover the melon completely with whipped cream. You can add some kiwis or strawberries for garnish. It is ready to serve.


18. Watermelon Mojitos

This mojito is very easy to make. You can serve it to your friends if you want to try something new. Take two pieces of watermelon and mix it with lime juice and two teaspoons of sugar, ice and mint leaves to the mixture. For garnish add mint leaves on top.


19. Gelo Di Melone

This type of dessert is popular in Sicily. The watermelon is made into a jelly pudding and eaten. It consists of watermelon pulp, honey, starch, nuts, sweetened fruits, rose water and cinnamon. You have to make the watermelon into a juice and starch is added to it after that sugar is added to it while it is simmering on a stove. Do not make it thicken just heat it lightly. Transfer this mix to cooling into molds and refrigerate it. Serve it after freezing with chocolate flakes and nuts for garnish.


20. Chocolate Dipped Watermelon

Dipping watermelon in chocolate is one of the easiest ways to serve watermelon. If you are craving fruits and chocolate, dip the watermelon in the chocolate sauce and refrigerate it for some time and serve it. You should eat this soon. Otherwise, the chocolate will melt and ruin the taste.