Top 20 Yummy And Different Types Of Dhokla


1.Rava Dhokla


Dhokla is a very famous snack of Gujarat. This snack is very yummy. This dish is different from others, as it can be served as a main course, you can serve it as a side dish, evening snack, or breakfast. In short, you can have it anytime. The recipe of this amazing snack is very easy. It is prepared by mixing Corn-flour and Rava with Curd. After that, the mixture is cooked in steam. When it’s cooked properly, then they are cut into square pieces. The final touch is given by pouring Lime, and Sugar water along with the Tadka made from roasted Mustard Seeds. After that, it is well garnished with chopped Coriander Leaves. No doubt, Dhokla is a very scrumptious snack.

2.Khaman Dhokla


The soft spongy Dhokla is simply amazing in taste. This is the best instant Dhokla. It gets ready in no time. Let me tell you that you need only maximum 20 minutes for making this Dhokla. The combination fermented Gram Flour and Yogurt is simply amazing. No one can think of such an amazing dish by two very common ingredients.

3.Khatta Dhokla


This is a very different type of Dhokla. For this Dhokla, you need Rice and Urad dal instead of fermented Gram Flour. For making this Dhokla, you need to soak both for minimum 3 to 4 hours. After that drain them and grind them well. Add chopped Coriander leaves and Chili in the mixture. Keep this mixture for 7 to 8 hours. After that, steam the mixture, give it Dhokla’s special Tadka with Mustard Seeds and serve hot with yummy green Chutney.

4.Sandwich Dhokla


The dish is super yummy but let me tell you that it needs 7 to 8 hours for preparation and around 15 minutes for cooking. The Dhokla is simply amazing. This Dhokla is simply a combination of Khaman Dhokla and Rava Dhokla. It’s your choice as to which layer comes first and which last. The Dhokla is very famous in Gujarat.

5.Cheese Dhokla


This Dhokla is very famous for all cheese lovers. Cheese lovers can’t afford to miss such an amazing dish. The cheese Dhokla is simply a Cheese specialty with Gujarati touch.

6.Mixed Dal Dhokla


The name of the Dhokla is suggesting itself its taste and health benefits. Don’t worry the Dhokla is not as boring as mixed Dal is. In fact, this is the best way of having Dal. The dish is a total combination of health and taste.

7.Idada Dhokla

idada dhokla

Idada dhokla is an amazing nonfried snack that you can have anytime. This is simply a non-fermented version of Dhokla. This Dhokla is very special for Jains and people who are suffering from acidity problems. The best thing about this Dhokla is that it gets ready even faster than the Khatta Dhokla. Isn’t it amazing?

8.Toor Dal Dhokla


Toor Dal has a number of health benefits we all know that. The Dhokla made by Toor Dal is also very healthy and tasty as well. The Toor Dal is soaked and then ground. Chopped Coriander Leaves and Chili is added in the Dal and Dhokla is made. It’s totally your choice whether you want to make fermented Dhokla or non-fermented Dhokla.

9.Rasiya Dhokla


This Dhokla is very special for all gravy lovers. There are a number of people who love experimenting, and this dish is also invented by one such person. The best part of this experiment is that it is very yummy and you can have it with Rice and Chapatti. The dish comes under snack category, and also under main course category as well.

10.Steamed Dhokla


Steamed Dhokla is a very simple yet tasty Dhokla for all diet planners. If you want to have Dhokla and don’t want a single drop of oil in your Dhokla then this Dhokla is for you.

11.Chana Dal Dhokla


The recipe is same as that of Toor Dal Dhokla; what you need to do is simply replace Toor Dal with Chana Dal and make Dhoklas. The Dhokla is yummy and is full of health benefits as well.

12.Rice Dhokla


Rice Dhokla is very special for all Rice lovers. There are many people who refer Rice Dhokla over Besan Dhokla. I don’t know why but they do so. I haven’t tasted this Dhokla, but I have heard a lot about this special dish. so you must try it once; I will also try it.

13.Vratwala Chawal Dhokla


This Dhokla is for all those Dhokla lovers for whom Dhokla is not a dish but is an emotion. Dhokla is feeling for many such people. The best part of Vratwala Chawal Dhokla is that you can have it in Vrat. The name of the dish is suggesting that but I want to tell you that specially.

14.Moong Dal Dhokla


Moong Dal Dhokla is same as that of Toor Dal and Chana Dal Dhokla. For making this Dhokla simply replace any of the Toor Dal or Chana Dal with Moong Dal. It’s my guarantee that after tasting this dhokla you are not going to make Toor dal or Chana Dal Dhokla.

15.Mango Dhokla


Mango Dhokla is the updated version of Khatta Dhokla. For making this Dhokla simply add raw Mango paste to the fermented mixture. The addition of Mango in the Dhokla simply enhances the taste and the aroma of the Dhokla. The Dhokla is very special for all Mango lovers. TheMango touch is the best touch anyone can give in any dish.

16.Quinoa Barley Dhokla


The Dhokla has taste same as its name, special and yummy. The Quinoa Barley Dhokla is healthiest of all Dhoklas. The garnishing part is also special. We always garnish other Dhoklas with Green Chili, but we garnish Quinoa Barley Dhokla with Red Chili.

17.Oats Rava Palak Dhokla


The Dhokla is full of health benefits. The name of the Dhokla is enough to tell you its health benefits. The Dhokla is made with healthy Oats and Rava. The extra healthy touch is given by the addition of green leafy Vegetable, and that is none other than Palak (Spinach). The Dhokla is tasty and healthy as well. You must try this Dhokla once.

18.Rasawala Dhokla


Rasewala Dhokla is same as that of Gravy Dhokla, the only difference between the two is that Rasewala Dhokla is a pure snack and gravy Dhokla comes under both snack and main course category.

19.Rajma Dhokla


If you want to have totally different Dhokla which is just Dhokla by name but the taste is totally different from that of plain Dhokla then this is for you. For making this Dhokla what all you need to do is simply replace the mixture of fermented Gram Flour with fermented Rajma paste.

20.Pav Bhaji Dhokla


Pav Bhaji Dhokla is same as that of Sandwich Dhokla. Or you can say that it is Sandwich Dhokla with a Maharashtrian touch.  The Marathi touch given to this Dhokla is simply yummy. If you are also a fan of Marathi cuisine, then you must taste this Dhokla.