Try These Top 20 Indian Dishes Before You Die!

Try These Top 20 Indian Dishes Before You Die!

Indian cuisine is that mix of sweet and spice which is irresistible! One of the main reasons for such a varied combination of food in India is its diversity. In North India, you will find people craving for ‘Maakhan’ (Butter) and ‘Paneer’ (Cottage cheese) whereas South Indians are hardcore fans of ‘fish and curry’. So here is a list of mouth-watering dishes that you must try.

1. Pav Bhaaji

This dish screams ‘Mumbai’ a loud and no matter where you go; there will always be a popular ‘Bombay PavBhaji’ street stall that promises to serve the best you ever had! As the name goes, the dish consists of bun and gravy, where gravy (Bhaji) is the superstar. Tomato puree is the main ingredient, and the dish is made spicy by adding red chili paste with a lot of crushed vegetables.


2. Daal Baati Churma

This Rajasthani dish will take your breath away. Spicy daal with sweet churma and deeply fired baati leaves your soul craving for more. Baati is hard bread made of wheat flour which is crumbled and mixed with spicy daal whereas churma is served to add sweetness to this dish. Next time you try this dish, add a bit of that red garlic chutney and thank me later.


3. Rogan Josh

This Indian delicacy is native to Kashmir wherein mutton is cooked with marinade and spices mix. Its royal taste has a huge fan following and non-vegetarian go gaga over this dish. Cashew nut paste and tomato puree is added to bring out subtle flavors of the dish.


4. Dum Aloo

This potato-based dish is loved throughout India and is on the menu on festive days and celebrations. It is a gravy wherein boiled and mashed potatoes are cooked in tomato puree with a mix of spices. This dish is served with Indian bread, parathas, and much more.


5. Stuffed Parathas

This is a Punjabi dish but cherished across the country where in Indian bread is stuffed anything and everything. Stuffed Parathas may consist of fillings of cottage cheese, onion, and garlic, corn, and potatoes, mixed vegetables etc. Stuffed parathas with pickle, yogurt, and other various chutneys are a delight for breakfast.


6. Black Dal

This spicy lentil preparation consists of Rajma (red kidney beans) and black grams with loads of butter which turns down the heat coming spices and makes it a rich, creamy Dal. You may find this daal in most of the restaurant’s menu, so next, you go to an authentic Indian restaurant, treat yourself!


7. Undhiyu

This mix veg sabzi is the star of Gujarati cuisine. It’s cooked in the festive season of Uttarayan when all the vegetables are available in the market. Tadkedaar mix of brinjal, potato, raw banana, etc. cooked in pot style is must in the land of Gujarat!


8. Makke Di Roti With Sarson Da Saag

Punjabi cuisine’s most renowned dish consists of unleavened corn bread which is topped with butter or ghee. Sarson da sag is made in the traditional way with mustard seeds, and spinach is added to make the gravy thick and enhance its taste. Not only tasty but it is believed to fill the stomach of an elephant as well.


9. Chhole Bhature

This is a combination of all-purpose flour (Maida) fried bread with Chana masala. The Chana masala gravy is spicy with a tinge of tomato and garlic along with mixed spices. This dish is savored with fried chilies, onions and masala chaas (Buttermilk). A bit of heaven right?


10. Dosa

This South Indian dish is available throughout the world. The main ingredients of this pancake are made of fermented batter which is made of rice and black gram. Traditionally served with tangy sambhar and coconut chutney, it is an all-time favorite of many!


11. Idli Sambhar

Another dish from South India that is cherished for breakfast. Steamed rice cake served with lentil based sambhar tickles your taste buds like nothing can! This dish is made in every kitchen of Indian household and is an easy pick for breakfast.


12. Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

Smoked rice with chicken, herbs and spices! This delicacy is enjoyed across Indian subcontinent, in which all the vegetables are added with Basmati rice and cooked to perfection. This dish, as the name suggests, is native to Hyderabad with vegetarians developing their own recipes to enjoy it as much.


13. Pani Puri

Indian street food palette is incomplete without this dish. Small, deep fried puris filled with water consisting green chillies, red chilli powder, and are stuffed with mashed potatoes, grams, onions, etc. Do die if you have not tasted this dish!


14. Pyaaj Ki Kachori

This dish originates from Jodhpur and is served across many namkeen shops in India. The deep fried puri is stuffed with onions, lentils, and a spicy mix enjoyed with tamarind chutney. This puri is conventionally bigger and thicker than most others to hold the chutney and onion filling.


15.Onion Pakoras

All-time favourite snack of everyone in India, especially during monsoons when the weather seems perfect to have these Pakoras. The grated onions are dipped in chick pea flour and then deep-fried till they get a golden- brown color. These pakoras are majorly served with sweet and spicy tamarind chutney, along with deep fried chilies and tea.


16. Vada Pav

The Signature dish of Mumbai and available at every nook and corner of this bustling city is Vada Pav. It’s popular not only because of its taste but also for its low rates. It hardly cost you Rs. 15 only, to get your tummy filled as you gobble deep fried onion and potato patty kept between a bun sweet and spicy chutneys with garlic powder between it.


17. Samosa

Indian Street food with no samosa? Are you kidding me? This is probably considered to be the signature dish of India around the world for those who have less experience with Indian cuisine’s Palette. A deep fried pastry stuffed with, garlic, onions, potatoes, tamarind and so much more. These days, we even have corn-cheese samosa, raw-banana samosas, small samosas, onion samosas and what not!


18. Dhokla

This is a trademark Gujarati dish can be eaten for lunch, dinner, breakfast or as a snack. It is made from the batter consisting of chickpeas and rice, while Gujarati cuisine is incomplete without this dish. A Gujarati in any part of the world will always carry dhokla and savour it to its last bits.


19. Masala Chai

Hot masala chai is an Indian version of tea, which consists of milk, water, sugar, tea leaves, cardamom, garlic, pudina. This chai is best enjoyed in winters and monsoon when the atmosphere is cool, and warms your body.


20. Lassi

Sweetened yogurt with fruits, cumin or rose essence is one delicacy you do not want to miss. This drink is highly recommended with Punjabi cuisine, and comes in all sorts of flavours these days. Use of milk and sugar makes this drink is creamy and heavy loaded with protein!