20 Tempting Foods From Roadside Thellas

20 temoting food from roadside thellas

Want to have good food but suitable to your pockets? Well, in Mumbai you can manage that. The thela walas are here to help you. We are here to tell you which one to opt!`

1. Vada Pav

When in Mumbai, eat as Mumbaikars eat. Vada Pav is the most prominent snack. It is also the cheapest snack available. Vadas are basically fried fitters made from potatoes. The spicy vadas are then wrapped with Pav and chutney. This relishing dish is available at every nook and corner of Mumbai. Some best Vada pav joints you should know

  1. Ashok Vada Pav near Kirti College, Dadar
  2. Graduate Vada Pav, Outside Byculla Station.
  3. Shivaji Vada Pav, Outside Mithibai College, Vile Parle West.

2. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is one of the famous street foods in Mumbai. Whenever we pass by a Pav Bhaji stall, the aroma pulls us towards it, isn’t it? The tasty Bhaji with extra butter and roasted Pav are really tempting. So the next time you have it, make sure it’s worth. We’ll help you there! Choose one of these and you won’t regret.

  1. Sardar Pav Bhaji, Tardeo.
  2. Cannon Pav Bhaji, Fort.
  3. Sukh Sagar, Chowpatty.
  4. Achija Pav Bhaji, Ghatkopar.
pav baji

3. Pani Puri

Different names in different cities, but Mumbai has the best taste! At any nook and corner, Pani Puri thelas are there. The spicy Pani, balanced by tamarind chutney is a delight. Girls would agree with this definitely. You might get tasty Pani Puri at many thelas, but some of the guaranteed ones are here:

  1. Elco Market, Bandra West.
  2. Guru Kripa, Sion.
  3. Swati Snacks, Tardeo.
  4. Kailash Parbat, Colaba.
pani puri

4. Dosa

Dosa is a South Indian preparation. Along with Dosas, Idli and Medu Wada are also a street food but are mostly taken as breakfast. With more than 20 varieties, Dosas have gained a place in Mumbai’s best street foods. It is stomach filling and pocket-friendly.

The next time you go for Dosas, go for the best!

  1. Dakshinayan, Juhu.
  2. Khau Galli, Ghatkopar.
  3. Narayan’s Dosa, Grant Road.

5. Sandwich

Sandwich is a street food you can have anytime, anywhere. Just the sound of it makes your mouth water, isn’t it? Where do we get the best sandwiches? Here’s the list

  1. Sandwizza, Santacruz
  2. Anand Stall, Vile Parle


Dabeli is actually a street food from Kachchh. In Mumbai, it’s popularly known as Kachhi Dabeli. Dabeli has filling which is spicy and sweet, is stuffed in Pav and then raosted in butter. Delectable, isn’t it? Dabelis are good mostly everywhere but some places are always better.

  1. Kapil Dabeli Centre, Andheri.

7. Samosa

Samosas or Samosa Pav is really the thing! It’s unique shape to it’s delicious taste, Samosas are yummy!! It has a potato stuffing and filled in maida. It’s then fried and served with tamarind chutney. Chhole Samosa is even better. It’s too good to be left out.

Check out these places below.

  1. Laxmi Farsan, Dombivli.
  2. Guru Kripa, Sion.
  3. A1 Samosas, Goregaon(W).

8.Misal Pav

If you love spicy food, then go for Misal Pav. It’s a traditional Maharashtrian snack.

Misal is made up of sprouts and farsan is added. This hot dish is so scrumptious that you want to have it again and again. Yeah, that’s right. So have this special dish at better places next time.

  1. Mamledar Kacheri, Thane.
  2. Aaswad, Dadar.
misal pav

9. Khichya Papad

Khichya papad is a snack from the Gujarati cuisine. It is roasted on a coal stove and then topped with butter and red chilli powder. Masala Khichya Papad is even tastier. The roasted Khichya Papad is topped with chutneys, onion, cucumber and tomatoes and then garnished with coriander. Drooling at the thought of it? Go have it then.

  1. Bhuleshwar
  2. Boriwali West.
Khichya Papad


Sevpuri is an Indian Street food, mainly originated from Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is essentially made of puri topped up with loads of potato filling, onions, several types of chutneys like tamarind chutney, green chutney and red garlic chutney. There are variations in seasonings in the toppings such as curd and coriander, raw mango topping and jain version of topping is available which has kachori and boondi as its topping. And it is garnished with sev and pomegranate.

Basically sevpuri from any ‘sevpuri wala bhaiyya’ tastes authentic.


11. Frankie

Frankie is a very popular street food in India and it comes with a large variety of variations in it. It is more popular amongst children and youth. It’s basically a modernised form of wrap/roll. The key ingredients of Frankie is its basic Frankie masala, potato filling, chopped veggies and Frankie sauce. In Mumbai suburbs the Odean in Ghatkopar is very much famous for its Frankie. The healthy version of Frankie comes with assortments like Cholle Frankie, Paneer Frankie etc. Also, it is pocket friendly which gives a tummy filling effect at pocket friendly rates.


12. Momos

Momos is originated from Tibet. In India momos is also known as Dumplings. It can be fried or steamed. It is served with Red Chilli Chutney. The key ingredients of momos in white flour, water and vegetable filling. The best place where you will get momos are:

  1. Yauatcha, BKC
  2. Loco Chino, Carter Road.
  3. Dev’s Momos, Worli.

13. Pasta

Pasta has its origin from Italy. It is one of the top International Recipes. A Tasty sauce, tossed veggies and perfectly boiled pasta is the secret of the dish. Pasta is made in white sauce as well as red sauce. There are distinct types of pasta like Macroni Pasta, Penne Pasta, Fusilli Pasta etc. It has assorted toppings like cheese or basil dressing. The best pasta in town is served at following places:

  1. Pop Tate’s
  2. Aroma’s Cafe
  3. Leopold cafe.

14. Pakoda

Pakoda also famously known as Bhajiyas is all time favourite savoury of people.  It is basically a filling or vegetable piece drooled in besan and deep fried till golden and crisp. The most forms of Pakodas are Onion Pakoda aka Kaanda Bhaji, Cabbage pakoda, Paneer Pakodas, Cauliflower pakoda etc.  Any thella wala selling pakodas tastes the best when served with green mint chutney and accompanied with masala chaay.


15. Chinese Bhel

Chinese bhel is an Indian Classic street food made out of fried crispy noodles, Chinese sauce and chopped vegetables. Chinese bhel is tossed with vegetables and hot garlic sauce.  It has its origin in Mumbai itself. It can be served both hot and cold Chinese bhel.

Ambika Lunch home in Lower parel is famous for its Chinese bhel.

chinese bhel

16. Maggi

Maggi is Most Popular and favoured dish amongst youngsters.  Generally Maggi is prepared easily at home with the given regular tastemaker. But hold on guys there are many food joints who add their own variation to Maggi and serve them. Some most popular variations in Maggi is Maggi Spring rolls, Maggi Bhel etc.

These are the following places in Mumbai where you can satisfy your taste buds for variations in Maggi:

  1. Manoj Pasta, Cuffe Parade
  2. Coffee Breal, Charni Road.
  3. Maggi House, Somaiya College Campus.

17. Pizza

Pizza is an Italian Dish. It is basically a bread base topped with vegetable variations and cheese. Most prominently pizzas are ordered from pizza joints like Pizza Hut, Dominoes etc. But besides that there are other pizza joints in Mumbai which serve good pizzas which are:

  1. Pizza Metro Pizza
  2. Sukh sagar, Chowpatty.
  3. Pizza Express, Powai.

18. Ragda Pattice

Ragda Pattice is an age old popular chaat recipe. Also known as Aloo Tikki Chaat, this dish contains chickpeas cutlets drooled in tasty ragda topped with green mint chutney, tamarind chutney and lots of sev. It is a mix of culture of Maharashtra and Gujrat. The bhaiyawallas keeping ragda pattice tastes amazing and authentic as well.


20. Sabudana Wada

This is a very popular Maharashtrain Dishavailable at every snack bar in Mumbai. This are usually prepared for breakfast or when there are fast aka Upvaas by people. It is crisp and fried snack served with green chutney and hot masala tea. The best place to have sabudana vada in Mumbai is at Prakash Shahakari Uphaar Kendra in Dadar.

sabudana vada