Best 20 Foods To Bulk-Buy On A Low Budget


It is an unfortunate reality that the world’s economy is going down, and it is harder and harder to afford even simple requirements like food. And that’s the reason why we are required to bulk store any non-perishable food during the price deflation. As such, the following few are the essential food items that you need to bulk buy.


Every South Indian household never fails to stock up on the ever-precious rice shortly after Sankranti, the season of harvest. Properly stored rice grains last forever. Few households also mix borax powder to prevent lacewing and rice worms attack. Make sure to wash your rice properly if you’re planning to use this technique.


Rajma is the best vegetarian protein source. Similar to rice, raw beans of Rajma last close to a few years if stored in dry conditions. It can be cooked in multiple ways too.


Daal is a staple side dish with both rice and roti. Lentils, if kept away from moisture, take ages to rot or get a fungal attack. To prevent fungal rot, many households put their Lentils in the fridge.


Oats are extremely rich in fibre and have zero moisture till you cook them. Just remember the drier the food, the longer it lasts. Oats are incredibly filling and cheap as well, so there is no reason to not bulk buy them.  You can also have a variety of recipes ranging from spicy to sweet.

5.Dried Fruits

Calories from carbs are an important part of any healthy diet. Nuts and dry fruits are a little bit pricy, but they are essential. So better store them up.


Flour, again, is a must-have staple. Flour is required to make any kind of bread or roti. Also, it stores very well in dry and shaded places. If you get your Flour from a mill, make sure to sieve it out before you store it to remove any moisture clumps and insects.


Sunflower oil, vegetable oil and any other cold press Oils last a few months at a length. Buying Oils wholesale will reduce the cost and you can store oil well.


Pasta is extremely dry and cheap. You can buy a few kilos at a time and it will last you for a few months. And there are at least 20 different ways you could cook your pasta. You could make a filling meal with a few handfuls of pasta.

9.Frozen Meat

If meat is your only source of protein, never skip it because of the prices. Just bulk buy from a butcher and freeze it. Please look through the storing processes to prevent any kind of flood hazard. Frozen meat can take up to 3 months in the freezer if maintained well.

10.Dried Corn Kernels

Corn is a great source of calories and it is very cheap in certain seasons. Grab a few kilos of them when you find them cheap. They can be used to make popcorn or even corn flour for vada or cornflour-based dishes.

11. Potatoes

Potatoes are never boring, even if you have them every single day. It is versatile enough for everyday use. Potatoes also last a long time, about a month when stored properly. Next time you get Potatoes, bulk buy them to get them cheaper.

12. Sweet Potatoes

Similar to Potatoes, sweet potatoes are easy to store and last a long time. They are a great source of good calories and fibre.

13. Onions

Onions are required for almost all the cooking in any Indian household. Almost all households already bulk buy them because of how good they store away. If any onion seems wrinkly, pop them in the soil to get some onion greens.

14. Canned Foods

Canned food might not be the best food to eat year long but they make a make-shift meal. If you want healthy canned food, try canning vegetables and fruits yourself. Follow food safety measures to prevent any spoilage.

15. Wholesale Snacks

Get your snacks for half a year at once from the local ration wholesaler. They are a few times cheaper than the retail rate. Just make sure you don’t usurp them in a night.

16. Eggs

Eggs store well in the fridge for about two weeks. It is recommended to have Eggs every day if you’re deficient in any nutrients. If you want your eggs to last longer, try Chinese thousand-year egg recipes.

17. Seasonal Fruits

Seasonal fruits tend to be cheaper than the other kinds. Bulk buy the ones that you like and try canning or jamming them for the next season.

18. Sugar

Sugar is a required ingredient in all households. We would suggest you buy sugar in bulk for the entire year. Sugar is cheaper wholesale, like any other item. Also, Sugar doesn’t expire or go bad.

19. Spices

Spices, the same as sugar, last a long time. They don’t expire. Especially powdered ones like cumin, turmeric and Chilli powder.

20. Instant Food

Instant food is a good idea to bulk buy if you’re busy and want something that will last longer. But don’t rely on Instant food for daily meals.