Top 20 Dishes in Pushkar


Pushkar, a beautiful town in the North-East Rajasthan has a heritage of its own. A town whose name means “The Blue Lotus” attracts an immense number of people throughout out the year due to the religious pilgrimages related to it and also the various famous fairs like “The Pushkar Mela” being the largest of it.

It’s magnificent and classical tradition makes the tourists awestruck throughout their stay. Pushkar, is not only famous for it’s tradition but also for its lip-smacking food dishes. A place where pure vegetarian food has a great demand. Not just Indian but various multiple cuisines like European, Mediterranean, Italian, and Continental restaurants are also found due to the demand of foreign tourists that keep flocking throughout the year.

Here below is some of the best and top food dishes mentioned which one can have when in this beautiful town –

1. Dal Baati Churma

It is a traditional Indian Rajasthani food dish. It is made of wheat flour kneaded with salt and yogurt for the baati. It’s then baked in the traditional mud oven with desi ghee. The dal comprises of different lentils, green chillies, ginger, coriander, tomato. Hing is added for the aromatic smell and the wonderful churma consists of the almond powder, cardamom, and ghee.


2. Kachori

It’s a famous snack for the people of Pushkar. Starting right from the street stalls to various restaurants in Pushkar, its demand is not going to decrease anywhere in near future. These fluffy little things are delectable and mouth watering. A person cannot come here and not eat the various kachoris like Khasta Kachori, Pyaaz Kachori, Shahi Kachori, Mitha Kachori, etc. It’s a spicy and savoury snack; crunchy on the outside made of flour with various different types of stuffing inside it.


3. Poha

It is flattened rice lightly fried with green chillies, turmeric, cardamom, onions, and nuts which makes it a tastier and healthier snack. It’s even sometimes made sweeter. Poha pizza is also available in Pushkar and has a great demand.


4 Malai Lassi

Rajasthani Lassi has got its own aroma and magic. Made up of thick malai and rabdi along with cardamom powder, cherries, raisins, and various nuts & served in a large glass makes a person’s stomach full and satisfied.


5 Falafel

This food item is originally a Mediterranean fast food dish. However, it is basically a deep fried ball or a patty made up of chick peas. In Pushkar, falafel salads and wraps are also available which are delicious and scrumptious.


6 Malpua

As we all know how tasty the malpuas are and one cannot resist to not eat it. It is a pancake made up of wheat flour, deep fried first and then dipped in syrup. In Pushkar, the people here love to eat sweets which makes malpua popular here.


7. Jalebi

Jalebi’s have been a popular breakfast and a dessert too since time immemorial. They are everyone’s clear favourite. Jalebi or zulbia is a pretzel shaped dessert made by deep frying the wheat flour batter and keeping it soaked in rich and thick sugary syrup containing saffron and cardamom.


8. Kalakand

It is an Indian dessert made up of solidified milk and cottage cheese. It is produced in large quantities in Pushkar,  and have mastered the art of making it.


9. Samosa

The street food which is everybody’s favourite and go-to food at anytime of the day. The savoury snack is very popular in Pushkar.


10. Churan

These tiny little digestive pills are available at every turning  in Pushkar sold by street vendors. These pills which are palatable and flavoursome complete the meal. Apart from the various authentic Rajasthani food, churan are in demand too.


11. Pizza

Food is the ingredient that binds us together. Pizza doesn’t have an Indian origin but is loved and is very popular among this huge populated country.

Pushkar is a town which receives a large crowd of foreign excursionists from different regions and cultures. That’s why pizza is a requisite and compulsory with its diversified toppings. They are baked in the traditional oven.


12. Coffee

There are many cafes in Pushkar where you will find the best cosy corner to sit and enjoy the authentic taste of European coffee watching the sunset and the flocking crowd outside. Starting right from the cold coffee to the sizzling hotness of hot coffee, you will find it all here.


13. Thukpa

It is best available at the Tibetan garden restaurant in Pushkar. It is a hot noodle soup along with variety of vegetables and dim sum in the broth. It is completely healthy and the different flavours have a blast on our  tongue.


14. Aloo Puri

A complete heavy breakfast is what is known as aloo puri. Deep fried puri made up of wheat flour served along with dainty, spicy curry. Made with use of many masala’s results in mouth tempting potato curry.


15. Pancake

There is one Sonu Juice Centre who makes various types of pancakes too. Nutella banana pancake, apple pancake are the favourite of people. It’s a small stall in this small town which does wonders for the taste buds.


16. Parathas

You can find various paratha stalls throughout Pushkar while your trail with various stuffing. As it is a place with pure vegetarian food, it’s a heavy meal to have made of Desi ghee and is also available at affordable prices.


17. Chole Aloo Tikki Chat

Chole Aloo Tikki chat is a combination of crispy aloo patties shallow fried with spicy and tangy chickpea gravy and topped with yogurt and sev.


18. Bhel Puri

The snack which satisfies our “choti choti bhookh.” It is a mixture of puffed rice with sweet, sour, tangy, and crispy taste along with various veggies. Usually people have it with tea during the evenings.


19. Ker Sangri

This tasty item is a must in these arid lands. The delectable combination of dried berries and beans along with yogurt and a lot of various desi spices.


20. Ghevar

These friable and disc shaped sweet cake have their roots in ancient Rajasthani tradition.They are porous, deep fried, and soaked in sugar syrup.