Top 20 Foods For A Healthy Breakfast To Keep The Day Live

The Top 20 Foods For A Healthy Breakfast To Keep The Day Live

Breakfast in the morning is the most important meal of the day. It can be taken within two hours of waking up. Breakfast provides calories to the body for kick-starting the metabolism. It creates a healthy process which continues for the whole day. Internal organs and muscles get energy, and they start working. It’s like we break the fast which we kept for a whole night. Without proper breakfast one may suffer tiredness & memory and concentration problems. If you feel the lack of energy, then it is because of the improper morning meal.

There is no conclusive evidence that you lose weight if you have breakfast. Study show that person overeats later in the day if they don’t have breakfast in the morning. Missing the first calories of the day is not the exuberant idea. If you are trying to lose weight, then you must have the breakfast. Here are some best breakfast choices for you and your family to stay healthy and fit.

1. Porridge Or Oatmeal

Oats fill us completely for the whole morning. Oats are beneficial for health. It contains a special type of fiber called beta-glucan which helps reduce cholesterol. Studies show that people who eat porridge or oats are less prone towards heart diseases. Those people have a longer predicted life span. Avoid instant oatmeal packets as it tends to have lots of sugar & preservatives added in them.


2. Grapefruit

For morning breakfast, Grapefruit is not the easiest choice one can make. It has sour taste that everyone might not like. But according to studies, eating grapefruits in breakfast or taking a few juices may increase weight loss. Grapefruit is the part of healthy diet. It has sufficient amount of antioxidants. You can include grapefruit in your daily calorie intake diet. Add it with another breakfast item to feel full in the morning.


3. Bananas

Talking about Bananas, they are one of the most preferred fruit. They contain resistant starch and potassium which fills you up completely. Bananas are easy to eat even if you are on the go or you are sitting at the table. They are the healthy alternative for the sweet in the morning. Try oatmeal, almonds and banana smoothie for filling up in the morning.


4. Peanut Butter

One of the tasty snack type foods is peanut butter. Nuts in it contain monounsaturated fats & protein. It gives the more nutritious start to the day if it’s combined with the apple. Combine with the apple nut butter taste great. Almond butter has less saturated fat than peanut butter & is more expensive. If you chose peanut butter, then avoid having the one which has added sugar or oil in it. Check label and description before purchasing.


5. Eggs

The very common breakfasts are of eggs. They were enriched with antioxidants, phosphorus iron and large amounts of proteins. The yolk contains a large amount of HDL type cholesterol which is good for health. Avoid fried egg in the morning. Boiled egg is the better option than the fried egg.


6. Yogurt

Our body needs lots of calcium for bones, teeth & nail to prevent them from becoming brittle. Yogurt is the best option. It is rich in calcium and protein. It is important for the growing child. Yogurt becomes essential for the women in menopause. During menopause hormone level changes & can lead to osteoporosis (fragile &weak bones). Go for low or nonfat Greek yogurt. Blueberries and Honey can be added to increase the taste of yogurt.


7. Avocado

The latest trend of Avocado on toast is going viral on Instagram these days. Of course, it’s a healthy dish. Avocado contains enough amount monounsaturated fat which when taken in moderate doses lower cholesterol. It has nearly 20 vitamins and mineral. Eat it with the bread or with the whole grain toast. You will not feel empty in the morning.


8. Apples

Red Apples contain many nutrients good for the body. Sugar is present in apple in the form of fructose. In particular, Apple is rich in amounts of Fiber. Low-fat yogurt can be taken in with the apple for balancing out the sugar levels. Juice some green vegetables with an apple to get maximum nutrients in the breakfast.


9. Strawberries

A single cup of strawberries gives you around 50 calories. They are similar to blueberries in a way that they are rich in nutrients. Sufficient amount of Vitamin C and antioxidants are present in strawberries. Strawberries have fewer calories and fat.


10. Blueberries

One of favourite morning breakfast food are Blueberries. Rich in manganese which is necessary for conversion of fats and carb into energy. It also has Vitamin C and Antioxidants. One cup serving of blueberries contains 80 calories. For a complete breakfast sprinkle it on whole grain cereal or combine it with some yogurt.


11. Seeds On-The-Go

When you are in a hurry and getting late for the office & are not able to take your breakfast, then the best option for Sunflower or Pumpkin Seeds. Take the handful of these seeds in the morning with you. This seeds are rich in protein and give a kick-start in the morning.


12. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a different kind of healthy morning breakfast. It’s rich in omega-3 fatty acid, Calcium & Protein. This seeds absorbs liquid and expand in the stomach. Absorption makes us feel full for the whole morning. Mix this seed with cereal, yogurt or smoothie. A nourishing pudding can be prepared when Chia seeds mixed with almond milk.


13. Flax Seeds

You can call it the most powerful food plant. It helps to fight against cancer, diabetes & heart diseases.  Flax seeds are the source of antioxidants & proteins. A Large amount of fiber, lignans & omega-3 fatty acids is present.


14. Salmon

Salmon requires time to be prepared. It’s not on the go type breakfast. But yes when it is mixed with an omelette, becomes the most delicious morning meal you will eat on weekend morning. The protein & omega-3 fatty acids of salmon will energize your whole day.


15. Whole Grain Bread

Bread is heavy carb diet and is avoided by many fitness lovers.  But whole grain bread can be accepted for the balanced diet. It tastes great when taken with salmon or avocados. White bread contains simple carbohydrates which easily break into glucose. The unneeded energy is stored as fat later. All this lead to the sudden drop in blood sugar levels. It makes you crave for sugary snacks.


16. Quinoa

The Quinoa is nontraditional breakfast. Plenty of iron, fibers & proteins are the constituents of it. It is served with spinach or some tomatoes. Adding chopped fruit into it can sweeten it to great a extent.


17. Chicken

In morning, Chicken is not ideal for the one who musters up an appetite issue. If you are hungrier in mornings, then chicken is the best option as it keeps you full till noon. It’s a good source of protein. Adding fruits and vegetables will make it healthier.


18. Green Tea

To Lose weight, Green should be taken in combination with a healthy breakfast. Green Tea is not sufficient on its own though. It contains antioxidants and caffeine. As it contains high amount of caffeine, don’t over consume it.


19. Black Coffee

Only having a black coffee in morning breakfast can give a violent kick-start to your day. It contains caffeine which raises the level of the central nervous system. It can help to wake your metabolism when taken in small doses. Avoid Full-fat milk and sugar with coffee.


20. Protein Shake

Protein shakes are the best options for morning breakfast. They are comfortably prepared and keep us feeling full. But this shouldn’t be taken on the daily basis as some protein powder contains chemicals. Whey protein can lead you to bloat so avoid it as far as possible. Have it only in the morning when you can’t spare time for another breakfast item.