Top 20 Best Foods To Eat While Watching Cricket

Top 20 Best Foods To Eat While Watching Cricket 1
Top 20 Best Foods To Eat While Watching Cricket 1

Cricket is a game that is much loved by people all over the world. Yes, when there is cricket spirit, the fans just cannot control their enthusiasm. There is a mix of emotions with the passing of each ball; joy, anxiety, etc. And one should definitely mention the role of snacks during a cricket match. Cricket and snacks go hand-in-hand with each other. Whether  it is the test matches or the one-day matches, we celebrate the spirit with some great snacks. We share these snacks with our friends and family and are elated when we get the latest scores. Now lets see some snacks that you can have while watching a match.

1. Popcorn

Popcorn is the perfect snack to gorge on while watching cricket. In fact, it has been associated with cricket for a long time, and the thought of a cricket match would definitely bring greedy moments eating popcorn. There are a plethora of options that you can consider while preparing popcorns. If you are interested in microwave popcorn, just go for it, or if you want to add a zing to it, you can opt for the flavored popcorn.

2. Vada Pav

The thought of having a healthy Vada Pav will definitely increase your appetite. It is ideal for watching a cricket match. This amazing food is not only liked by Mumbaites from where it became famous, it has fans all over the world. It is not only the taste of the vada that makes it such a sought-after food but also the accompaniment. Whether it is the cheese Vadapav or non-veg Vada Pav or Vada Pav Fondue, you just cannot get enough of this tasty dish! However, keep in mind that the condiment that is added to the Vada Pav contributes to its great taste.

3. Bhel Puri

Nothing can beat Bhel Puri when it comes to preparing a tasty and sumptuous dish in minimal time. All you have to do is add some puffed rice, onion, carrot, Aloo Bhujia, tomatoes and coriander .  Eat it along with chutneys including green chutney or tamarind chutney.

4. Crispy Onion Rings

When you think of crispy onion rings, you will definitely think of it being deep fried. But nowadays you can avoid that guilty feeling of frying it deep and also try different variants. Just have these rings while you are getting updates ball by ball.

5. Masala Bread

This is indeed one of the snacks that can be prepared in minutes. This is really yummy and its spicy taste adds to its appeal. You can enjoy it while watching cricket.

6. Cauliflower Cheese Fritters

And here we are with yet another vegetarian dish that will be really fulfilling while waiting for your patience to reap fruits (yes the patience in hoping that your favorite team strikes gold). Cheese and cauliflower are great for a cricket match, and you cannot just stop with one. Plain yogurt will be a great companion for this great snack.

7. Sweet Potato Wedges

The crispy look on the exterior adds to the life of sweet potato wedges. When you prepare it in the right manner, these wedges can be made quickly without losing its taste. You can taste this dish too while watching a cricket match.

8. Aloo Chat

This is one of the snacks that needs minimal efforts. You can even shallow fry the boiled potato in order to avoid more oil. This is also a great dish to eat while watching a cricket match.

9. Samosa

We all discuss a lot regarding the health factor of certain food items including Samosa, Pakoras, deep-fried onion rings etc. However, when we have them occasionally eg., during cricket matches, we just cannot get enough of their taste. Samosa with its hero aloo will definitely be a great snack to relish during cricket.

10. Fried Rice this is indeed a heavy dish you may say. However, it all depends on the food you like. If the vegetable aspect is one thing that fascinates you, then why don’t you add as many  vegetables and give it the rich look?

11. Paneer Tikka

Paneer has royalness attached to it; and when you have it while watching a game like cricket, the joy is unparalleled. Its popularity in countries like India needn’t be elaborated. It is not mandatory that you have to opt only for the restaurant-fmaous Tandoor Paneer Tikka; you can also prepare it in your home and eat it to your heart’s desire during a cricket match.

12. Pani Puri

Think Pani Puri, and you immediately want to relish it. Yes, you got the catch. The quick eating of Pani Puri is the specialty of it. This is also the ideal snack while watching a cricket match that keeps you engaged.

13. Cutlet

Any evening snack item that is filling on your stomach is a great choice for eating while watching cricket too. Cutlet is a great snack while watching cricket. Children will enjoy it. Potato gives the zing to this cutlet. If you are not having it regularly, savor it for a cricket match!

14. Pakoras

Whether it is paneer pakoras or fish pakoras or bread pakoras, you can having these crunchy fritters during a cricket match. This is an addictive dish, and you just can’t be satisfied with having just one!

15. Nuts

What is more satiating than having nuts that are chilli-coated? And having them during a cricket match is a great feeling. They serve as the perfect food that is light on your stomach.

16. Chicken Wings

When you think of having a food during sports time, chicken wings won’t go unnoticed. And they are synonymous with the word “crispy”. Gorge on them during your favorite cricket match!

17. Nachos

This snack which has its roots in Mexico is also popular all over the world. You can have a big plate of it while cheering your favorite player blast sixes and flours.

18. Masala Papad

The very idea that masala papad is light will make one have more of it during an exciting cricket match. For those who don’t want to have something heavy and have some food as an appetizer, the masala papad is the ideal choice.

19. Idli And Sambhar

Idli is the best recommended food for anyone. Now with people becoming more health-conscious, such foods are gaining more popularity. Cricket fans, especially elders, can have idli along with sambhar in a relaxed manner.

20. Roasted Corn 

Roasted corn is a great dish to eat while watching a cricket match. You get the perfect taste while roasting this corn on an open fire. To add more taste to it, you can sprinkle lime juice.