Top 20 Mouth-Watering Konkani Fish Dishes Every Fish Lover Should Try

Top 20 Mouth-Watering Konkani Fish Dishes Every Fish Lover Should Try

The Konkan region of Maharashtra is rich in biodiversity, but the wildlife forests of Konkan are unknown to the outside world. More than 40% of freshwater fish that appear in Konkan are endemic to the Konkan region. However, the available fish fauna is limited to east-flowing rivers of western ghats, west-flowing rivers have minimal data, and these west-flowing rivers flow through the Konkan region. But Kokan is enriched with fish, and so are the fish dishes.

1.Prawns Rice (Kolambi Bhaat)

It is the most delicious and lip-smacking dish. Prawn rice is similar to prawn biryani, but this one is quick to prepare. It is mainly prepared with King prawns, which are larger. Marinate the cleaned prawns and Prepare the masala for the prawns rice with khada masala, onion, tomato, Malvani masala, garam masala, and some other spices and cook them for a few minutes, then add marinated prawns. Cook them together and have it.


2.Prawns Chutney

Prawn Chutney is a popular Konkani dish. In this, the prawns are cleaned and soaked in water. The onion and tomato are sauteed in oil in a pan and then cooked for 10 minutes. After that, kokam, spices, and prawns are added and cooked on medium flame. It is left to prepare with water until the prawns are cooked thoroughly.


3.Pomfret Fry

For fish fry, prepare a delicious stuffing with coconut, green chili, fresh coriander, ginger, garlic, etc. A mixture of Red Chili Powder, Malvani masala, Garam masala, Kokum angel, etc. is prepared for Coating. She coated the fish with this masala and stuffed the green stuffing inside the fish.


4.Bombay Duck Fry (Bombil )

Bombay duck (bombil) is not a duck. It is a moist and succulent fish that slips away from the hand. Marinating with the right amount of spices and fried until you get that beautiful golden-brown color makes for a delicious treat. You can marinate and fry this fish by coating some semolina, making it crispy.


5.Surmai (King Fish)

Surmai, known as Kingfish/mackerel, is a flavourful, tasty, and alluring fish. This version of Fish fry has a Malwani flavor with the use of Kokum and Malwani masala. For coating the fish, rava or rice flour is used. Thus, it tastes crispy and unique with the soft fish inside. You can gulp down the whole piece; it tastes yummy.


6.Saundale (Butterfish)

Butterfish is any of the thin and silvery fish. Butterfishes are found in warm and temperate seas, characterized by a small mouth, a forked tail, and a single dorsal fin. You can marinate this fish and shallow fry it by coating some semolina, making it crispy.


7.Indian Mackerel Curry (Bangdyacha Kalwan)

Bangda: Mackerel is one of the Konkan area’s most common readily available fish. It is prepared using coconut and tomato paste. The masala coating in Bangda Masala Fry gives the dish a bold and spicy flavor. The fish is tender and moist, and the crispy Coating adds a satisfying texture to the plate. The paste is then stirred to fry, and the piece of fish in it is ready until it cooks and served hot with bhakri or rice.


8.Prawns Fry

Prawn fry is a simple yet flavorful Indian seafood side dish made with Indian spices and herbs. The prawns are marinated with masala, haldi, and spices. This prawn fry is a heaven treat for fish lovers. It tastes excellent with rice dishes or as a simple starter for most non-veg meals for lunch and dinner.


9.Stuffed Pomfret Fry

This fish is famous among all fish lovers because of its texture and taste while eating. Generally, we fry fish stuffed with green or red masala paste. But this fish is loaded with neither green nor red masala. We use a stuffing of onions, tomatoes, green chilies, ginger, pepper powder, and a dash of lemon juice. Small fish, such as small prawns or baby shrimp, are often stuffed, making it tastier.


10.Bangda Masala Fry

Bangda Masala Fry is a popular Konkani dish with a flavorful masala coating. The plate is known for its bold and spicy flavors and is a favorite among seafood lovers. The masala coating in Bangda Masala Fry gives the dish a bold and spicy flavor. The fish is tender and moist, and the crispy Coating adds a satisfying texture to the plate. Bangda Masala Fry is typically served with steamed rice and vegetables or salad. The dish is a popular Konkani delicacy often served at weddings, festivals, and other special occasions.


11.Shellfish Curry ( Shimplencha Kalwan)

Shellfish are generally found on the shore under the soil. We see fish inside when we open the shell. You have to boil these shells and add them to the curry. The curry, too, gets the taste of shellfish.


12.Shark Fish

Shark Fish cutting is challenging and takes time, but cut it and Marinated the shark fish with spices and keep it aside. Then, she prepared the coconut paste used in the fish curry. Once the paste is ready, prepare the shark fish curry and fry the fish.


13.Suka Bombil Masala

Dry Bombay Duck tastes equally good as Bombay Duck. But it has a much crispy and spicier taste. This fish is fried on the stove and then added in sauteed onion, tomato, and some spices, and add some water until it gets prepared.


14.Kardi ( Dried Baby Prawns)

This fish is prepared and offendedly eaten when there is no fish, and you want to eat something as delicious as fish. This fish is cleaned and soaked in water for half an hour and then added in sauteed onions, tomatoes, and spices with some potatoes, which brings it to the next level. It is served hot with rice flour bhakri or rice.


15.Sardines ( Tarle)

Sardines fish curry in goan style tasted yummy. Also, the steamed fish in turmeric leaves were good, and the Sardine fish fry was crispy and spicy. Sardines are marinated and cooked in tomato and coconut curry. The fish curry is easy to prepare and gets ready in under 20 minutes.


16.Crab Curry

Crabs are mostly eaten on the coast of Kokan. Many anglers catch crabs because they taste wholesome while eating. Firstly, after seeing the crabs, their legs and hands are broken from getting a bite. Then, they are cleaned and marinated. The crabs are then cooked in a curry made of coconut with some spices added to it.


17.Stuffed Crab Masala

Stuffed Crabs are yet another masterpiece food to eat. You can prepare this dish by adding oil to a pan and roasting the onions until golden brown. Then add coconut and burn everything in the same pan until dark brown. Cool completely and grind to a smooth paste. Add masala to the crab’s inner side and then tie them with thread. Set for marination and fry or grill it.


18.Jawla (Tiny Shrimps)

Tiny shrimps or Jawla are small shrimp usually found in the Indian Ocean. Tiny shrimp are delicious when cooked quickly to make a dry Chilli Fry. You can also prepare various recipes with shrimp, like Jawla cutlets, Jawla with brinjal, etc. Many seafood lovers enjoy this delicacy, which is available throughout the year.


19.Halwa (Black Pomfret)

Black pomfret curry or halwa fish curry is a type of Kokani and Goan fish curry made with black pomfret or halwa fish. It is also known as Kali pamphlet hooman. This paplet fish curry is coconut-based and mildly spiced. This Goan black pomfret curry is made with minimal oil and is very good for people on special diets. So, if you cannot eat black pomfret fry, you can make this delicious curry with rice or bread.


20.Indian Salmon (Rawas)

Indian Salmon is a big favorite with chefs for its succulent white meat and great taste. Indian Salmon is famous for its delicious taste. You can prepare it both in gravy or stir-fry it. It tastes delicious whatever you prepare.