Top 20 Restaurants In Omr Food Street, Chennai

Top 20 Restaurants In Omr Food Street, Chennai

OMR Food Street, located on Old Mahabalipuram Road, is a well-known culinary destination. It is renowned for providing a lively atmosphere with numerous stalls and vendors serving up various dishes from various cuisines. Chennai is famed for its vivacious music, historical sites, beautiful beaches, and role as a technology and film industry hub, in addition to its rich cultural heritage. Here are the top 20 restaurants in OMR Food Street in Chennai :


Pedreno’s is a global fusion restaurant that creates an inventive eating experience by fusing components from various culinary traditions worldwide. The menu offers a variety of dishes. Enchiladas, Pollo e Pesto Pizza, Piccante Crispy Calamari, and Chicken Parmigiano Sizzler are among the top-selling items.

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2.Alien Stone

Its contemporary design and neon motifs complement the vibrant cuisine it offers. It serves steak, wraps, and hamburgers. The Cheese Burst Chicken Burger, Saucy Fish Steak Burger, and Thin Crust Veg Burger are among the top sellers. They have an extremely spicy, distinct menu called Devil’s Dishes.

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Unique and unusual varieties of Indian sweets, chaat, meals, and desserts are available. They satiate hunger pangs with Kadak Chaat, Sev Cutlet Chaat, Dhokla Chaat, and Churmur Chaat until 10:00 PM. Ajnabi Thaali, which contains paratha, pulao, raita, and sweets, and Chaat Combo, which includes samosas, vada pav, and bhel puri, is highly recommended.

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4.BBQ Ride

It is India’s first barbeque bike. The motorcycle has been transformed into a portable grilling station in the style of an army bike. A menu with a selection of BBQ favorites, including prawns, squid, lobster, chicken, and more, is available to customers. They also provide house sauces, drinks, and vegetarian alternatives as add-ons.

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5.Rasa Parathas

The inviting aroma of freshly cooked parathas draws you in. There are several options on the menu, including savory and sweet parathas, all of which are bursting with authentic flavors. In addition, the store sells breakfast items and various refreshing drinks. Their Besan Paratha with Karahi Paneer is a must-try.

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6.Ottoman’s Royally Served

The spirit of Turkish street food is delivered right to your plate at Ottoman’s Royally Served. All the meats, from kebabs and kofte to falafels and doner, are well seasoned. Their Iskender Kebab is a show-stopper made with sliced doner kebab meat and spicy tomato sauce.

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7.Coco Island

The shop’s major appeal is its vivid display of fresh green coconuts ready to be transformed into delightful mocktails and shakes. Desserts are available as well for individuals who have a sweet tooth. For those looking for a rejuvenating escape from the heat, it’s the ideal location.

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8.Karaikudi Kaivannam

Named after the town of Karaikudi, which is well-known for its remarkable and fragrant South Indian culinary customs, this restaurant is ideal for families. Dishes such as Chettinad Fish Curry, Karaikudi Kozhi Varuval, and Chettinad Chicken Curry highlight the restaurant’s dedication to providing a true taste of Karaikudi.

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9.Shawarma Man

The air is filled with the delicious smell of marinated meats and Middle Eastern spices. The open kitchen is the center point of Shawarma Man, where talented cooks masterfully slice luscious layers of shawarma from rotating vertical spits. Must-order items include the mustard honey shawarma and the malgoum meat shawarma.

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Zia Malaysian Parotta serves various parottas, meat meals, and appetizers with a primary focus on Malay cuisine. The top-selling items include Malay Murtabak Chicken, Prawn Kothu, Gobi Stuffed Parotta, Veechu Parotta, Kalakki, and Chilli Paneer. Their charcoal-grilled Ikan Bakr fish fry is a crowd favorite.

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Golcondas is a pure vegetarian restaurant that brings the rich and spicy flavors of Andhra Pradesh to life. They are well renowned for serving more than fifty different kinds of dosas. They serve Chinese food as well. The top-selling items include Paneer Mysore Masala Cheese, Ruchi Jini, Vizag Green City dosa, and spring rolls.

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12.Meat And Eat

Meat and Eat is a popular fast-food chain with multiple locations throughout Chennai. It serves finger food, wraps, kebabs, wings, burgers, and biryani. It is a meat lover’s paradise. There are vegetarian substitutes available as well. In addition, they provide drinks and desserts to go with the meals.

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A culinary voyage through the complex and varied flavors of South Indian cuisine is offered by Adukalai Draavida Samayal. The restaurant’s elaborately carved pillars, vintage kitchenware, and wooden furnishings give it the appearance of an old Karaikudi bungalow. It is well-known for its homemade pot kulfi and Nattu Kozhi Biryani.

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The menu features a wide range of appam options, from traditional plain appams to unique versions including Egg Appam, Chicken Stew Appam, and Spicy Chettinad Appam. Each appam is handcrafted with care to achieve the optimum blend of crispiness on the edges and softness in the center.

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15.Tibbs Frankie

Tibbs Frankie is a famous and widely recognised street food brand in India, notable for its yummy rolls since 1969. It offers a diverse menu with options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The unique spice and marinade blend of Tibbs Frankie makes it unique.

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16.Truly South

Truly South is a colorful and inviting pure vegetarian restaurant that pays homage to South India’s rich culinary heritage. Everything is available, from dosas and idlis to traditional rice dishes like bisi bele bath and lemon rice. The main courses are accompanied by a variety of chutneys, sambar, and rasam.

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17.Burma Square

Tibetan and Burmese delicacies, from traditional street cuisine to substantial main dishes, are served at Burma Square. Authentic ingredients and classic culinary techniques is used to create signature meals such as Egg Atho, Mohinga, Chicken Sejo, Bhanga, and Tea Leaf Salad, among many more.

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Pulusu is an authentic Andhra cuisine restaurant. A combination of traditional and modern aesthetics is seen in the interior design. The menu offers various choices, with a focus on the particular Andhra cooking style, which is famous for its spicy flavors and liberal use of spices.

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The menu of Ramaa’s offers a wide selection of meals that highlight the various flavours found in Hyderabadi food. Signature meals include Hyderabadi Biryani, Haleem, and Nihari. The restaurant also serves kebabs, vegetarian dishes, and traditional sweets.

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20.Hot Dosai

As soon as you step in, you can see dosas being created fresh on hot griddles. The menu includes various dosa variations, ranging from classic to innovative, served with a variety of chutneys and, by default, sambar. Other South Indian breakfast favorites are offered as well.

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