Top 20 Street Food to Eat in Jangali Maharaj Street, Pune

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Street food in Jangali Maharaj Street is almost like comfort food, with new fixings and legitimate flavors. Pune dwellers love to visit here to eat street food since it is exceptionally delectable and incredible. Here is a rundown of the top 20 street foods to eat in Jangali Maharaj Street in Pune:


It consists(for the most part potato) pan-fried patty (the Vada) that is tucked between two delicate cuts of bun (the Pav), this treat has green mint chutney, and sweet dates chutney spread on the inner layer of the bun cuts. Adding to the flavor factor is a seared stew, a good backup with the headliner that is the Vada Pav.


2Sabudana Vada

The following famous desi treat is the Sabudana Vada, a hand-tapped and broiled lunchtime nibble served at the best street food spots in Pune. The pearl-formed fixing sago is mixed with pureed potatoes, coriander, peanuts, and chilies to give you a rich-finished dish. This delicacy is fresh and crispy outwardly and chewy inside.


3Pav Bhaji

A thick, fiery sauce made of different vegetables and essentially with pureed potatoes can be served with a liberal garnish of margarine or butter, finely hacked crude onions, a cut of lemon, and is paired with extravagantly buttered delicate buns or bread rolls.

Pav bhaji



With a tart potato-based filling inside a bun, a liberal sprinkle of sweet and zesty chutney, in addition to particular grapes, pomegranate, onions, coriander leaves, peanuts, and firm sev, wraps up the delicacy, served in neighborhood style. One Dabeli is sufficient to fuel you up for the whole day.



Poha is a well-known Maharashtrian breakfast prepared using straightened rice and different spices. It is a staple breakfast in our home, which everyone loves. You can make this with rice, turmeric, peanuts, mustard seeds, onions, coriander leaves, and different fixings. A touch of lime will add acidity to the wonderful dish, upgrading its flavors by a few scores.



Presented with coconut, mint or tomato chutney, and sambar, this slender and firm rice crepe will undoubtedly make food lovers slobber. Some espresso with your Dosa can fill your heart with joy, that too in the standard South Indian style!


7Meat Kebabs

Lamb Seekh Kebabs, Beef Kebab Rolls, and Tikkas you get near the High Spirits bar dissolve in the mouth and can get you high on protein. These meat treats are more famous than those you get at any of the fancy cafés or bars in Pune.



Momos are a famous street food in northern parts of India. These are otherwise called Dim Sums and are essentially dumplings made using flour with exquisite stuffing. This Tibetan delicacy accompanies vegetables, soy, meat, chicken, and cheddar fillings.


9Egg Rolls

Keeping the eggs fluffier and including caramelized onion, sautéed veggies, and a scramble of lemon juice. A few outlets even serve this appealing dish with cheddar, chicken, and meat fillings. You can make healthy rolls with wheat or a generally good flour mixture.

egg rolls


Regardless of how you say it, parathas have been a staple Indian breakfast since, like the beginning of time. A dab of the best desi ghee liquefying on the hot paratha with the spot of achar is sufficient to make you hopelessly enamored.

Healthy vegetable paratha

11Pani Puri

A bunch of pan-fried fresh Puris loaded down with a combination of pureed potatoes, chaat masala, onions, cleaved coriander leaves, finished off with a tart of jaljeera and sweet tamarind chutney.

Chat snacks

12Bhel Puri

It is an incredible combination of puffed rice, onions, tomatoes, green chilies, sev, groundnuts, coriander leaves, mint leaves, chaat masala, red bean stew powder, mint chutney, and sweet tamarind/date chutney.



Kachori is a pan-fried, firm and a crunchy bundle of Maida flour loaded down with a fiery blend of gram flour and different spices. A pan-fried flavourful treat with a firm external coating made of flour and loaded down with a combination of lentils, raisins, and other fascinating fixings.


14Dahi Papdi Chaat

You can serve fresh wafers made of gram flour and Maida with pureed potatoes, onions, dry peas, zesty mint chutney, sweet tamarind chutney, plain yogurt, and sev.



Slurping the juice out of the ice cone gives the best delightful feeling like none other. The variations of Gola accompany dry natural products like mawa, malai, and nuts. A fraction of the Gola focuses on frozen yogurt, making it a prosperous issue.



The batter is made of generally good flour and mixed with sweet or spicy flavors into a coarse powder. It is rolled and pan-fried to give you brilliant earthy or mud colored nibbles. Typically, savored during the winters, Bhakarwadi has numerous variations, with a touch of pleasantness and zest added to the fundamental formula utilizing unique natural products.5215


This extraordinary dessert is made from a mixture of refined flour spun into a round or in pretzel shapes is a delicacy, which is dipped in rich sugar syrup. This post-dinner sweet is crispy on the outside and chewy within, with underutilizing the sweet lines overflowing from each inch.


18Bajri Vada

These fresh and soft patties made of millet flour instilled with spices are magical in the mouth, without a doubt. They work out in a well when combined with a hot masala or ginger tea and are great pressure busters.

Bajri vada

19Aloo Tikki Chaat

Tikki Chaat is a filling, and a tantalizing bite which predominantly started from North India, however colossally mainstream all over India today. Potato Patties are finished off with chickpeas masala sauce and decorated with coriander leaves before serving.


20Misal Pav

Misal is a zesty curry made of lentils and peas, decorated with a flavorful Farsan and finished off with finely hacked onions and coriander leaves. You can add lime to improve its flavors. Soft and eased bread called pav is toasted on a tawa with a dab of margarine or butter and presented with Misal topping the dish elegantly.