20 Dishes To Buy At Less Than Rs.50 In India

20 Dishes To Buy At Less Than Rs.50 In India.

1. Vada Pav

Vada Pav in Mumbai is famous among the people in Maharashtra. Kunj-Vihar in Mumbai serves the best Vada Pav in the city. Their Jumbo-Vada Pav is famous around the city, and people come here to enjoy the taste of the food. It will cost around Rs.20 for a single Vada pav. They are also known for the chutney they serve along with this dish which differentiates their restaurant from others.It is close to railway and bus station which helps them in catering the needs of the commuters.

Vada Pav

2. Misal Pav

Mamledar Misal in Thane is famous among the people of Maharashtra. It was started mainly for the government officials as a canteen which then evolved into a hotel serving only Misal Pav. They make this dish with their special spices which attract many. People from all over come here only to enjoy the misal and relish its taste at Rs.20-30 per plate for a person.

misal pav

3. Khao Galli

Khao Galli means “Eat-Street” where one can get fast foods and many other snacks and delicious cuisines at a reasonable rate which is below Rs.50. This place is in Ghatkopar of Maharashtra. They offer varieties of Dosa, Idli, Pav Bhaji, Sandwiches, Pizza, Pullav, Biryani, Juices, and milkshakes. The location is good which drives more customers. Food is delicious, and people come here with friends and family.

khao galli

4. Lukhmi

Lukhmi is a snack made from Maida and Meat which completes the Hyderabadi dish. It is slightly brown in color and eaten with mint chutney which adds to its taste. Everyone must try this at least once which will make an impression on their mind. It costs around Rs. 40-50 per plate.


5. Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda is a sweet dish that completes the scrumptious meal. The ingredients include cream and bread which is one of the delicious delicacy prepared by Hyderabad people. Eating this gives you a feeling of being royal. It costs around Rs.50 per plate.

shahi tukda

6. Puran Poli

Puran Poli is a dish which is famous among the people of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Its recipe includes Bengal gram, Maida, Jaggery, Cardamom, Turmeric Powder, Ghee, and Coconut. It resembles chapatti, but this dish has stuffed ingredients in it which makes it unique completely. It tastes good and is soft. It is mouth-watering, and the blend of all the ingredients just makes your heart and mind happy. It costs around Rs.30 per pack.

puran poli

7. Dry Fruits Payasam

Dry Fruits Payasam is a sweet dish which has Rice, Milk, Jaggery, and dry fruits in it. People can also add moong dal to it which also tastes delicious. It costs around Rs.40 per plate.

dry fruit payasam

8. Moong Daal Burelu

Moong Daal Burelu is a dish which is famous among the people of Karnataka. It is a deep fried bhaji. Its ingredients include Urad Dal, Moong Dal, coconut, Cardamon, Sugar, and salt.

Small dumplings of this mixture are put in the oil for deep frying until it becomes golden brown. It is served hot with Chutney or any gravy. It costs around Rs.30 per plate.

moong dal borelu

9. Sprouted Chana Usal

Sprouted Chana Usal is a special dish of Maharashtra. They prepare this during festivals like Gudi padwa and enjoy eating this delicious food. Its ingredients include Mustard, Red Chana, Cashew nuts, and coconut. It is served hot with Roti or Pav. It costs less than Rs.50 per plate.

sprouted chana usal

10. Vegetable Bakarwadi

Vegetable Bakarwadi is a delicious crispy dish of Maharashtra. It is prepared any time of the year but makes a way during the festivals for sure. These are vegetable rolls cut into small pieces and deep fried. It goes well with chutney or sauce. People can store it in an air-tight container and preserve it for several weeks. It costs around Rs.30 per plate.

Vegetable Bakarwadi

11. Moongdal Wade

Moongdal Wade is a dish of Maharashtra which is famous among the people there.. It is a deep fried wada. Its ingredients include Moong Dal and salt. Small dumplings of this mixture are put in the oil for deep frying until it becomes golden brown. Chutney or sauce is the best combination for this food. It costs around Rs.30 per plate.

Moongdal Wade

12. Aloo Ka Paratha

Aloo Ka Paratha, as the name suggests, includes Aloo and other spices which give a great taste to the paratha. Aloo is a rich source of copper, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin B6, and fibres which help in keeping the body warm and healthy. It costs around Rs.30 per plate.

aloo ke parathe

13. Moong Dal Khichdi

Moong dal is a rich source of proteins. It is made from lentils and rice and is served hot. It is prepared during festivals or during the time when people go for fasting. It helps in boosting the digestion process and also keeps your body warm. It costs around Rs.30 per plate.

Moon Dal Khichdi

14. Chole Palak

Chole means Chickpeas and Palak is Spinach which makes a great combination with Roti or chapati. Spinach is a great source of Vitamins, Minerals, and iron, while chickpeas is also a good source of proteins which helps in keeping our body warm and healthy during Winter season too. It costs around Rs.50 per plate.

chole palak

15. Alu Vadi

Alu Vadi is also knownPathrode. Patra is stuffed and rolled with colocasia leaves. It’s a snack that is famous in Gujarati, Maharashtrian, and other cuisines.“Arbi ke patte” is its Hindi name. Colocasia leaves are calledalu or aloo in Marathi. It is delicious to eat when made with the right spices. It is also a tongue-itchy, which needs to be soaked in tamarind water overnight to remove all those properties from the leaf. This Vadi is offered as snacks in homes and hotels. They make the servings when guests arrive during occasions. It will cost less than Rs.50 per plate.

Alu Vadi

16. Samosa

Samosa is a famous dish among the North-Indians and is available now all over the nation. It is crispy and tasty and has a stuffing of Potato with other spices and ingredients. It will cost around Rs.20-30 per piece.


17. Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun, listening to the name itself brings water in our mouth. This sweet dish covers sugar syrup and Jamun which taste delectable and tempting to eat more.The ingredients of this appetizer include Sugar, Milk solids, and cardamom. It is soft and melts in the mouth. It can be made in the house easily. Festivals are lightened up by making such special sweets and spreading the sweetness among all. It will cost around Rs.40 for 2-3 pieces.

gulab jamun

18. Papdi Chaat

Papdi Chaat is a snack mostly famous in North-India. Its ingredients include Papdi, Tomato, Onion, Red and Green Chutney, sev, and mashed potato.It tastes delicious and costs around Rs.30-40 per plate.

papd chat

19. Pani Puri

Paani Puri is one of the favorite dishes of all. People crave to eat this whenever given a chance. This festive time, we can all make this dish at our homes rather than eating it outside. The Puri is a fried ball which is hollow from inside. Stuffing’s include masala, channa, meethi chutney, and masala paani.

pani puri

20. Jalebi

Jalebi is such a delicacy that can never be rejected by anyone! It is readily available in sweet shops. People also make it in streets, serving hot which is enjoyed a lot during the cold and rainy season. The ingredients include Maida flour, yogurt, sugar, food color, and ghee This batter is then put into the hot oil in a circular shape and fried till it becomes light brown in color. Jalebi immersed in sugar syrup tastes delicious. Some people make it in orange color while some make it in yellow. Some make it little hard and crispy, and some make it very soft. People from every age group enjoy eating this mouth-watering dessert.It will cost around Rs.40 per plate.