26 Best Healthy Food Options to have during Pregnancy

26 Best Healthy Food Options to have during Pregnancy

It becomes very much essential for a pregnant women to choose their food because it not only supports the retention of mother’s health, but also plays an important role in the development of child. Calcium, Carbohydrates, Fiber, Iron, Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals are very important to include in the diet of a would be mother. With a proper diet plan and daily intake of proper nutrients, both the mother and the child will be healthy. Before going with any of the food options, you must consult your Doctor to see whether that particular food suits your health or not.

1 Eggs

Eggs are a good source of protein and a fully cooked egg can be included in diet. There are many recipes which can be made out of eggs. For breakfast you can opt for boiled eggs, French omelet, or scrambled eggs with some whole wheat bread. Omelet with lots of veggies, egg curry with rice or chapati, and Spanish potato omelet can be made for lunch. You can choose your own favorite style of having eggs.


2 Oatmeal

Oats are rich in fibre and keeps the glucose level of blood in control. There are lots of variations by which you can include this super food in your diet. Oats can be cooked with water, low fat milk, coconut milk, or soy milk. You can be cook oats in plain water and then add milk at the time of eating. You can make it spicy or sweet according to the demand of your taste buds. You can add a lots of fresh fruits, sesame seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and your favorite nuts on the top. Honey, jaggery, or dates can be added for sweetness in place of sugar to make it more healthy.


3 Coconut

Coconut comes with lots of benefits as well as varieties to include in diet. Whether you eat fresh coconut or drink tender coconut water or coconut milk; everything has a positive effect on pregnant women. You can add coconut scraps to your oatmeal. You can make curry or milkshakes using coconut milk. You can also make some sweets with coconut.


4. Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato contains beta-carotene and fiber. You can have it boiled or baked with lemon and black salt. You can make sweet potato curry, sandwiches, pancakes, halwa, and milkshakes. Mashed boiled sweet potato can be used as bread spread, but always remember to eat fully cooked sweet potatoes.


5 Banana

Daily intake of one banana is recommended by doctors to pregnant women because of its numerous benefits. You can make banana milk shake by adding any flavor of your choice. You can also try making banana pancakes, banana cakes, or put some freshly peeled banana over your oatmeal porridge. You can also use it for bread spread by mashing banana with Chocolate or Nutella.


6 Dates and Prunes

Dates and Prunes are rich in fiber and are helpful for the digestive system, but the intake of both the food is said to keep in limit as it can increase the body heat. So, daily having 2 of each is good to go with in the perfect diet. You can also mix these with other fresh fruits and grains and make some fresh cakes, milkshakes, or jams at your home.


7 Non Fat Milk

Many food which you take during pregnancy supports good fat so you can avoid fat intake from milk by replacing full fat milk by non-fat milk. You can make oatmeal porridge, fresh fruit milk shakes, or just drink some warm milk.

Milk Jug and Class on White Background

8 Broccoli

Broccoli are also among highly recommended food during pregnancy to support good health. You can do lots of experiments with this vegetable according to your taste. You can just sauté broccoli pieces with your favorite herbs and spices and put it along rice bowl, in sandwiches, or mix with salad. You can also  make omelet, mixed vegetable, or curry using broccoli.

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9 Kiwi

Kiwi has a great health benefits for expecting mothers. Kiwi supports the healthy development of foetus. You can have it in anyway according to your taste. You can make juice, smoothie, kiwi infused water, or fresh fruit salad.


10 Lean Meat

Pregnant women are advised to keep a regular intake of protein as it helps in the development of child. Lean meat are good source of protein and can be included in diet in many different ways. You can make curry, have grilled or baked meat, put cooked meat in your sandwich, and make soups or salads, but remember to eat only perfectly cooked meat.


11 Spinach

Spinach are beneficial for both mother and foetus. You can try making spinach soups, spinach wraps, rolls, omelet mixed with chopped spinach or lentil mixed curry to have it with rice or chapati. You can also put some cooked spinach in sandwich and salty oatmeal. Also, you can add some fresh spinach leaves in your favorite smoothie.


12 Almond and Walnut

Almonds and Walnuts are the store of many nutrients and are safe and healthy for pregnant ladies, but it is advised to take these in moderation. You can add these in milkshakes or oatmeal porridge. You can make it in powder form or make butter of it and have it with your favorite milk shakes or as bread spread. You can also make some mixed dry fruits and whole grain cakes or cookies by adding almonds and walnuts.


13 Apple

Eating apple on daily basis can help in the development of child and is beneficial for child even after the birth. You can include apple in many ways in your food. You can make Juice, smoothie, milk shakes, salad, sandwich, cakes, and many more using apple.


14 Berries

Strawberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries are super nutritious and are loaded with antioxidants which supports the immune system of the child. You can make many things including this super food item in your diet. You can make berries smoothie and shakes, mix it with yogurt and oatmeal porridge, make pancakes, or any recipe of your choice.


15. Yogurt

Yogurt can fulfill your requirements of protein and calcium. You can mix fresh fruits, nuts, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds in your yogurt bowl. You can make shakes, sweet or savory lassi, yogurt rice, flavorful dips, raita, or just have it along with your main course.


16 Beans

There are lots of variety in beans and they are good source of nutrients. You can make curry with kidney beans, black eyed peas, white beans, and pinto beans. You can have fresh snake beans and regular beans in your meal.

Beans diagonals

17 Salmon

Salmon has low amount of mercury and contains good fats and Omega-3. All these are beneficial during pregnancy. You can make salmon curry, grilled salmon with your meal or in fresh salad.


18 Legumes

Legumes are excellent plant based nutritious food and safe to consume while pregnancy. You can have cooked legumes with vegetables or fruits of your choice. You can make soups and many different dishes using legumes.


19 Oranges

Oranges are healthy and are rich source of vitamin C which are helpful for pregnant women’s health in many ways. You can consume it as whole or make juice, jams, marmalade, cakes, halwa, or infused water from it.


20 Whole Grains

Whole grains include whole wheat, barley, rice, corn, jowar, and many more. These are really very essential for the overall development of child. It supports mother’s health. You can have multi grain chapati, bread, and daliya. You can make cakes, pancakes, granola bar, or any dish by mixing two or three of your favorite grains.


21. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are safe to have during pregnancy and it is considered to support healthy delivery. You can include chia seeds in your drinks, oatmeal porridge, pancakes, or yogurt.


22 Drum Sticks

Although drumsticks has not many variety in its dishes, but is super healthy to consume during pregnancy. You can make curry and soups out of this but you can add your favorite other veggies along with this to enhance the nutrient content and taste.


23 Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are very healthy for the growth of foetus and it supports the health of mother. You can make sandwich, curry, salad, wraps, and soups by mixing your favorite veggies and can vary taste according to your likings.You can also combine lean meat, salmon, and legumes with veggies.


24 Soy Food

Soy food are a rich source of protein and it is safe to consume as it is a plant based food. You can make dishes from tofu, soya bean bari, soya legumes, or soy milk.


25 Avocado

Healthy food is delicious also, and this is proved by avocado. Avocado are super tasty and you can make numerous dishes out of it. You can make sandwiches, milkshakes, bread spread, salad, or dips.


26 Quinoa

You can make quinoa rice and quinoa khichdi with lots of vegetables or dry fruits. You can make jaggery porridge using quinoa. You can also make mixed vegetable and meat rice using this.